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Petri Seal
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  • Petri Dishes


    … Suitable for 47 mm membrane filters, these 9 x 50-mm polystyrene dishes are pre-sterilized and disposable. Double rim ensures tight seal. An area of the lid is frosted for identification. Dishes are compatible with 47 mm membrane filters. Petri dishes are available with or without pads.

  • Parafilm M Sealing Film

    Pechiney Plastic Packaging

    Recommended for use in sealing culture tubes, flasks, petri dishes, etc., as it prevents culture media from drying out Pliable, self-sealing, moisture-proof, thermoplastic sheet material, substantially colorless Molds and seals itself tightly around test tubes, flasks and instruments and…

  • Petri Dishes

    United Scientific Supplies

    Made from high quality borosilicate glass, these autoclavable, flat, clear Petri dishes can withstand repeated sterilization and can be used many times. Each dish includes a lid. Note: Lid does not seal air tight.

  • Breathe-Easy® for Petri Dishes

    Diversified Biotech

    …removal. STORAGE OPTIONS - Dishes sealed with Breathe-Easy strips may be incubated and/or stored at ambient temperatures, refrigerated or frozen (-80°C to 100°C) SUPPORT DEVICE - Applying strips is easy using the companion product, Support N Seal that holds dish and lid together…

  • Sterile Petri Dishes

    Pall Life Sciences

    Unique patented design for easy handling and storage Easy to use. Opens easily with one hand, yet closes to a tight seal. Uses less space on the lab bench or in the incubator with easy stacking base Gamma irradiated for sterilization. No dangerous EtO residuals. Available with or…

  • KTO: Dish, Petri Dspl F / 47mm Pk/500


    9x50mm Suitable for 47 mm membrane filters Polystyrene, presterilized and disposable Double rim ensures tight seal An area of the lid is frosted for identification 500/pack

  • Parafilm® Sealing Film


    Colorless, moisture-proof film molds to surface Stretch film tight to seal beakers, flasks, tubes, and Petri dishes. Order a dispenser separately (1222J96/J97/J98).

  • MycoSeal™ Shrink Seals

    Hardy Diagnostics

    Cellulose shrink seals are recommended for sealing 15x100mm petri plates. It is a cellulose shrink seal designed to keep petri plate lids tightly sealed. Sealed plates retain their moisture and stay fresh longer. Ideal for mycology and TB cultures, MycoSeal™ prevents dehydration and cracking…

  • PetriSeal

    Diversified Biotech

    Ideal sealing tape for petri dishes and microplates Stretches and conforms Waterproof and temperature and chemical resistant Resists abrasion and puncture while blocking vapor loss Reduces the rate of gas exchange and prevent the entry of contaminants

  • GasPak™ EZ Gas Generating Systems


    Petri dish racks BD GasPak EZ Containers (1094M04, M07, M10, M13) Features easy-close latches. Stackable, shatter and chemical-resistant containers have a durable, airtight seal and handles for portability. Two sizes: Standard (holds 15-18 Petri dishes) and Large (holds 30-33 Petri

  • Whirl-Pak® Hydrated PolyProbe™


    …sampling surface and helps with the collection of hard-to-reach surfaces, around corners and irregular shaped areas. The PolyProbe™ is sealed in a 24oz. write-on Whirl-Pak® bag and hydrated with 10 ml of HiCap™ Neutralizing Broth. Bags are 9"L x 6"W (23 x 15 cm) with a…

  • M-Dextrose Tryptone Broth


    … Test samples are filtered through membranes and then placed on membranes saturated with M-Dextrose Tryptone Broth and incubated at 55°C in sealed Petri plates for the detection and enumeration of thermophilic flat-sour sporulating organisms (2). Storage and Shelf-life: Store below 30°C…

  • Almoore Enterprises Anaerobe Jar

    …positive seal, superior to conventional O-rings. It also doubles as a handy carrying handle. The 3/8” thick anodized aluminum lid won’t warp, and it’s guaranteed to resist cracking or breaking for ten years. Shipped complete with a stainless steel rack to accommodate 100mm petri

  • AE30/31 Series Inverted Microscopes


    …bench space. Low-positioned focusing knobs located near the front of the base, minimize hand fatigue and keep hands on the table while scanning. Sealed internal components and optics resist damage from accidental spills. Siedentopf eyepiece tubes with independent diopter adjustment are inclined…

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