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Due to current pandemic, lead times for PPE items are longer than what is listed on our website. Please expect shipping delays of all PPE products during this time.

  • COL-Elite PETRO-100 m-0.5 µm


    Temperature range -60°C to 300/320°C

  • Rxi-624Sil MS Columns (fused silica)


    midpolarity Crossbond phase Rxi fused silica capillary GC columns were designed specifically to be the best columns available, for exceptional inertness, ultra-low bleed, and reproducible retention and selectivity. In addition to outstanding performance, this combination of column…

  • AFFINIMIP® SPE Ochratoxin A Selective Cartridges


    Affinimip SPE is a selective solid phase extraction based upon molecularly printed polymers (MIP). It combines the advantages of Immune-affinity columns in terms of selectivity and a classic solid phase extraction (SPE) in terms of robustness and costs. This selectivity and robustness combines to…

  • TraceGOLD TG-1701MS GC Columns

    Thermo Scientific

    Feature a mix of cyano and phenyl groups for increased polarity and a different elution order relative to less polar columns Mid-polarity phase, 14% cyanopropylphenyl, 86% dimethyl polysiloxane Fully characterized for long-term reproducibility, column-to-column consistency and low bleed …



    Features More than 50 different sationary phases available e.g., silica gel based: unmodified, C8, C18, NH2, CN; Polyermic material: HR-X, HLB, PA; mixed-mode, special combinations, aluminum oxide, kieselguhr (XTR) etc. NP, RP, ion exchanger and for special applications Different…

  • Flex-Column Economy Chromatography Column Accessories

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Flow adapters Flow adapters can significantly improve FLEX-COLUMN® performance by protecting the gel bed from disruption during sample loading and by eliminating any dead volume above the gel bed.  Ideal for concentration and pH gradients, reverse flow separations and gravity…

  • ABS Elut-NEXUS, 200mg 6mL, 30/PK

    Agilent Technologies

  • Rxi Guard/Retention Gap Columns (fused silica)


    Extend column lifetime. Excellent inertness—obtain lower detection limits for active compounds. Sharper chromatographic peaks by utilizing retention gap technology. Maximum temperature: 360°C

  • Poroshell Extend 300 C18, 2.1 x 75 mm, 5 um

    Agilent Technologies

    Poroshell Extend 300 C18, 2.1 x 75 mm, 5 µm. Poroshell 300Extend-C18 columns can be used from pH 2 – 11 for unique separations and an additional selectivity choice.

  • ZORBAX Extend 300 C18, 4.6 x 250 mm, 5 um

    Agilent Technologies

    ZORBAX Extend 300 C18, 4.6 x 250 mm, 5 µm HPLC column. ZORBAX 300Extend-C18 columns incorporate a unique patented bidentate silane, combined with a double-endcapping process that protects the silica from dissolution at high pH.

  • Brownlee SPP 2.7 mm C18 3.0 X 20 mm


    Brownlee SPP 2.7 mm C18 3.0 X 20 mm

  • Rxi-5ms Columns (fused silica)


    low-polarity phase; Crossbond diphenyl dimethyl polysiloxane Rxi fused silica capillary GC columns were designed specifically to be the best columns available, for exceptional inertness, ultra-low bleed, and reproducible retention and selectivity. In addition to outstanding performance, this…

  • DB-1ms

    Agilent Technologies

    100% Dimethylpolysiloxane Identical selectivity to DB-1 Non-polar Very low bleed characteristics, ideal for GC/MS Improved acid performance compared to standard 100% Dimethylpolysiloxane columns Improved signal-to-noise ratio for better sensitivity and mass spectral integrity …

  • GS-Gaspro

    Agilent Technologies

    Bonded PLOT column technology Suitable for light hydrocarbons and sulfur gas Retention stability not affected by water Separates CO and CO2 on a single column Ideal PLOT column for CG/MS - no particles Temperature limits: -80° to 260°/300°C …

  • MXT-2887 Column (Siltek-treated stainless steel)


    nonpolar phase; Crossbond 100% dimethyl polysiloxane—for simulated distillation MXT-2887 columns' stationary phase, column dimensions, and film thicknesses have been optimized to exceed the resolution and skewing factor requirements specified in ASTM Method D2887. Each column is…

