Sterilization Biological Indicators

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Sterilization Biological Indicators

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  • Biological indicators vials are easy to use and interpret with visual color readout in 24 hours (1261) or 480hours (1262/1264). Test packs present a challenge to the sterilization process equivalent to the AAMI recommended test packs. Each test pack contains a 3M Attest™ 1262 or 1264 Biological Indicator.

  • An internal pack chemical indicator for use in STERPAD® Sterilization Processes (Model 50, 100S, and 200). Indicator changes from blue to pink when exposed to vapor hydrogen peroxide. Indicator color does not fade when exposed to light.

  • 3M Comply™ Chemical Integrators offer an immediate, accurate and easy-to-read method of monitoring sterilization process conditions inside each park. "Moving front" style has accept/reject readout for instant results with easy interpretation, convenient small size for all packs with optional…

  • Class 5 integrating indicator for use in determining whether the sterilization process conditions were met inside each pack. Can be used in all 250-2758F sterilization cycles.

  • EZTest™ Steam, Plastic vial

    Clorox Healthcare

    Used to ensure the effectiveness of sterilization processes.

  • Biological indicators and test packs that monitor the effectiveness of the EO or steam sterilization process and provide results within 48 hours.

  • Fast, easy to use to steam test packs containing a 3-hour 3M Attest™ Rapid Readout Biological Indicator (BI) plus a moving front 3M (SteriGage™) Class 5 Integrating Indicator.

  • Monitors sterilizer operation and air removal for vacuum-assisted steam sterilizers.

  • For monitoring the steam sterilization process. Each test pack includes a 3M 1262 Biological Indicator and a 3M Comply™ (SteriGage™) Steam Integrator.

  • A lightweight badge with ethylene-oxide sensitive material that clips to label or pocket near breathing zone for monitoring of personnel during a work shift.

  • For use in 100% EO and EO/HCFC gas mixtures. Long stripe of chemical indicator ink printed on perforated-style strip. Allows full- or half-length use in different pack sizes. Indicator changes color from red to green when exposed to ethylene oxide sterilization conditions.

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