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  • Xylazine

    Thermo Scientific Chemicals

    Synonym(s): 2-(2,6-Dimethylphenylamino)-5,6-dihydro-4H-thiazine hydrochloride Formula: C12H16N2S Formula weight: 220.33 CAS Number: 7361-61-7 UN Number: UN2811 Hazard Class: 6.1 Packing Group: III Harmonized Tariff Code:  2934.99 Hazard Statements: H301-H315-H319-H335 …

  • CAS No.: 1218-35-5 Synonyms: 2-(4- tert -Butyl-2,6-dimethylbenzyl)-2-imidazoline hydrochloride Formula: C16H24N2 ¬? HCl Formula Weight: 280.84 Linear Formula: C16H24N2 ¬? HCl MDL No.: MFCD00238707 Purity: …

  • XLD Agar


    for microbiology Synonym(s): Xylose Lysine Deoxycholate Agar

  • SIAL Xylidyl blue I


    Synonym(s): 4-Hydroxy-3-[2-hydroxy-3-(2,4-dimethylphenylaminocarbonyl)-1-naphthylazobenzenesulfonic acid sodium salt; Magonsulfonate Empirical Formula: C25H20N3NaO6S Formula Weight: 513.50 Linear Formula: …

  • Synonym(s): XOD; Xanthine:oxygen oxidoreductase MDL Number: MFCD00082145 Storage: 2-8°C

  • Synonym(s): α,α′-Diamino-o-xylene; 1,2-Bis(aminomethyl)benzene; ortho-Phenylene-bis(methylamine) Formula: C8H12N2 Formula Weight: 136.19 CAS No.: 17300-02-6 Purity: ≥94.0% (GC); 95%

  • Storage: −20°C UNSPSC Code: 12352200 Components: Enzyme Solution; SuRE/Cut Buffer H 10x concentrated RIDADR: NONH for all modes of transport Analysis Note: Activity in PCR buffer: <5% Relative activity in PCR mix (Taq DNA Polymerase buffer) is <5%. The PCR mix…

  • Synonym: Gum xanthan CAS Number: 1138-66-2 EC Number: 234-394-2 MDL Number: MFCD00131256 Other Notes A polysaccharide containing glucose, mannose, potassium glucuronate, acetate and pyruvate. Forms a hydrophilic colloid. Packaging 100, 500 g in poly bottle …

  • p-Xylylene dichloride, 98%

    Thermo Scientific Chemicals

    Synonym(s): 1,4-Bis(chloromethyl)benzene, alpha,alpha'-Dichloro-p-xylene Formula: C8H8Cl2 Formula weight: 175.06 Purity: 98% CAS Number: 623-25-6 UN Number: UN2928 Hazard Class: 6.1 Packing Group: II Harmonized Tariff Code:  2903.99 Hazard Statements: H330-H314-H318-H302…

  • SIGMA Xestospongin C film


    Synonym(s): XeC Empirical Formula: C28H50N2O2 Linear Formula: C28 H50 N2 O2 Formula Weight: 446.71 MDL Number: MFCD01862629 Storage: −20°C

  • Synonyms: 1,4-Dimethyl-5-hydroxybenzenesulfonphthaleinp-Xylenolsulfonephthalein Grade: Indicator Purity Limit: ≥ 90% (Dye content) CAS No.: 125-31-5 Molecular Formula: C23H22O5S Molecular Weight: 410.49 MDL No.: MFCD00005870 Appearance: Dark-brown to dark purple powder …

  • SIGMA X1/5


    Storage: −196°C

  • Synonyms: Acid Blue 147 CI No 43535 Purity Limit: Dye Content: ≥ 90% (TiCl titration) CAS No.: 4463-44-9 Molecular Formula: C25H27N2O7S2Na Molecular Weight: 554.62 MDL No.: MFCD00019481 Appearance: Dark blue to dark green powder Storage Temperature: Store at RT

  • Synonym: Acid blue 147, Cyanol FF, XC CAS Number: 2650-17-1 Empirical Formula (Hill Notation): C25H27N2NaO6S2 Molecular Weight: 538.61 Color Index Number: 42135 EC Number: 220-167-5 MDL Number: …

  • Xylene, Scintillation Grade, 4 Liter Bottle

    RPI (Research Products International)

    WARNING! This product can expose you to Ethyl benzene, a chemical which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to

  • Synonym(s): Xylanase , thermostable Purity: ≥20 mg protein/mL (Bradford); ≥90% (SDS-PAGE) Activity: ≥40 units/mg protein Storage: 2-8°C

  • SIAL p-Xylene


    puriss. p.a., ≥99.0% (GC) Synonym(s): 1,4-Dimethylbenzene Empirical Formula: C8H10 Formula Weight: 106.17 Linear Formula: C6H4(CH3)2 MDL Number: MFCD00008556 Purity: ≥99.0% (GC) Boiling Point: …

