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  • GENESYS™ 30 VIS Spectrophotometer

    Thermo Scientific UV-Vis

    The Thermo Scientific™ GENESYS™ 30 is the most thoughtfully designed spectrophotometer available today. Its high resolution color display, large sample compartment, and data export options meet modern expectations for students, educators and lab technicians. The GENESYS 30 blends the…

  • GENESYS™ 10S Spectrophotometer Accessories

    Thermo Scientific UV-Vis

    A wide range of accessories for specialized sample handling is available for the GENESYS 10S spectrophotometers. Choose cell holders for vials or long path cells, add a sipper kit to eliminate handling of cuvettes, or thermostat your sample with circulating water or an air-cooled Peltier accessory…

  • T7S UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

    Persee Analytics

    T7S is a high performance split beam scanning spectrophotometer available with variable spectral bandwidth, which is innovative in terms of instrument application, mechanical and optical design. Electronic control and software enable this while maintaining features that are well established and…

  • PFP7 Industrial Flame Photometer

    Jenway (Cole-Parmer)

    Designed for industrial analysis Supplied with Na, K, Li, Ba and Ca filters Flame failure safety system Operates with propane, butane, natural gas or LPG The PFP7 is a low temperature, single channel flame photometer that is designed for the routine determination of sodium,…

  • Helios UV-Vis Scanning Spectrophotometers

    Thermo Scientific UV-Vis

    Choose from Alpha, Beta, Gamma or Delta Single beam, visible only, to double beam scanning UV-VIS All feature 2 nm bandwidth Optional space-saving built-in printer All models feature VGA Graphics Microsoft ® Windows ® PC applications software Helios Spectrophotometers’ superior optical…

  • T8DCS Double Beam UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

    Persee Analytics

    T8DCS is a high performance double beam spectrophotometer with a continuously selectable spectral bandwidth from 0.1-5nm. It meets various demands for spectral bandwidth (Max.50) from users in different industries especially pharmaceutical industry and scientic research field. Help the…

  • OD600 DiluPhotometer™


    One…Two…Three… OD Simple, Affordable OD600 Measurements The OD600 DiluPhotometer™ is a small, easy to use instrument that is dedicated to measuring samples near the 600 nm wavelength. It is suitable for measuring growth rates of several cell types including…

  • T7DS Double Beam UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

    Persee Analytics

    T7DS is a high performance double beam scanning spectrophotometer available with a variable spectral bandwidth, which is innovative in terms of instrument application, mechanical and optical design. Electronic control and software enable this while maintaining features that are well…

  • VISIONlite™ 5 Spectrophotometer Software

    Thermo Scientific UV-Vis

    Measure, analyze and export data quickly and easily using Thermo Scientific™ VISIONlite™ software. Designed for use with Thermo Scientific™ stand-alone visible and UV-visible spectrophotometers, user-friendly VISIONlite Software provides you with everything you need to acquire…

  • T3 Portable Spectrophotometer

    Persee Analytics

    The T3 portable spectrometer is a compact portable instrument based on advanced CCD detection technology, fast scanning speed. This highly compact instrument boasts all the features of a conventional bench-top spectrophotometer including Spectrum Scanning, Photometric, Quantitative and Kinetic…

  • WP-100DPLUS Spectrophotometer

    Walter Products

    This simple, practical laboratory instrument is precisely designed and ruggedly built. This spectrophotometer is easy to use and is ideal for student use in high schools, colleges, and in general laboratory settings. The WP-100DPLUS is suitable for general analysis and experiments and features a…

  • Alpha-1860 UV/Visible Spectrophotometer

    Laxco Inc.

    The Alpha-1860 is a general purpose instrument designed to meet the needs of the conventional laboratory, They are ideal for various applications, such as: Chemistry, Biochemistry, Petro chemistry, Environmental Protection, Food and Beverage Labs, Water and Waste Water Labs and other fields of…

  • BioMate™ 160 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

    Thermo Scientific UV-Vis

    Perform quantitative measurements in life science laboratories with the automated and network-ready Thermo Scientific™ BioMate™ 160 UV-Visible Spectrophotometer. The BioMate 160 Spectrophotometer offers pre-programmed assay methods for nucleic acid and protein concentration as well as…

  • Alta ELISA Washer

    CTK Biotech

    Reliable, cost-effective Built in two plate ELISA incubators with ability to wash single strip of 8 wells Specially designed manifold assembly to prevent any scratching on bottom of well State of the art versatile software for user programmable soak time, wash cycles and dispensing volume …

  • GENESYS Spectrophotometer Accessories

    Thermo Scientific UV-Vis

    Multiple purpose capabilities allow you to measure a wide range of analytes.