  • TELOS® Silica Polar SPE Chromatography Columns


    Extract polar analytes from nonpolar organic solvents Compatible with manual and automated sample protocols Use TELOS polar (normal phase) silica SPE columns to retain the analytes of interest or to remove polar interferences from the sample. Silica sorbent has a pore diameter of…

  • Polaris 3 C18-Ether 50 x 4.6mm

    Agilent Technologies

  • TELOS® Filtration Columns


    Select columns with polyethylene (PE) or PTFE frits PE frit models available with single- or double-frit configuration Total volumes for the columns range from 1 to 150 mL. Columns come with either polyethylene or PTFE frits in 5, 10, or 20 µm pore sizes. PE frits area available in…

  • ZORBAX Cn Columns

    Agilent Technologies

    Cyanopropyldimethylsilane monolayer bonded to ZORBAX SIL Equilibrates more rapidly than ZORBAX SIL, and used for many of the same normal-phase applications Less prone to fouling and less water sensitive than silica *These columns ship containing reversed phase solvents. Flush with…

  • Chromatography Columns


    General purpose gravity eluted column having a PTFE stopcock and reinforced beaded top. Column is constructed using MEDIUM WALL TUBING. Glass wool (not supplied) is used to support column packing. Lower end of the column has a round bottom.

  • BPX90 Capillary Columns


    90% Cyanopropyl Polysilphenylene-siloxane Unique bonded phase Highly Polar Thermally Stable Application areas: ideal for fast separation of fragrances, aromatics, petrochemical, pesticides, PCBs and isomers of Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (FAMEs) Operating temperatures: …

  • TraceGOLD TG-5MS AMINE GC Columns

    Thermo Scientific

    Analysis of ppm levels of amines without column priming Low polarity phase, 5% diphenyl/95% dimethyl polysiloxane Tubing surface is chemically altered to reduce tailing of active basic compounds Also allows analysis of neutral or weakly acidic compounds (e.g., phenols) and compounds…

  • Rtx-5MS—Low-Bleed GC-MS Columns (fused silica)


    low-polarity phase; Crossbond diphenyl dimethyl polysiloxane General purpose columns for drugs, solvent impurities, pesticides, hydrocarbons, PCB congeners (e.g., Aroclor mixes), essential oils, semivolatiles. Column specifically tested for low-bleed performance. Temperature range:…

  • Hypersil GOLD 5µm Columns

    Thermo Scientific

    Significant reduction in peak tailing while retaining C18 selectivity Excellent resolution, efficiency and sensitvity Confidence in the accuracy and quality of analytical data Thermo Scientific Hypersil GOLD HPLC Columns are endcapped, ultrapure, silica-based columns with exceptional…

  • FAMEWAX Columns (USP G16) (fused silica)


    polar phase; Crossbond polyethylene glycol The elution order of polyunsaturated FAMEs on FAMEWAX columns is comparable to that on other Carbowax columns, but baseline resolution is achieved in significantly less time. Application-specific columns for FAMEs, specially tested with a FAME…

  • Bulk C18

    Separation Methods Technologies

    SMT manufactures the most reliable silica based octadecyl (C18) column available in the market today. This advanced new column is very stable at a wide pH range and high temperatures. SMT utilizes a proprietary bonding scheme that allows the resulting bonded phases to perform separation of basic,…

  • Chromatographic Column, 1:5 PTFE Plug, #15 Ace-Thred

    Ace Glass

    Chromatographic column with integral reservoir and #15 Ace-Thred at top, and 2mm bore 1:5 taper PTFE plug at bottom. Column supplied with 7506-06 Nylon bushing and FETFE O-Ring. Complete item consists of column with bushing and O-Ring, and 5853-07 Tubing Connector for connecting 12.5 to 14mm O.D.…

  • SUPELCOSIL™ LC-18 HPLC Columns


    General Description A general purpose hydrophobic alkyl phase that is very retentive and gives good peak shape for a wide variety of compounds.

  • ZORBAX PrepHT Rx-SIL Columns

    Agilent Technologies

    Easy scale-up from analytical to preparative scale with ZORBAX phases Fast preparative separations, up to 2000 mg 5 to 7 µm particles for high efficiency and high yield Easy to install finger tight connections seal up to 5000 psi/350 bar High purity, high recovery and high…

  • C18 Endcapped,100g Bulk Sorbent

    Agilent Technologies

  • HS C18 120A 2um Column


  • In-Line Debubbler

    Agilent Technologies

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