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Gas Chromatography

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  • Nitrogen Generators

    Parker Hannifin

    The Parker Balston Model UHPN2 Nitrogen Generator is completely engineered to transform standard compressed air into 99.9999% nitrogen, exceeding the specification of UHP cylinder gas. This system can produce up to 1.1 lpm of UHP nitrogen gas and is produced by utilizing a combination of…

  • Model 108-10.0/10.6 offers both 10.0 and 10.6 eV potential, has a 0.781" base diameter, and is used in Tracor, OI, and Baseline instruments. Model 103 has a 1.375" base and is used in HNU and SRI detectors. Model 108-BTEX lamp’s higher output makes it ideal for detection of BTEX compounds.

  • Made of high-quality stainless steel Meet or exceed original manufacturer's performance

  • Helium-specific Click-On in-line Super Clean gas trap and kits are designed specifically for purification of helium in GC-MS systems.

  • Includes the most common consumable GC supplies and tools. All parts meet or exceed performance of instrument manufacturer’s parts. Parts list makes reordering easy. Inlet kit includes: 0.4, 0.5, and 0.8 mm ID graphite ferrules Viton O-rings Capillary nuts Inlet…

  • Largest-capacity traps available—run longer without replacing. "Quick connect" fittings with spring-loaded check valves allow filter replacement in seconds without tools or contamination. Stainless steel construction withstands pressures up to 1,000 psig. High-purity output…

  • Hook end for removing CarboFrit inserts Bent end (90°) for inserting CarboFrit inserts

  • Racks feature alphanumeric indexing for easier vial identification. Racks can be stacked for efficient storage. Fits most 2.0 mL, 12 x 32 mm vials (vials sold separately).

  • Tedlar® Gas Sampling Bag


    Tedlar is recommended in several US EPA methods for sampling VOCs and sulfur compounds. Our Tedlar is made from a high-quality 2 mil Tedlar film for superior inertness, impermeability, sample integrity and good recovery data. Our Push Lock Valve (PLV) and seam-sealing process ensure that these bags…

  • with PTFE lid, black side walls and base Legal Information: Suprasil is a registered trademark of HERAEUS QUARZGLAS GMBH & CO.

  • Protect your instrument and improve data quality with this powerful pair from Restek. Checking for leaks and verifying flows before you start helps you avoid costly problems later. Restek’s New Leak Detector Redesigned and better than ever, our new leak detector is an essential tool for…

  • Nuts and ferrules included. Synonyms: Swagelok® 400-1-4,BRASS CONNECTOR 1/4TX1/4P PK2 Legal Information: Swagelok is a registered trademark of Swagelok Company

  • Unlike brass brushes that can leave a metal residue, these stainless steel tube brushes (3/8-, 3/16-, and 1/4-inch) work well for cleaning dirty collectors, injector ports, and detector ports. The surface brush can be used to remove residue that builds up on metal detector jets and electronic contacts.

  • Sustained bubble action works even on very small leaks and vertical surfaces. Flexible snooper tube extends for hard-to-reach areas. Does not contain chlorine, aliphatic amines, or ammonium compounds. Dries clean, without staining. Legal Information: SNOOP is a registered trademark of Swagelok…

  • Purge/Traps K Vocarb® 3000 (for use with Encon) efficiently trap analytes in US EPA Methods 502.2 and 524. Legal Information: Vocarb is a registered trademark of Siemens Industry, Inc.

  • Usable to 400 °C inlet temperature*. New plasma coating eliminates sticking in the injection port. Precision molding ensures consistent, accurate fit. Septa have a CenterGuide design to minimize coring. (Not available on 9.5 mm, 10 mm, and Shimadzu Plug.) 5 mm and 11 mm septa are…

  • Connect a guard column to an analytical column Repair a broken column Connect a column outlet to a transfer line

  • Our patented dual Vespel ring inlet seal greatly improves injection port performance—it stays sealed, even after repeated temperature cycles, without retightening the reducing nut! This seal features two soft Vespel rings, one embedded in its top surface and the other embedded in its bottom…

  • Confirm that fittings are sufficiently tightened For use with 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" Swagelok fittings For Swagelok fittings in new installations only

  • Connector allows for easy connection of a thermocouple gauge tube to glass vacuum system without the use of a glass to metal graded seal or Cajon fitting. Gauge connection consists of a GL 25 thread, a stainless steel bushing and an open top GL 25 screw cap. The thermocouple gauge tube is threaded…

  • Microscale gas chromatography collection tube for fraction collection followed by transfer of sample to 9590-02, 0.1mL, Conical Vial for storage. 5/5 inner joint on tube allows direct connection to heated exit port of GC column via 9571-40 Stainless Steel Connection- Adapter. Inner joint…

  • Capsule Holders

    J.G. Finneran

    For labs using dissolution techniques.

  • The inlet seal at the base of the Agilent 5890/6890/7890 GC injection port contacts the sample and must be changed frequently to prevent adsorption of active compounds. In addition, septum fragments and sample residue accumulate on the disk surface, requiring disk replacement. To reduce…

  • This kit contains the tubing and fittings needed to add an additional GC to your lab bench. Kit includes: tubing cutter, one 1/8-inch x 1/4-inch reamer, one 1/4-inch x 1/8-inch brass tube end reducer, one 7/16-inch wrench, one 1/2-inch wrench, four 1/8-inch brass tees, ten 1/8-inch brass nuts, ten…

  • Replacement vessel is supplied with black phenolic rubber lined caps for the 18mm side arms, polypropylene caps and pouring rings for the GL-32 and GL-45 side arms.

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