  • 2150 Series Spectrophotometers


    The UNICO 2150 Spectrophotometer is flexible and easy-to-use. The 2150 Series features sample compartment for up to 100 mm path length cells and expanded key panel input. Equipped standard with 4 position manual cell holder for 10mm cells. Programmable. Complete with 4-position 10 mm Cell Holder,…

  • Genova Spectrophotometers

    Jenway (Cole-Parmer)

    This highly anticipated spectrophotometer incorporates Jenway's Microvolume accessory with the dedicated life science measurement modes of the Genova Plus- along with those of a standard spectrophotometer. This makes the Genova Nano Jenway's first 3 in 1 spectrophotometer. The Genova Nano…

  • AquaMate Spectrophotometer Accessories

    Thermo Scientific UV-Vis

    AquaMate is ready out of the box to use test kits from all the leading manufacturers. AquaMate is pre-programmed with the most common tests, for example, Nitrate, Phosphate and Chloride. It is also supplied with floppy disks containing more than 300 methods. As part of the standard package AquaMate…

  • Alpha-1502 UV/Visible Spectrophotometer

    Laxco Inc.

    The Alpha series are single beam, general purpose instruments designed to meet the needs of the Conventional Laboratory. They are ideal for various applications, such as: Clinical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Petro chemistry, Environmental Protection, Food and Beverage Labs, Water and Waste Water Labs…

  • 1100 Series Spectrophotometers


    Designed for general laboratory use Single beam optical system Wavelength range: 335-1,000 nm (VIS) These instruments are ideal for various applications in clinical chemistry, biochemistry, petrochemistry, environmental protection, food and beverage labs, water and wastewater…

  • color-guide 45/0 Spectrophotometer


    45/0 measuring geometry: 4 mm aperture for small parts, 20 mm glass sealed aperture for granular and powdery material Stable, long-term calibration – needed only every three months Temperature independent color and gloss data – even in extreme conditions 10 year warranty on LED…

  • 31 mm Universal Closed X-Cell

    SPEX SamplePrep

    Disposable closed X-ray cell with collar used throughout theworld for fast, dependable, reproducible running of liquidsamples in XRF spectrometers. Includes a polyethylene snap-ringand cup with snap-post vent and reservoir. Requires thin windowfilm. Sold in bags of 100. Features …

  • Alpha-1102M Visible Spectrophotometer

    Laxco Inc.

    The Alpha-1102m is a single beam spectrophotometer, which is designed to meet the needs of both students and instructors. Its digital display, easy operation, and wavelength range of 325 nm to 1000 nm makes this unit ideal for spectrophotometric experiments in the visible wavelength region of the…

  • MultiDirect Photometer


    Highlights Dual Beam Technology and Interference Filters for highest accuracy A wide range of pre-programmed methods Long-term stable LEDs as light sources Update of new methods and languages via Internet (free of charge) Interface Memory for 1000 data sets Mobile …

  • Biochrom EZ Read 400 Research Microplate Reader with Galapagos for EZ Read…

    Biochrom, Ltd

    The EZ Read 400 is a simple and robust microplate reader that is an ideal choice for laboratories which require a workhorse instrument for their routine absorbance assays. The EZ Read 400 Research offers versatility by extending its applications capacity to measuring total protein, cell…

  • WP-120 Spectrophotometer

    Walter Products

    The WP-120 Model Spectrophotometer is a great value for precise and accurate readings.This model features a 5nm Bandwidth design while high quality silicon photodiode detector and 1200nm lines/nm grating assures optimal performance. The large screen graphic LCD are easy to read and gives quick…

  • UVette®


    The UVette is a disposable UV/Vis cuvette with a light transmission of 220 nm to 1,600 nm. As an example of Eppendorf’s expertise in the production of high quality consumables, the UVette offers superb purity, convenience and precision for photometric analysis. The unique shape of the UVette…

  • Flame Photometer Consumables and Accessories

    Jenway (Cole-Parmer)

    All standards are 500ml unless otherwise stated.

  • Replacement Parts for ELX800 Absorbance Microplate Readers (discontinued)

    BioTek Instruments

    PLEASE NOTE: The ELX800 has been discontinued and replaced with the 800™ TS Absorbance Reader . Replacement parts are still available below. On-board data reduction and reporting Wavelength range is 400-750 nm Complies with IVD Directive Reads 6-, 12-, 24-, 48- and 96-well…

  • Denville® CO8000 Cell Density Meter, CO 8000 Personal Cell Density Meter mains…


    LED Light Source for stable results and no maintenance No warm up time Saves last 99 results for download to PC or Printer Accepts 10mm cuvettes, or 16mm tubes (Ehlenmeyer side-arm flasks) Adapters available for 10mm and 12mm tubes Easy to clean CE marked and…

  • Denville® CO7500 Colorimeter, Denville® CO7500 Colorimeter


    Single beam filter based colorimeter covering 440-680nm Rugged, portable and easy to use Excellent value for money and ideal for educational applications Absorbance, % Transmission and simple kinetic measurements Rechargeable battery version available Denville has…

  • Dust Cover for DR 2800 Portable Spectrophotometer


    Dust Cover for DR 2800 and DR 2700. Included in the purchase of DR 3800.

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