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  • Breathable film that allows effective gas exchange for cellular/bacterial cultivation while preventing contamination. 

  • Designed for long-term -80°C storage, light sensitive assays and robotics. The conformable foil allows visual verification of seal security around each well. Features excellent chemical resistance to DMSO.  Pierceable with pipet tips, robotic probes and needles. Removes easily and cleanly…

  • Peelable Pierceable Seal integrity range: -20 °C to 80 °C Autoclavable (121 °C) Use Seals polypropylene, polystyrene, polyethylene and COC Suitable for cell culture and overnight incubations

  • Fast, easy-to-use film provides superior cling. Strong, clear Reynolds® Foodservice Film is ideal for covering, storing and wrapping. Continuous length rolls come in sturdy, easy-to-use dispenser cartons to prevent waste.

  • Rollers are designed to seal flat-top plates to ensure a secure and uniform pressure-sensitive seal around all wells. Reusable and autoclavable.

  • Ideal for cell, tissue and bacterial cultures Features a hydrophobic, gas permeable membrane with a medical grade, non-cytotoxic adhesive 5.5mil porous membrane consists of layers of heat welded rayon fibers that are in a non-woven pattern with a pore size from 10 to 50μm Moisture vapor…

  • labForce™ Heat Seals for Microplates - Sheet Format

    labForce® (a Thomas Scientific Brand)



    PARAFILM stretches up to 200% and clings even around irregular shapes and surfaces. The sealing film is free of plasticizers and consists primarily of polyolefins and paraffin waxes. PARAFILM M is resistant up to 48 hours against many polar substances, eg saline solutions, inorganic acids and…

  • Aluminum Sealing Film

    Innovative Laboratory Products

    Soft and non-permeable, our 2.0 mil aluminum sealing foil offers optimum sealing for all PCR plates. Using a medical-grade acrylic adhesive, these foil seals are more durable than the thin 1.4mil aluminum films, and are better suited to longer term sample storage.  Soft and non-permeable,…

  • Polypropylene Sealing Film for qPCR

    Innovative Laboratory Products

    The encapsulated silicone seal does not expose your sample to adhesive! These optically clear polyester films are ideally suited for Real Time PCR (qPCR). They feature an inert, ultra-clear, and strong encapsulated silicone adhesive that provides extraordinary performance in real-time PCR…

  • A 36 mum soft non-permeable aluminum foil sealing film with strong medical-grade adhesive, AlumaSeal® II sealing films eliminate the need for heat-sealing devices or mats during thermal cycling. Each sealing film measures 82.6 x 146.1 mm and offers sufficient sealing area for all PCR plates. Length…

  • Ideal for standard PCR, long-term storage, light sensitive assays and robotics Certified DNase- & RNase- free Designed for use with standard plates; not recommended for raised-rim plates Easy to pierce with pipet tips or robotic probes for direct sample recovery 1.4mil conformable…

  • Effectively seal all microplate formats For storage, PCR, microscopy, culture & protection Protective backing Pre-cut, plate-sized sheets

  • Axygen® microplate heat sealing films are designed for applications ranging from PCR and Real-Time PCR to storage. They can be used in a wide range of temperatures making them suitable for nearly any application. Thickness: 100.5 µm Material: Polyester Dimensions (mm):…

  • Aluminum foil


    Easily covers laboratory dishes and forms inexpensive liners for bench tops, drawers, and trays. Easy cleanup in case of spill or contamination.

  • •Tape is impregnated to show words Autoclaved after 15 minutes of exposure at 250F (121C) in a steam autoclave •Tape is supplied in 500 in. (1,270 cm) roll on a 1 in. core (2.54 cm) •Tape Dimensions: W 3/4 in. (1.91 cm) •Product contains lead which under normal use, does not present a health…

  • labForce™ Adhesive Seals for Microplates

    labForce® (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

  • Semi-automatic sheet heat sealer compatible with a wide range of seals and microplates, PCR and assay plates, as well as storage plates of differing designs and heights. With variable temperature and time settings, sealing conditions are easily optimized to produce a 100% seal, eliminating…

  • With a 70µm top layer and inert white polypropylene and acrylic adhesive sublayer, this easy-piercing sealing film allows direct sample recovery with single or multi-channel pipettors and robotic probes. Dimensions are 79.4mm x 142.9mm for 96-well plates Clear zones and end tabs…

  • AlumaSeal CS sealing films are a specially formulated aluminum foil with a 50 mum layer of acrylic adhesive that withstands cold storage at temperatures between: -80 C to +120 C . Unlike other sealing films in the AlumaSeal group, AlumaSeal CS sealing films are not recommended for PCR or…

  • PierceASeal Foil

    IST Scientific

    Pierceable Resealable Seal integrity range: -20 °C to 120 °C Good solvent resistance Autoclavable (121 °C) Use Seals polypropylene and polystyrene plates Suitable for long term storage

  • AeraSeal(TM) film sterile


    A 140 mum thick hydrophobic porous sealing film with medical-grade adhesive for tissue culture plates, bio-blocks, and 96-well plates where gas exchange is necessary for cell or bacterial growth. AeraSeal(TM) sealing films minimize cross-contamination, spillage and evaporation. They allow uniform…

  • Clear Polyester backed film forming a weld seal to Polypropylene microplate Application: Forms a seal to Polypropylene with good optical properties. Suitable for QPCR and other optical applications such as fluorescence or colorimetric measurements. Sealing conditions: 3 seconds at…

  • AEP's exclusive GraterEdge blade offers superior cutting performance with unmatched durability and safety. The result is the industry's most efficient producer delivering the right cling for the tightest seal.

  • labForce™ Heat Seals for Microplates - Roll Format

    labForce® (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

  • CyclerSeal for sealing multi-well plates.

  • XR Foil is suitable for long term storage in extreme conditions and resistant to DMSO and other solvents. Temperature range for foil or mats: -80° to +120°C. Citadel-XR Foil for long-term storage in EXTREME conditions.

  • Acrylic Parafilm Dispenser

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Acrylic Holds one standard box or roll of 4-in. (102mm) Parafilm* or two 2-in. (51-mm) rolls securely for easy dispensing. Channeled front allows for cutting Parafilm. Storage for blade included but blade is not included.

  • Available as standard AxyMat or chemically resistant ImpermaMat. Reusable and versatile, Axygen AxyMats minimize evaporation in a wide range of temperatures in PCR and storage applications. These sealing mats are designed specifically for 384-Well PCR microplates and deep well plates with square…

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