Tissue Culture Equipment & Kits

Tissue culture equipment provides a clean and controlled environment for the growth and maintenance of cells and tissues.
Cell factory systems can assist with providing fast results and consistency, ideal for large-scale production of cells, vaccines, and therapeutic proteins. Benefit from a 10-layer cell factory and pour media and cells directly into the cell factory system.
Tissue culture equipment, such as CO2 incubators, provides precise control over environmental factors, including temperature, humidity, and gas composition. This allows optimal conditions to support cell growth, viability, and functionality.
Nunc cell factory within the lab also saves time and minimizes the risk of any errors, ensuring reliable and accurate results and providing optimal conditions to support cell growth, viability, and functionality.

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Tissue Culture Systems

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  • Greiner Bio-One

    Bioprinting kits used for the creation of 3D Spheroids. Kit includes: 600 µl vials of NanoShuttle™-PL Spheroid Drive (1) Holding Drive (1) Cell Culture Microplates (choice of clear or black) with cell-repellent surface (2)

  • Polystyrene Sterile Length 335mm, Width 205mm 25280 cm 2 culture area 8000mL working volume

  • Thermo Scientific Nunc

    Further the development of applications that require a more closed cell culture system using Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Cell Factory™ Accessories. Reduce the need for open interventions and support the use of aseptic methods for fluid handing relating to filling, inoculation,…

  • Save valuable space with Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ EasyFill™ Cell Factory system. Each 10-layer, single-use system holds the equivalent of 36 T175 flasks. The linear multi-layer cell culture format is easy to use and promotes easy scalability, ideal for both research and…

  • Has 6,360cm 2 cell growth area Two 26mm diameter filling ports allow direct access to chamber bottom providing greater flexibility for sterile filling and emptying by pouring, pipetting or via tubing in a fully closed system Standard 3mm threaded caps have 0.2µm pore nonwettable…

  • Greiner Bio-One

    Cells magnetised with NanoShuttle™-PL are printed into spheroids and rings. Immediately after printing, these structures will shrink/close, as a function of cell migration, viability and proliferation. Migration is captured using a compact imaging kit (n3Dock) with an iPod™ programmed…

  • TC-Treated 8500 cm 2 growth surface Small footprint The CellCube Module is an encapsulated, sterile, single-use device comprised of a series of parallel, styrene plates joined to create thin, sealed, laminar flow spaces between adjacent plates. Each culture plate receives…

  • Thermo Scientific Nunc

    Growth kinetics unaltered from laboratory scale culture Sterile, Nunclon® ? Fewer operations per unit of growth surface Reduced contamination risk Space-saving, compact design All cultivation parameters are same in flasks and cell factories Easily adapted to manpower…

  • The stainless steel Bessman Tissue Pulverizer consists of a 2 component mortar with handles and a pestle, specifically designed for pulverizing 10 - 1000 mg of tissue. After chilling the Pulverizer in liquid nitrogen, the included 28 cm lead hammer is used on the mortar to completely homogenize the…

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