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  • Parafilm® Sealing Film


    Colorless, moisture-proof film molds to surface Stretch film tight to seal beakers, flasks, tubes, and Petri dishes. Order a dispenser separately (1222J96/J97/J98).

  • Parafilm M Sealing Film

    Pechiney Plastic Packaging

    …media. 7315D11 Parafilm M is furnished in a roll 20” wide x 50’ long, interwound with paper marked in 2-inch squares for convenient measuring and cutting. 7315D35 Parafilm M is a roll 4” wide x 125’ long; in dispenser carton. 7315D45 Parafilm M is a roll 4”…

  • ABS Parafilm® Dispenser


    Unique design for maximum safety Store, dispense, and cut Parafilm®, tape, labels, and Tough-Tags®. ABS plastic dispenser designed with a safety razor that slides and cuts with no danger to fingers. Dispenser holds one or two 2-inch rolls, or one 4-inch roll.

  • Parafilm M® Dispenser, Parafilm M® Dispenser (5.25W x 5.75D x 5.5H)


    Easiest Parafilm Dispensing Ever Smooth-action safety blade makes a clean cut Includes adapter to hold a single 2” roll in place without binding Premium acrylic stands up to heavy use This exclusive design uses a spindle to suspend rolls for smooth and easy dispensing…

  • DuraSeal™ Laboratory Cling Film

    Diversified Biotech

    …to itself and glass vessels. Heat Resistant - Softens at 100°C. Strong  - Film can stretch 300-400% before breaking or tearing. Tight Sealing ?- Forms an air tight barrier when stretched across openings. Versatile - Compatibile in more applications than Parafilm®.

  • Parafilm Dispensers


    Parafilm ® Dispenser/Cutter, available in clear and smoke acrylic. Acrylic dispenser provides dust-free storage and serrated cutting surface for easy dispensing of 4" Parafilm ® rolls. The smoke colored acrylic helps prevent film from yellowing and is easy to clean.  

  • Acrylic Parafilm Dispenser

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Acrylic Holds one standard box or roll of 4-in. (102mm) Parafilm* or two 2-in. (51-mm) rolls securely for easy dispensing. Channeled front allows for cutting Parafilm. Storage for blade included but blade is not included.

  • Parafilm M® Dispenser

    United Scientific Supplies

    Durable acrylic dispenser is ideal for storing, dispensing and cutting Parafilm M® tape and labels. Holds two-inch or four-inch rolls and includes a sharp, serrated blade for easy cutting. Lid opens for quick loading of rolls. Parafilm M® not included.

  • Petri Dish Dispenser


    Free up benchtop space Sturdy acrylic dispenser holds up to thirty 100 mm petri dishes in two easy-to-access partitions. Place on the counter or mount on a wall (mounting screws included). Measures 222 x 107 x 236 mm.

  • Butvar B-98 Solution

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    …released by flotation into a staining dish filled with distilled water. Grids are orderly arranged in 2 or 3 rows. The film is retrieved with parafilm (2x4 inch) by gently touching one edge of the Resin film, lowering into complete contact, then lifting up with a fast motion. Coated grids…

  • Kimwipe® Dispenser


    Fit Kimwipes® and other major brands Clear acrylic holders fit packages of small or large lab wipes. Mount on a shelf or wall. The smaller version attaches with double-back tape and the larger version with screws. Mounting materials included. Kimwipes is a registered trademark of…

  • Degassing Complete Lab Package for DR 6000


    …with everything you need to run the ASBC approved methods for degassing. Package includes: Tributy Phosphate (TBP); Rotary Shaker; Rotary Shaker Platform; 500 mL Erlenmeyer Flask; Parafilm M Laboratory Film; 10 µL Fixed Volume Micropipette; 5 µL - 200 µL Pipet Tips, 1000/pk.

  • Workstation Storage Bin


    Holds just about everything a lab needs Organize your most commonly used laboratory disposables in one central location. Acrylic unit has room to store gloves, Kimwipes®, and Parafilm®. Use bins to store tubes, tips, etc. Place on a counter. Measures 265 x 137 x 440 mm.

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