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  • Rugged cylindrical jacketed reaction flask with Duran, flat, ground flange and o-ring groove. Various bottom outlet options are available (see details below). For use with 6517 quick release clamp. Jacket inlet/outlets are available with either tangentially sealed o-ring ball joints or with…

  • Round bottom flask with five necks arranged 3 in-line, one standard taper front and one #7 Ace-Thred front (ideal for suspending a thermometer or probe). All necks are vertical. Available in heavy wall. Supplied complete with a 5029-10 nylon bushing an

  • Glass purge adapters for use with popular brands of rotary evaporators. Top has 35/25 socket joint for joining with the trap or condenser. The bottom has a 35/25 ball joint for connecting to the receiver flask. The middle or purge tube has either a 2mm PTFE stopcock or a 2mm valve to allow for…

  • Microscale, heavy wall reaction vial with standard taper outer joint externally threaded at opening to allow an o-ring cap seal connection with mating male joints. This connection type eliminates the need for clamps while offering the positive, leak-tight seal of ground glass joints. Vials include…

  • Ace Glass

    Clamp is designed to fit 4 inch conical flanges, allowing the top half to be removed without disturing the lower half. Clamp features and extension arm (1/2 x 8 inch) suitable for attachment to an appropriate support stand or lab frame. Silicone liner will withstand temperatures up to 500ºdegF.

  • Round bottom, single neck flask with either a beaded tube end port or a beaded tube end well. Well I.D. on 6935-03 thru 6935-17 is approximately 9.5mm. Well I.D. on 6935-64 thru 6935-78 is approximately 9mm.

  • High efficiency coil condenser especially suited for vacuum applications. Coil length is 70mm. With 14/10 inner and outer joints; outer joint is externally threaded to allow an O-RING-CAP-SEAL connection with mating inner joint. Supplied with cap and O-Ring.

  • Motor, AC variable, hazardous duty, 1/2hp,230/460v 60Hz²3 phase, complete with controller, 115v 50/60Hz input, CE and ²cULus rated. Control box cord to motor is 12ft long, control²box cord to electrial source is 24ft long.

  • Round bottom, single neck flask with Ace-Thred side port supplied with our 5029-10 nylon bushing and 7855-704 FETFE o-ring. Bushing is ideal for use with thermometers or bleed tubes of up to 7mm OD. Available in standard and heavy wall versions.

  • Space saving, Elliptical shaped, bump trap. For use in Rotary Evaps between the steam tube and the evaporator flask. Prevents fluid from being drawn into the condenser. Shape allows for the same effect as standard traps but with less space between the flask and evaporator tube. This allows for use…

  • Chromatographic column with integral reservoir and #15 Ace-Thred at top, and 2mm bore 1:5 taper PTFE plug at bottom. Column supplied with 7506-06 Nylon bushing and FETFE O-Ring. Complete item consists of column with bushing and O-Ring, and 5853-07 Tubing Connector for connecting 12.5 to 14mm O.D.…

  • Walls tapered inward toward the bottom to allow continuous operation with smaller volumes. Flasks supplied with joint on center and two side necks. The four and five neck versions have one or two #7 Ace- Thred necks to accomodate thermometers and elect

  • Filter support assembly for collecting dust particles in a stack sampling system. Available in either 51mm (2"), 76mm (3") or 102mm (4") (illustrated) size. Consists of: PART A, with 28/15 outer joint bent perpendicular to flow path; PART B, with seat for fritted disc and 28/15 inner…

  • Full size 24/40 jointed, low holdup, short path still, original plain version or jacketed with indents. Extension tube from still body allows positioning of drop directly over receiver flask. Gas inlet tube is positioned in distillation flask with 5028 Adapter and secured with a #7 Ace-Thred.…

  • Useful as a vacuum adapter or addition tube. Stem length below joint, 130MM. Hose connection is Size A for 5/16th I.D. tubing.

  • Tooled with groove to take O-Ring and provide greaseless, vacuum tight connection. All joints are held together with our 7669 family of pinch clamps, except for code -18 for which we use our 6509-03 two-piece clamp. O-rings are Fetfe and may be used up to 230 degrees C. Each joint is supplied with…

  • Ace Glass

    All-glass check valve with ground seat and precision ground solid ball. Suitable with mercury in the vertical position, more sensitive to other fluids in the horizontal position. Connections are 8mm O.D.

  • Threaded both ends and with additional #7 threaded side opening for introduction of samples by hypodermic syringe. #7 thread at top is supplied with 5029 Nylon bushing and Fetfe O-ring for use with 5831, 5832 adjustable feed tubes. Size listed is Ace-thred designation which refers to I.D. of tubing…

  • Erlenmeyer flask with standard taper joint.

  • Nylon or PTFE reducing coupling for threaded columns or fittings. Single o-ring seal for leak tight engagement with hand pressure.

  • Useful where it is necessary to wash the precipitation and redissolve with chemicals which would attack filter paper. Angle of funnel 60 degree.

  • With 10/30 joint for a 25 mm immersion thermometer. All other joints are 14/20. Hose connections project to rear. Round-bottom and pear-shape flasks supplied with complete unit are 25mL capacity. Hose connections on still are size A.

  • Ace Glass

    Soxhlet extactor body with standard taper outer joint at top and 24/40 standard taper inner joint at bottom.

  • Straight connecting adapter with standard taper inner joints at both ends. Various lengths.

  • Temperature controller ideal for two circuit mantles or general use. Features two front mounted outlets, 16 segment ramp and soak function, fuzzy logic auto tune PID, type 'J' thermocouple, dual 4 digit LED display, universal TC jack for "mini" or "standard" plugs. Unit is downsized, compact and…

  • Space-saving, multiple unit. Element removes impurities down to 40 microns. 150 PSI maximum pressure range is adjustable through spring action of T-handle. Maximum operating temperature is 125 degree F. Manual drain. Shatter-proof polycarbonate bowls not recommended for use in atmospheres…

  • Medium length joints available in a variety of sizes both inner and outer members.

  • Vacuum, improved form. Material to be dried is placed in the inner tube, 15.2cm long by 25.4mm I.D. When the liquid in the distilling flask boils, the vapors pass through the drying chamber and heat the inner tube at a constant temperature. The vapors then ascend to the reflux condenser, condense…

  • Ace Glass

    Heavy duty clamp secures our 9810-24 power supply's converter to 1/2in to 5/8in support rod. Made from aluminum and anodized black.

  • With 25 mm fritted disc diameter. 40/35 for all sizes. All porosities of a given size are priced the same. Inlet/outlet arms are 8 mm O.D.

  • Ace Glass

    With standard taper 24/40 outer joint at top. Hose connections are size D, for 3/8in ID tubing.

  • Rugged spherical flask with neck opening of 4" (10.2cm). Standard size flasks use regular Glas-Col heating mantles of equivalent capacity. Length of straight section including flange, approximately 9.5cm (33/4 "). Uses 6496 Clamp for securing flask hea

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