  • Synonym(s): 5-(Aminosulfonyl)-4-chloro-N-(2,6-dimethylphenyl)-2-hydroxy-benzamide; BE 1293; BEI 1293; MJF 10938 Empirical Formula: C15H15ClN2O4S Linear Formula: C15H15ClN2O4S Formula Weight: 354.81 …

  • The β-glucuronidase substrate X-Gluc (5-bromo-4-chloro-3-indolyl-β-D-glucuronide) is a colorimetric stain for GUS activity, and is used to identify recombinants containing pBACgus vectors, and LIC GUS Control Insert. X-Gluc Solution is provided as a 20 mg/ml stock solution, ready for…

  • Xylenes, mixed, 97+%

    Thermo Scientific Chemicals

    Synonym(s): Dimethylbenzenes + ethylbenzene Formula: C8H10 Formula weight: 106.17 Purity: 97+% CAS Number: 1330-20-7 UN Number: UN1307 Hazard Class: 3 Packing Group: II Harmonized Tariff Code:  2902.44 Hazard Statements: H226-H312-H332-H315 Flammable liquid and vapour.…

  • XTT sodium salt

    Thermo Scientific Chemicals

    Synonym(s): 2,3-Bis(2-methoxy-4-nitro-5-sulfophenyl)-2H-tetrazolium-5-carboxanilide inner salt Formula: C22H16N7NaO13S2 Formula weight: 673.52 CAS Number: 111072-31-2 Harmonized Tariff Code:  2933.99

  • Pharmaceutical secondary standards for application in quality control provide pharma laboratories and manufacturers with a convenient and cost-effective alternative to the preparation of in-house working standards Synonyms: Xylometazoline hydrochloride;…

  • The X-Gal is a histochemical substrate used to detect the presence of B-galactosidase. It produces a blue precipitate upon hydrolysis, making it suitable for use in immunoblotting and immunocytochemical assays. Cells expressing active B-galactosidase produce blue colonies when stained with X-Gal.…

  • SIAL Xylenes


    puriss. p.a., ACS reagent, reag. ISO, reag. Ph. Eur. Synonym(s): Xylene mixture of isomers Empirical Formula: C8H10 Formula Weight: 106.17 Linear Formula: C6H4(CH3)2 MDL Number: MFCD00077264 Boiling Point: …

  • Xanthine =99%


    Synonym: 2,6-Dihydroxypurine CAS Number: 69-89-6 Empirical Formula (Hill Notation): C5H4N4O2 Molecular Weight: 152.11 Beilstein Registry Number: 8733 EC Number: 200-718-6 MDL Number: MFCD00078453 PubChem…

  • X-Glucuro Sodium Salt

    ACTGene, Inc.

    Substrate for ß-Glucuronidase. It is converted by the enzyme into an intense blue precipitate. It is used for the detection of the GUS gene in bacterial colonies, e.g. Escherichia coli, or for histochemical applications. For research use. Purity: =98.0% Molecular Formula: C14H12BrClNO7Na …

  • Empirical Formula: C10H15N4O15P3 -+ xC6H15N Linear Formula: C10H15N4O15P3 -+ xC6H15N Formula Weight: 524.17 (free acid basis) Storage: −20°C

  • Synonym(s): 2,6-Dihydroxypurine Empirical Formula: C5H3N4NaO2 Linear Formula: C5H3N4NaO2 Formula Weight: 174.09 MDL Number: MFCD00069699 Purity: ≥99%

  • Synonym(s): α-Carotene-3,3'-diol; β, ε-carotene; β, ε-carotene-3,3'-diol; Lutein Empirical Formula: C40H56O2 Linear Formula: C40H56O2 Formula Weight: 568.87 MDL Number: MFCD08435941 Storage: …

  • m-Xylene, anhydrous, =99%


    Synonyms: 1,3-Dimethylbenzene Formula: C6H4(CH3)2 Formula Weight: 106.17 CAS No.: 108-38-3 Purity: ≥99% Density: 0.868 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.) Packaging: 1, 2, 4 x 2 L in Sure/Seal™ Packaging: 100 mL in Sure/Seal™

  • XLD Agar Granulated, 500G


    Formula: Mixture Formula Weight: N/A CAS Number: Synonym(s): Xylose Lysine Deoxycholate Agar Description: Typical Composition (g/L): Yeast extract 3.0; sodium chloride 5.0; D(+)xylose 3.5; lactose 7.5; sucrose 7.5; L(+)lysine 5.0; sodium deoxycholate 2.5; sodium thiosulfate…

  • XLT4 Agar Supplement


    for microbiology Synonym(s): Sodium tetradecyl sulfate Empirical Formula: C14H29NaO4S Formula Weight: 316.43 Linear Formula: C14H29NaO4S MDL Number: MFCD00072416 RIDADR: UN 3265 8 / PGII

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