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Brooks Life Sciences

  • Disposable Borosilicate Glass Scintillation Vials

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Usable with standard liquid scintillation counting systems (9718G12 and G26) Background characteristics ensure suitability for low activity counting Capacity: 20 mL; maximum o.d.: 28 mm; overall height with cap: 61 mm Include size 22-400 screw-cap with cork-backed metal foil liner …

  • Sterile, Polypropylene Cryogenic Vials

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Non-cytotoxic and non-pyrogenic Nalgene, linerless seal ring system External thread provides no risk of contaminating contents of vial Self-standing without a holder; conical bottom allows complete sample retrieval Deep-skirted closure allows single-handed aseptic technique without…

  • EC Vial Series

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Clear or amber Range of sizes Teflon-lined caps The organic series consists of clear and amber glass vials with solid or open top closures. The closed-top closures have Teflon® faced 14B white styrene-butadiene rubber liners and the open-top closures have a Teflon faced silicone…

  • 6 mL Screw Top Vials, Caps and Septa for 1100/1200 Series Autosamplers

    Agilent Technologies

    Agilent minivials are designed to allow for reproducible injections of minute quantities, making your limited sample applications more effective and more accurate. Our microvials provide limited volumes for microsampling and the 6 mL capacity vial allows for larger sample injections.

  • Depyrogenated Sterile Empty Vials

    EP Scientific Products

    Thermo Scientific™ Depyrogenated Sterile Empty Vials are offered in capacities ranging from 1 to 100mL. Certificate of Sterility & Pyrogen Test included with each lot. Sterile vials are Type I borosilicate, assembled with butyl stoppers and aluminum seals. Type 1 Borosilicate…

  • 8-425 Septa

    National Scientific

  • 8-425 Screw Caps with Septa

    Agilent Technologies

    8-425 Screw Caps without Septa (2714S28) Open top polypropylene screw caps without septa are recommended instead of phenolic caps. Phenolic is a sulfur-based product that can flake and contaminate samples when syringe needle pushes through the septum. 8-425 Screw Caps with Septa (2714S29) …

  • TOC Certified Containers

    EP Scientific Products

    Trust our low-level certified vials for Total Organic Carbon testing and sampling. Manufactured, tested and packaged by exacting standards, Thermo Scientific™ TOC Certified Containers are certified to contribute <10ppb or < 20ppb TOC as background. Containers: Available…

  • Open Top Sample Vials In Lab File

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Clear or amber 20 mL capacity 24-400 screw cap Clear vials are manufactured from Wheaton 33 low extractable borosilicate glass that meets ASTM Type 1 Class A and USP Type 1 standards. Amber vials are manufactured from Wheaton 320 amber glass that meets ASTM Type 1 Class B and…

  • Storage Boxes for Cryogenic Tubes

    Globe Scientific

    Storage boxes for 1.0mL and 2.0mL CryoClear™ and cryogenic tubes Holds 81 vials (9x9 format)   Polycarbonate Temperature Range: -196° to 121°C Transparent lid with printed numbers for easy sample identification Lid has one angled corner to ensure the…

  • Glass Sample Cell


    For use with colorimeters and spectrophotometers. Pack of six includes caps.

  • 9mm Vial with Fused Insert

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    The labForce Brand 9mm glass vial with a clear glass insert fused together eliminates movement of the insert. The fused insert also eliminates concerns about contaminants around the fused seam/space between the neck of the vial and the insert. Capacity - 300uL Manufactured from Type I…

  • EPA/VOA Vials


    Polypropylene open-top caps and Teflon/silicone septa Useful in volatile organic analysis Of high-quality borosilicate glass Available in clear or amber Four classes available: 10 Class: Container, cap and .010” Teflon ® capliner. 1000 Class: Container, cap and…

  • 15x45mm 4mL Screw Thread Vials

    National Scientific

    Original Waters™ 4mL WISP™ autosampler vial Superior quality 51A amber glass Uniformly flat bottom for security with inserts

  • Polypropylene Screw Caps with Septa

    Agilent Technologies

    Polypropylene screw tops are for wide opening screw top vials. Precision-fit septa provide an evaporation-proof seal.

