Lab Electrode Supplies

Electrode supplies are essential for precise and reliable electrochemical measurements in various scientific applications. These products, including electrode pads, double junction reference electrodes, ammonia probes, and micro pH electrodes, are designed to meet diverse laboratory needs.

High-quality electrode pads ensure accurate signal transmission and durability, while double junction reference electrodes offer improved stability and resistance to contamination, making them ideal for complex samples.

The ammonia probe is crafted explicitly for sensitive detection of ammonia levels, providing quick and reliable results. Micro pH electrodes, with their small size, allow for precise pH measurements in minute sample volumes, critical for detailed analysis.

These electrodes come in various sizes and configurations to suit different experimental setups. Electrode accessories, such as connectors and calibration solutions, improve functionality and extend the lifespan of the electrodes. Compatibility with a wide range of instruments ensures that users can seamlessly integrate these supplies into their existing workflows, optimizing accuracy and efficiency in the lab.