Thomas is here to help your business thrive in the industrial cannabis market.

Our cannabis equipment and supplies include the latest in technology to support every stage of the manufacturing process, which includes cultivation, processing, formulation, and analytical testing.

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At Thomas Scientific, we have a dedicated team of specialists for the Cannabis market consisting of sales leaders and industry experts. We work within an extensive supplier network featuring broad-range, market-leading brands and products.

We are here to support your manufacturing process at every stage from Cultivation, Processing, Formulation, and Analytical testing. We are proudly backed by an extensive network of distribution centers. These centers are supported by flexible inventory management tools to ensure high service levels of critical products and materials.

Shawn Williams


Shawn Williams has 20+ years of experience working in the lab & distribution industry. She prides herself on having a strong desire to serve customers by going the extra mile. Shawn has excellent networking capabilities and customer relationship development, and is strong in problem solving and solution focused. She joined the Thomas Scientific family in 2014 and brings a wealth of knowledge to the Cannabis team.

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  Phone Number: 856-341-6322


Trevor VanTimmeren


After earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sports and Health Sciences from American Military University, Trevor VanTimmeren spent time as a health coach and fitness trainer while earning his MBA from Liberty University. He has more recently focused on product formulation, medicinal and recreational, using cannabinoids, terpenes, and other plant-based compounds/molecules. Trevor is great at networking and getting the right people connected, as well as figuring out solutions to problems. He is eager to share his industry expertise and support any of your organization's Cannabis needs.

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  Phone Number: 856-381-2671

TIMS Vendor Managed Inventory
TIMS Vendor Managed Inventory saves time and reduces total costs through precise, cost-efficient lab operations and supply chain solutions. Lab inventory management has never been easier. Visit our TIMS page to learn more.

Equipment Financing
Thomas Scientific has partnered with North Star Leasing Company to provide a simple and efficient solution for customers seeking financial assistance. Take advantage of low monthly payments that can free up working capital, allowing you to get the equipment you need now for tomorrow's future!  Visit our Equipment Financing  page to learn more.

Calibration Services
Thomas Scientific has several calibration services available to our customers for Pipettes, Sieves and Thermometers.  Check out our Calibration Services to learn more today!

Thinking about a New Lab or Furnishing Your Current Lab?
Thomas Scientific is the complete Furniture Solution from Design to Installation, and all the components in between. From Benches and Chairs to Countertops and Fixtures, let us help support the needs of your lab.  Check out our Complete Solution to Your Furniture Needs, including a Furniture Brochure and a Quick Ship Program!

Literature & Downloads


pdf  MACH Technologies - Including Ethanol Extraction Skids, Stand Alone Centrifuge Extraction, Ethanol Chilling Systems, Particle Filtration Systems, Decarboxylation Reactor Systems, Automated Solvent Recovery, Modular Equipment Enclosures, Hydrocarbon Extraction Systems, and Solventless Terpene Extraction.


Cannabis cultivators are exposed to a variety of safety risks including biological, chemical, and physical hazards. Personal protective equipment (PPE) gear can greatly mitigate these potential hazards and protect both the workers and the plants. PPE used in cannabis cultivation includes, but is not limited to, lab coats, coveralls, bouffant caps, beard covers, boot/shoe covers, gloves, eye protection, ear protection, masks, and helmets.

The best grow light is the sun! Yet, for growing cannabis indoors, the sun isn’t very practical for lighting. High-intensity discharge lights (HIDs) and compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) have been used for indoor cannabis growing for decades, with the former being the most popular. However, light emitting diodes (LEDs), while newer to the game, are the future of lighting for indoor grow operations. We’ve partnered with Philips (the original in lighting) to bring you the highest quality LED systems for your indoor grow lighting.

Mold is the biggest threat to cannabis plants just ahead of infections such as Botrytis and bud rot. During the drying and curing process, utilize racks or lines to hang plants upside down – you want to keep the rooms dark with air circulating and the humidity to 45-55%. Humidity/temperature controls and monitors are a must have. Or you can use a complete drying and curing system from CannSystems.


There are multiple methods that can be utilized for cannabis extraction (hydrocarbon, CO2, solventless, and ethanol extraction), and which method(s) is chosen ultimately depends on two things: Budget and desired end-product. Each method has differing capital extraction equipment investment costs, throughput/operating costs, and some are better for making specific products than others (i.e., hydrocarbon for dabs and shatter and ethanol for distillates/isolates).

Cannabis extraction using hydrocarbons (butane extraction, propane extraction, and iso-butane) requires a Class 1, Division 1 (C1D1) room. A C1D2 environment is required for less volatile extraction methods such as ethanol extraction.

Naturally occurring in cannabis are compounds called Terpenes and Flavonoids which are responsible for the aromatic and flavor profiles of the plant. These compounds also act with and upon cannabinoids in differing ways to bring about what’s known as the “Entourage Effect”. Outside of these compounds, natural flavorings such as cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, citrus, different herbs, and others can be added to end products to compliment or change the smell and taste.

Analytical Testing

Thomas Scientific works with a few high-quality chromatography equipment manufacturers for analytical testing supplies that can scale for any operation and required throughput. Specifically, Axcend has created the first ever handheld portable HPLC that has the throughput of larger stand-alone machines and uses 1,000 times less solvent. CannID, from Ionization Labs, is offering a cannabis application solution through software designed for Agilent 1220 and 1260 platforms.

There are many techniques for testing differing compounds within cannabis. However, QuEChERS (Quick, Easy, Cheap, Effective, Rugged, and Safe) is the preferred sample prep technique that vastly simplifies the analysis of pesticide residues. Thomas Scientific offers a variety of products from multiple suppliers designed for this technique.

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"At Gilson, we quickly took note of the fact that the emerging cannabis community was being heavily underserved by the life science market. Considering Thomas Scientific’s long tenure in the industry and market expertise, it easily made sense for us to expand our partnership with their cannabis team to help provide customers with access and support for Gilson’s CPC technology."

Reese Harry, Gilson
CPC Business Development




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