  • VOA Vials - Open Top Closures with Patented Top Hat™ Septa

    J.G. Finneran

    Available in clear or amber borosilicate glass. Assembled with the patented Top Hat™ Liner system. Available in standard, precleaned or precleaned/certified in accordance with recommended E.P.A. Protocol. Class 1: (Standard) Containers are assembled with liner and closure without washing…

  • Autosampler Vials, 12x32mm with 9mm Screw Thread

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    labForce Brand autosampler vials, 12x32mm with 9mm screw thread are designed to work in robotic arm autosamplers. Manufactured from Type I borosilicate glass Designed to work in robotic arm autosamplers Available with graduated marking spot Made in the USA

  • 4 oz. High Profile Flip Top Polypropylene Vials

    Thermo Scientific Capitol Vial

    Thermo Scientific™ Capitol Vial Polypropylene Flip-Top Vials are ideal for storing and packaging a wide variety of liquids and solids. Ideal for economical storage or packaging of a wide range of liquids and solids 100% FDA compliant food grade polypropylene Aseptic, airtight…

  • Target DP Screw Thread Convenience Kits

    National Scientific

    Two compartment benchtop storage tray Include 100 vials and 100 caps with pre-assembled septa All items remain handy and dust-free Caps with pre-inserted septa are not attached to vials (packed in separate polybag)

  • Transport Tubes

    MTC Bio

    Transport tubes, sometimes called mailing tubes, are used in multiple sectors of the laboratory market, including medical, hospital, environmental, independent testing, food testing, and biological research labs. Used to store, transport or freeze samples, these tubes come in both 5mL (16 x…

  • Sample Blank Vials for TNTplus Vial Test


    For setting instrument sample blank on TNTplus methods. Reduce Errors with Bar-coded Vials and RFID : A unique barcode label on each Hach TNTplus Vial Chemistry is automatically read by the spectrophotometer when used with Hach’s DR 6000™ UV-VIS Spectrophotometer or DR 3900™…

  • COD Tube Tests


    The Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) test is widely used as a measure of organic contamination by determining the quantity of oxygen required for oxidation of reduced species including organic matter, in a water sample using a specific oxidizing agent, temperature and time reduction. COD testing is a…

  • Scintillation Vial Caps

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Bulk packaged in a case of 1,000 caps Available in three cap materials and with four liner types

  • EPA VOA Open Top Vials

    EP Scientific Products

    Features: Available in clear or amber borosilicate glass Assembled polypropylene caps and 0.060" or .125” PTFE/silicone septa Vials are directly compatible with autosamplers Chipboard divider packaging cushions and protects vials during shipping Level 3 containers…

  • Gray Butyl Rubber Lyophilization Style Stoppers

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Designed for aluminum seal finish vials Two-leg style reduces possibility of legs sticking together Gray high grade butyl rubber, lyophilization style

  • Open Top VOA Vials

    Quality Environmental Containers

    VOA VIALS are most often used for volatile organic compound analysis. Available in clear 33 expansion and amber 51 expansion borosilicate glass. Open top vials come assembled with polypropylene caps with low-bleed 0.125" PTFE/silicone septa inserted (.135" septa for E-series vials). Sizes…

  • Amber Serum Bottles

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Autoclavable Chemical resistant; gas impermeable Light resistant Acceptable sterilization methods: autoclave, dry heat, chemical.

  • VOA Screw Top Sample Vials

    National Scientific

    Clear glass is 33 expansion borosilicate glass (Type I, Class A) Eliminates leaching of ions Provides consistent pH for duration of sample storage life 1230X07 is made of amber glass.

  • Wisp Style Snap Seal Vials

    J.G. Finneran

    Type I borosilicate glass Clear or amber Neck finish allows use of Snap Top Caps™ or standard aluminum seals. Snap Seal finish eliminates the need for crimping or decapping. Designed to work in Shimadzu and Waters WISP 48 Position Autosamplers. Incorporate the StepVial design that…

  • Water Sample Container


    Non-sterile or sterile water test sample container Manufactured from pure, recyclable polypropylene One-piece container has attached lid to reduce chance of contamination; leak tight when sealed properly. Tie-down protects from accidental opening Contains sodium thiosulfate tablet to save lab…

  • 40 mL Sample Vial In Lab File, Clr, No Cap

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Clear and amber vials made from borosilicate glass Shorty Vials® feature a low profile for greater stability Screw caps available separately

  • 10 ml Vacule With 22-350 Cap

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Heavy wall construction designed for lyophilization and freeze-drying. Manufactured from Wheaton 33 low extractable clear borosilicate glass that conforms to ASTM Type I, Class A and USP Type I requirements. Vacule vials have controlled ID, for accurate stopper fit. Designed for lyophilization…

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