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  • With finger type condenser and Newman type stopcock for reflux control. Stopcock manifold and reflux stopcock can be used to isolate head from receiver so that receiver contents can be removed without disturbing the vacuum in the system. Both column joint and receiver joints are 24/40. Thermometer…

  • Heavy wall pressure vessels have an internal thread for use with PTFE bushings as pressure seals. The unique design allows hand tightening and loosing for easy access into the vessel. O-ring is positioned on the bushing above the thread for improved sealing. Vessels are useful for pressure…

  • Porous discs for use in fabrication of special glass apparatus. Available in F, M, C and XC porosities. Pressure Limits: Fritted glassware is designed for low pressure vacuum filtration or gas flow. The MAX differential pressure should not exceed 15 PSI. Thermal Limits: Fritted glassware…

  • Ace Glass pressure tubes and bottles are the premier glass pressure vessels in the industry. Flat-bottomed bottles are rated at 60psi at room temperature while our tubes are rated at 150psi at as much as 120 degrees C. Due to varying conditions, Ace cannot guarantee glass vessels from breaking…

  • Used as distilling head for connecting top of column with condenser. Top 10/30 standard taper joint for 76mm immersion thermometer.

  • 3 to 6 mm in diameter Diameter tolerance is ±0.75 mm PYREX solid glass beads are useful for packing in distillation columns, mixing beads and boiling stones. Beads are packaged in 0.45 kg (1 lb) boxes, which have a packing volume of approximately 360 cm 3 or 22 cubic inches.

  • Micro impinger designed for sampling of small volumes of air at low jet velocity, as per EPA Method 6. Impinger bottle is graduated from 5 to 30mL in 5mL subdivisions. Both the bottle and stopper have 24/40 standard taper joints. The nozzle being replaced with an extra coarse fritted gas dispersion…

  • Adapter, Offset

    Ace Glass

    Offset adapter with outer joint top, inner joint bottom. Some include drip tip.

  • Design replaces the joint connection normally found between the with a 60mm I.D. flat flange and a quick release stainless steel clamp. on drying chamber has a groove for a silicone O-Ring to make a leak-tight flat flange on desiccant tube. Joints on condenser and flask are 24/40. item consists of…

  • Adapter, 15mm o-ring joint to Ace-Thred, fetfe o-ring included.

  • Distilling Head

    Ace Glass

    With finger type condenser and 0-3 mm PTFE stopcock plug with PTFE ring seals for reflux control. The seals prevent O-Ring exposure to corrosive liquids and are backed up by a FETFE O-Ring. Thermometer joint is 10/30, all others are 14/20.

  • Borosilicate Glass Rods

    Friedrich & Dimmock

    Popular sizes in convenient packages Lengths are approximately 4', in packs of 10 lbs. Assortment pack contains each size glass rod, in the following quantities.

  • Pyrex® or Duran® borosilicate plate glass. The 1/16in, 1/8in and 1/4in thick plates have edges that are cut and swiped. The 1/2in thick and over have ground edges.

  • Apparatus provides a convenient and accurate method for the determination of the concentration or purity of active metals and metal hydrides. Metals and metal hydrides that can be analyzed in this manner include borane-methyl sulfide complexes, borane tetrahydrofuran, sodium and lithium as…

  • Glass Stirring Rod

    United Scientific Supplies

    Soft Glass Stirring Rod, both ends round.

  • Reservoirs used for storing high performance, low pressure liquid chromatography mobile phase. Complete reservoir system includes a plastic coated graduated bottle, a standard cap assembly, and solvent and sparging filters. Cap assembly fits GL45 threaded bottles and has a PTFE bulkhead with three…

  • Solid PTFE Joint Stoppers

    Across International

    M ade with solid PTFE for air tight vacuum work, one of the highest quality products you can find in the market.

  • Full length, heavy wall. U.S. Reissue Patent No. 22181. These famous ACE spherical joints are precision ground and vacuum leak-tested for fit and interchangeability. Available in both ball and socket members.

  • KIMAX Brand Glass Stirring Rods

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    With both ends rounded Designed from Federal Specification NNN-R-560, Type 1 Length x diameter in mm are shown in listings

  • Glass Beads, Borosilicate, Soda Lime

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Solid Borosilicate (5663F29 to F47) With diameters selected within a tolerance of ±0.5 mm Kimax brand specific gravity is 2.23 Soda Lime Glass (5663L13 - L31) Made of soda lime glass, specific gravity is 2.49, approximately spherical In 1 lb. packages …

  • Adapters, Transfer


    Used in the transfer of fluids from vessels having standard taper joints.

  • Glass Joints


    Pyrex Standard Taper Connecting Tubes (5738E14) Arms are approximately 75° apart Equipped with inner Standard Taper joints that are both 24/40 Often used as a still head adapter Still Head Standard Taper Connecting Tubes (5738H82 and L18) Sidearm is at an angle…

  • Large, reflux splitter installed between the boil-up pot or column and the condenser. A 0-20mm PTFE stopcock valve allows take-off when closed and reflux return when open. The take-off terminus is a 35/25 o-ring ball joint. The overall height is 350mm. 45/50 top and bottom joints. All o-rings are…

  • Similar to D451414-series but with the uptake tube vacuum jacketed to improve distillation performance. The jacket eliminates the possibility of condensation or recrystallization of distillate in the sidearm. With 2mm PTFE stopcock.

  • With standard taper 24/40 joints. Length in centimeters refers to the effective length of the column as measured from the lowest to the highest indent of the column.

  • Rodaviss® Outer Joint is threaded to accept CG-182 caps.

  • Vacuum jacketed and silvered with viewing strip or unsilvered. For use with No. 7792 Head. With standard taper 24/40 joints. Effective length, 250mm.

  • Synthware distillation adapter bent at 75 degrees. Both ends are standard taper inner joints and are the same size.

  • Tube is designed for the collection and storage of gas samples. The 125mL has a sidearm O.D. of 9mm, the 250 and 500ml have a sidearm O.D. of 13mm, but with the addition of a syringe sampling port for use with a CG-3022-05 or CG-3022-22 septa. Supplied complete with one CG-3022-05 red rubber septa.

  • One-piece design for easy set-up. For the best result, use D272440 distillation receiver. To be used with 25mm immersion thermometer.

  • Adapters are used for filtration directly into vials. There are three top configurations, with the bottom of all adapters having a 20-400 GPI thread for connection to vials using a CG-1318 Threaded Connector. Design incorporates a drip tube sealed within thread to prevent breakage and are supplied…

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