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  • Free from volatiles or extractable substances which may impair cell growth; for use at temperatures from -80 to 450°F Can be steam sterilized at 15 lbs. pressure, making them suitable for culture tubes containing pathogenic materials Length: 25 mm Not recommended for use with…

  • Black Rubber Stoppers

    GSC International, Inc.

    A black rubber stopper that is useful in a number of applications. Available in a variety of sizes. Each pack is one pound. Choose from solid, 1 hole, and 2 hole stoppers.

  • Unique seal system allows use as solid or one-, two- or three-hold closures Simplifies stock room inventory Molded of soft, resilient, white natural rubber Seals vacuum-tested to 760 mm Hg Autoclavable, with good shelf life. Sizes #3 & #4 have two holes; #5 - #10 have the (3)…

  • Borosil® Solid Penny Head Glass Stoppers are with Interchangeable Ground Joint and can be used with Volumetric Flask of 5645, 5647 families or for other suitable joints. Manufactured with low extractable quality grade USP Type I, 3.3 Borosilicate Glass confirming to ASTM E438 Class A…

  • Plug-Type Rubber Sleeve Stoppers

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Uses include outgassing NMR tubes, pressure venting or adding reactants via syringe. Hollow, plug-type stopper fits into the neck of the glassware apparatus Sleeve extension fits over the neck for a secure seal Diaphragm can be punctured with a syringe needle Series 774261 may be…

  • Used in tentative AOCS Method L-15A-58 for measuring the processing color stability of fatty acids.

  • Sleeve stopper septa


    Sleeve stopper septa are manufactured from pure natural rubber for excellent resealability when used for cannulation techniques or from FKM rubber for high chemical resistance. Natural rubber septa are available in red and white colors and a soft rubber formulation that contains no fillers or…

  • Assorted 1 Hole Rubber Stoppers

    GSC International, Inc.

    1 pound package of assorted 1 hole rubber stoppers. Sizes and quantities are as follows: Size 00: 4 each Size 0: 4 each Size 1: 4 each Size 2: 4 each Size 3: 4 each Size 4: 3 each Size 5: 3 each Size 6: 3 each Size 7: 3 each

  • Silicone Stoppers with Holes

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    General purpose single-hole silicone rubber stoppers. Steam autoclavable Opaque yellowish-white color Stoppers are manufactured from pure silicone rubber

  • Stopper Assortment


    Made of soft, pliable, black-compounded stock Length: 25 mm Includes stoppers of solid, one-hole and two-hole styles in sizes 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6 1/2, 7 and 8; total of 66 stoppers

  • Pennyhead stoppers are generally used in flasks and separatory funnels.

  • Flask length PTFE stopper has a Polypropylene extraction nut permitting easy removal of the stopper from the flask. All sizes are solid.

  • Rubber Stoppers


    M35 Green Neoprene for added chemical resistance Listed mainly by trade-size, available in solid, one-hole, and two hole rubber stoppers. Uses vary widely, some are outlined below: Carboy Stoppers Crucible Holders Laboratory & Test Tube Stoppers Masking Applications Micro Stoppers Pipe…

  • Mity Plugs


    Cellulose Acetate plugs for all size test tubes and laboratory flasks. MITY Plugs are non-shedding, dense weave cellulose acetate E plugs for drosophila vials and bottles. Dense weaving offers a superior barrier to mite infestation. Allows for reduced food evaporation to keep food fresh…

  • 3-Leg Lyophilization Stoppers

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    1233Z70: 3-leg design provides stability during lyophilization and resists cocking. Constructed of Gray Chlorobutyl/50 material and fit bottles with mouth 13 mm ID x 20 mm OD. 1224A82: 3-leg lyophilization stopper is made from gray chlorobutyl/55 and is used with Wheaton screw neck diagnostic…

  • Similar to CG-3026 and CG-3027 except with two holes. These stoppers are suitable for practically all general laboratory uses. Composition ensures resiliency and pliability over a long period and withstands laboratory conditions without hardening. The dimensions are in accordance with…

  • Three twist-off seals permit easy conversion from a solid to a one, two, or three-hole stopper. Soft, resilient, natural rubber demonstrates exceptional aging characteristics and withstands repeated autoclaving. Autoclavable at 250°F for 30 minutes under water or steam conditions only (not…

  • Hollow plug type With sealed bottom and vertical penny head

  • PTFE full length stoppers, 24/40 size is solid; 45/50 is hollowed from top, bottom closed.

  • A front-seal, solid plug for sealing column ends. Supplied with one FETFE o-ring.

  • PTFE Stoppers


    Flask length PTFE stopper with color coded handle.

  • No. 8 Silicone Stopper

    Vee Gee Scientific

  • Hollow glass stoppers with PTFE-Clad tapered section for controlled expansion, no jamming.

  • With a patented Glas-Col Snorkel Stopper, you'll never again have to take time to open the stopcock and relieve pressure when vigorously shaking a separatory funnel, because our Snorkel Stopper does the task automatically. If you use a Glas-Col shaker, you can simply load the funnels onto it…

  • Well-known as the best quality rubber turn-over closure with serrated stopper, Suba-Seal brand is available exclusively from Sigma-Aldrich. Ideal for air and moisture-sensitive chemistry procedures. After piercing with non-coring needle, rubber closes puncture, providing air and moisture tight seal…

  • Penny-Head Stopper,Glass, Sperical Joint, Synthware, Joint: 35 socket, Hollow stopper for use with spherical socket joint.

  • Hollow plug to fit inside bottles, flasks, vials, or tubing with a sleeve to pull over neck to create a double seal .Septa area allows insertion of needle, with excellent re-sealing properties for air sensitive chemistry Standard Compounds include Red and White Natural Rubber, Gray Butyl on…

  • Solid stopper with closed bottom.

  • Well-known as the best quality rubber turn-over closure with serrated stopper, Suba-Seal brand is available exclusively from Sigma-Aldrich. Ideal for air and moisture-sensitive chemistry procedures. After piercing with non-coring needle, rubber closes puncture, providing air and moisture tight seal…


    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Septa for 20 mm screw caps or seals. Made of Polytetrafluoroethylene /Silicone Autoclavable

  • Stopper, Glass

    Ace Glass

    Ground glass stopper for 7/10 or 14/20 joint, for use with microscale equipment.

  • Ultra Pure Stoppers, 20 mm

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Bromobutyl rubber compound with a high level of chemical purity Straight Plugs and Lyophilization Stoppers (2-leg, 3-Leg and Igloo) are available All Ultra Pure Stoppers are autoclavable

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