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  • Fluorescence Detector

    Agilent Technologies

  • Quickly and easily color code multiple fluid lines Select from polypropylene or ETFE caps

  • Connect a vapor trap using the vent port to prevent solvent vapors from escaping Use without any fittings or use male Luer fittings to connect various tubing sizes Anti-twist design The T-series solvent bottle caps help contain vapors and protect lab staff from exposure to toxic…

  • LC Fittings and Unions

    Agilent Technologies

    Different columns have different fitting requirements. (Zorbax columns use standard Swagelok fittings) Agilent 1100 modules use standard Swagelok fittings Rheodyne injection valves require Rheodyne fittings How do you choose the correct fittings? To ensure leak-free connections, and to prevent…

  • Remove bubbles with or without vacuum assistance Effectively remove bubbles* from aqueous solutions inline or downstream with bubble traps. Traps feature ¼"-28 UNF(F) port and come with 10 µm PTFE filter. The high-flow trap features a vacuum port on the atmosphere (dry) side of…

  • Chemically inert tubing withstands most chemicals, solvents, and corrosive materials Use chemically inert PTFE tubing with virtually all chemicals, solvents, and corrosive materials, even at elevated temperatures. Autoclave tubing or sterilize in-line by steam or chemical methods. Select from…

  • Solvent Inlet Filters

    Thermo Scientific

    For HPLC Systems Stainless steel 10µm inlet filters for longer lifetime No tools required for replacement Bottom-of-the-Bottle solvent filters: Efficient draw 100% PTFE polymer, including 2µm filter Built-in helium sparge port and frit

  • Use when samples need to be pre-absorbed onto loose sorbent material Suitable for dry loading and packing home-built columns The TELOS bulk sorbents for flash chromatography dry loading are available in silica, NH2 (bonded aminopropyl), C18 (octadecyl), and NM (diatomaceous earth). Silica,…

  • Accessories for HPLC


    Test mixture Accessories for stainless steel HPLC columns Stainless steel columns are most frequently used in HPLC. The material is corrosion resistant, pressure stable and easy to work mechanically. PEEK accessories PEEK (= polyether ether ketone) is a high performance polymer…

  • PREP Pressure Relief Valve Kit

    Agilent Technologies

  • Reduce harmful chemical emissions and odors from solvent containers Use with indicators to set a replacement schedule These exhaust filters contain activated media to capture harmful chemicals from escaping into the lab. Filters are made of high-density polyethylene and have a…

  • InfinityLab Flex Bench MS

    Agilent Technologies

  • InfinityLab System Tool kit

    Agilent Technologies

  • Prevent the particulates and microbial growth in your LC solvents from entering your instrument with the new Restek Bluestem glass solvent filter. Restek Bluestem glass solvent filter provides clean mobile phase to extend the life of columns and pump seals 15 µm borosilicate glass…

  • A-332 Semi-Prep Stainless Steel Frit

    IDEX Health & Science

    Our Semi-Prep Stainless Steel Frit is the most common size frits used throughout HPLC systems. We design these frits to deliver excellent uniform porosity and a long filtration life. It has a porosity of 2µm and comes with a natural color Tefzel® (ETFE) ring.

  • Bubbles in an LC system can cause check valve malfunctions and pump cavitation, seriously affecting pump performance. The debubbler removes bubbles from the fluid stream before it enters the pump. Special geometry at the base of the housing allows bubbles entrained in the inlet fluid stream to…

  • Whether you need to replace system tubing as part of your troubleshooting or want to reduce the dwell volume of your system as you move to narrower columns, Restek has the quality tubing in the lengths and IDs you need. Each ID is color coded, so it is easy to identify and replace correctly. Tubing…

  • For start-up and maintenance in all HPLC systems. The stainless steel survival kit contains a wide range of tubing, fittings, and tools necessary to set up and maintain your HPLC system: a selection of lengths and IDs of 1/16-inch tubing, plus nuts, ferrules, a ValvTool wrench, and a…

  • HPLC Mp Debubbler

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    The unit consists of a glass chamber with inlet and outlet ports and a PTFE-lined phenolic cap. Cap GPI thread: 13-425; External port threads are 1/4-inch-28 Installed before the pump or mixer, the debubbler captures bubbles that are released by unscrewing the cap Manufactured from 33…

  • LC Waste Container (5L)

    Agilent Technologies

  • Hand-tight fitting style achieves effortless HPLC seals—no tools needed for a 8,700+ psi seal Both hand-tight and hex-head styles wrench-tighten for reliable UHPLC use up to 20,000+ psi! Patented ferrule can be installed repeatedly without compromising high-pressure seal Hybrid…

  • Precut, micropolished tubing and preseated fittings for quick, easy maintenance of your Agilent HPLC systems Meet or exceed manufacturer's performance.

  • Unfiltered solvents or solvents contaminated with microbial growth can clog solvent inlet filters, reducing the lifetime of the filter and impacting pump performance. Remember to clean or replace the solvent inlet filters at least once every 3 months.

  • Sodium - Na, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk

    Agilent Technologies

  • Safe and dependable solvent delivery system without any fittings Accepts standard male Luer fittings to connect various tubing sizes Anti-twist design The T-series solvent bottle caps help contain vapors and protect lab staff from exposure to toxic fumes. Push through 1/8" OD…

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