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Cloning and Expression

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  • Culture Cylinders


    A borosilicate glass cylinder similar to a cloning ring having an optically flat polished end that hydrostatically seals to another flat optical surface so that grease is not required that is used when plating cells to position them for observation and improve plating time by restricting the amount…

  • The Seamless Cloning Master Mix is a ready-to-use reaction mix for seamless cloning reactions. It allows for successful assembly of multiple DNA fragments, regardless of fragment length or end compatibility. It has been rapidly adopted by the synthetic biology community due to its ease-of-use,…

  • Rosetta™ 2 host strains are BL21 derivatives designed to enhance the expression of eukaryotic proteins that contain codons rarely used in E. coli. These strains supply tRNAs for 7 rare codones (AGA, AGG, AUA, CUA, GGA, CCC, and CGG) on a compatible chloramphenicol-resistant plasmid. The tRNA…

  • Yeast RPM Kit

    MP Biomedicals

    Plasmid DNA isolated from yeast or bacterial cells in ≤30 minutes Proven GENECLEAN® GLASSMILK® technology No phenol/chloroform extractions No ethanol precipitation The Yeast RPM Kit allows isolation of plasmid DNA from both yeast and bacterial cells. It uses a GLASSMILK purification…

  • IPTG (Isopropyl-β-D-thiogalactopyranoside) is a galactose analogue not recognized by β-galactosidase. IPTG is a non-metabolizable galactose analog that induces expression of the lac operon in Escherichia coli. IPTG is a galactose analogue not recognized by β-galactosidase. It…

  • Sob & Soc Media

    MP Biomedicals

    SOB Medium is the standard media for preparing cells for chemical transformation.  SOC is a special medium for incubating competent cells immediately after transformation to allow expression of transferred resistance genes before exposing cells to selective conditions.

  • This Kit contains SSCS solution, enables researchers to prepare  competent E. coli cells in a single step and to transform the cells  without heat-shock. SSCS has been reported to be faster and  easier than other methods of producing competent cells, such as  the traditional…

  • High efficiency transformation of yeast cells Process takes less than 90 minutes The Alkali Cation Yeast transformation kit provides all the reagents required to perform a high efficiency transformation of yeast with circular or linear DNA. The entire procedure can be completed in one day and…

  • PUCM-T Cloning Vector

    Bio Basic Inc.

  • Poly(I)·Poly(C)

    Cytiva (formerly GE Healthcare Life Sciences)

    Activates various cell types including B lymphocytes, macrophages, and dendritic cells by mimicking a viral infection For stimulation of interferon production in vitro Supplied as a lyophilized powder Since it was discovered that the double-stranded polyribonucleotide…

  • High throughput transformation of yeast cells Simple and fast No need to make competent cells The EZ-Yeast Transformation Kit is designed for high throughput transformation with an efficiency of up to 1,000 colonies per µg plasmid DNA. Suitable for a quick analysis of potentially positive…

  • SUPER-COMP is an extremely rich medium that significantly increases the competency of the cells when using a simple RbCl/CaCl means of preparing competent host cells. After cells are made competent, they are immediately ready for DNA uptake. For maximum transformation efficiency, store for…

  • PUCM-T Cloning Vector Kit

    Bio Basic Inc.

    The T-Vector PCR Product Cloning Kit is suitable for cloning of PCR products with additional A at 3’ end. The special ligation system provided by the kit enables customs to finish ligation in 1-2 hour.

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