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  • LED Flashlight

    United Scientific Supplies

    Plastic 6" long flashlight includes long-lasting LED illumination and lanyard. Uses two AA batteries (not included). Plastic case color may vary.

  • 80SPEC (Spectrum One 100 400)

  • A complete High Sensitivity plastic body nebulizer with Pt/Ir capillary and Viton o-rings. This nebulizer is fabricated of inert plastic materials for maximum performance and corrosion resistance. It's compatible with the PerkinElmer AAnalyst 200/400/700*/800* AA instruments. Note: The AAnalyst…

  • Diamond Tip Scribers, Straight Head

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    Sturdy scribers are in wide use throughout the laboratory. It leaves a permanent marking on virtually any surface, including metal, glass, or plastic. Each Scriber features a hexagonal aluminum pencil shaped body, mill finish, natural diamond tip and protective cap. Different styles are…

  • Precision Pin Vise Handle and Diamond Stylus

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    High precision pin vise handle is machined from the finest material, nonrolling gold-anodized aluminum, which makes it lightweight and versatile. It comes complete with a precision drawbar for positive collets chuck clamping. It features an 8mm (0.31") hexagonal barrel dimension by 100mm…

  • Note: Requires SC-Autosampler with FAST enabled

  • Rubis Wafer Tweezer, Style 2LB/4

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    Rubis Wafer Tweezers Made from SA steel with serrated handles. These tweezers are specially designed to handle different fragile and delicate materials of gallium or silicon wafers. They have a smooth polished non-glare surface with a satin finish. The tweezers have stopping pins turned up on…

  • Basic Veterninary Eye Kit

    Miltex®, an Integra company

    Kit includes: 1 #3 Scalpel Handle 1 Wire Eye Speculum 1 Eye Dressing Forceps, 4" (10.2 cm) 1 Stevens Tenotomy Scissors, Straight, 4-1/8" (10.5 cm) 1 Chalazion Forceps, 3-1/2" (8.9 cm) …

  • Dumont Tweezers Dumont produces high quality handmade tweezers, and has gained the popularity of all researchers over the years Developed in 1875 by Arnold Dumont in La Sagne, Switzerland. There is a variety of material which is used to make Dumont tweezers, is shown below: …

  • Dumont Tweezers Set in Wooden Case

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    Dumont Tweezers Set 1: This set includes all of the fine tip Dumont tweezers made from Dumoxel steel( biological grade): specifically used in the field of microscopy for all delicate and precise work. The kit includes one each of a Dumont style 3C (72680-D), style 3 (72690-D), style 5…

  • Mini Vise

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    This is the smallest vise ever. It comes complete with a clamp that allows for either table or bench-top attachment. Small 1" jaws. It weighs only 13 oz. The vise is made from cast iron with a heavy red enamel coating.

  • Inoculating Loop/Needle

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    Nichrome wire. An 8" aluminum handle with a 3" nichrome wire, 25 gauge. Loop outside diameter is 4mm. Loop inside diameter is 2.5mm. Available with a loop or a needle.

  • Dumont Tweezer Boxes

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    White varnish with logo, wood.

  • Made of nickel-plated zinc alloy, with hardened steel cutting wheels Spring-loaded, to remain open until used For tubes up to 38 mm diameter

  • Periotome Kit

    Miltex®, an Integra company

    Ideal for separating the periodontal ligament fibers from the tooth in preparation for a dental extraction. Kit includes: Quantity Description 1 Periotome, Straight, Double Ended 1 Periotome, Hatchet, Double Ended 1 …

  • General Purpose Optical Bench (GPOB)

  • Wire Gauze

    GSC International, Inc.

    Wire gauze squares are used with Bunsen burners to aid in the distribution of heat. A ceramic center helps prevent flames from coming into direct contact with the container being used. They are made of galvanized metal and have rolled edges. PRODUCT WARNINGS WARNING: This product can…

  • Lab Tools Kit

    United Scientific Supplies

    An assortment of the most commonly used lab tools available as one convenient set. Contains one each of the following: Test tube brush, spatula, crucible tongs, test tube clamp, lab scoop, and forceps.

  • Basic And Compact Tool Kits

    Specialized Products Co

    Compact Tool Kit Includes tools for most routine repairs and adjustments Small enough to fit in a briefcase or suitcase Suitable for most jobs. Compact and inexpensive enough for every lab or workstation. Includes zipper case with individual compartments for holding tools. Tools…

  • Dissecting Forceps

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    Stainless steel, straight fine point, serrated tips and a guide pin.

  • Plug-Seal Glass Bead


    Plug-Seal Glass Bead

  • Cytiva (formerly GE Healthcare Life Sciences) Type 214 grade clear fused quartz tubing. Tubing is stocked in 4ft lengths.  PLEASE NOTE: PRICE LISTED IS PER LENGTH OF 4ft TUBING.

  • Very popular tweezers Tweezers possess the highest quality These tweezers have an anti-glare satin finish All tweezers are antimagnetic/anti-acid steel-SA (otherwise, specified)

  • Grease-testing penetrometers; ASTM D217, D937. ASA Std. Z11.3.

  • Deluxe Lab Tools Kit

    United Scientific Supplies

    Convenient assortment of seven commonly used laboratory tools. Contains one each of the following items: 6-hole test tube rack, test tube brush, test tube clamp, spatula, crucible tongs, lab scoop, and forceps.

  • Plastic Forceps, with Jaw Grips

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    Plastic Forceps, with Jaw Grips All plastic. These forceps are excellent for handling hot, cold, corrosive or contaminated objects. Made from blue poly-propylene with interlocking teeth. A catch locks tips tightly for use as a clamp. Scissor type handles with double action hinges makes this…

  • Dumont Tweezers Dumont produces high quality handmade tweezers, and has gained the popularity of all researchers over the years Developed in 1875 by Arnold Dumont in La Sagne, Switzerland. There is a variety of material which is used to make Dumont tweezers, is shown below: …

  • Wooden Tweezers Holder Case

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    Made from solid wood, with brass double hinges and an elegant latch. Comes with a foam padded top and bottom to protect stored tweezers. The inside measures 5-3/4" x 4-7/8" (145 x 124mm) and it holds 5 tweezers with a maximum length of 140mm.

  • Rubis Reinforced Plastic Tweezers, Style K35A

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    Rubis Steel, Plastic, and Wafer Tweezers High-Tech Tweezers for Laboratory Requirements EMS is Proud to represent Rubis Innovations from Rubis with a clear focus on cutting-edge laboratory instruments Evolution is what the Rubis development engineers call it when they harmonize…

  • Easily remove dried-on solids from the interior walls of round bottom flasks without scratching or harming your flask! Stainless steel and PTFE for rapid sample removal Choose from seven sizes - for 100mL thru 5L round bottom flasks Laser etched as to size and part number Available…

  • This kit includes: 1% HNO3 1 x 250 mL NexION Wash Solution, 1 X 500 mL NexION Setup Solution, 1 x 250 mL NexION KED Setup Solution, 1 x 500 mL NexION 300X/D/S Cell Stability Solution, 1 x 100 mL NexION Standard/DRC Mode Detection Limit Blank Solution, 1 x 100 mL NexION Standard/DRC Mode Detection…

  • Pen-Vac™

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    Pen-Vac™ is a new improved way to handle small, flat surface objects. Beside the electronics assembly industry, jewelers, model builders etc. Pen-Vac is ideal for EM work as well. It can be used to handle grids, pick up stubs, align membranes, work with glass slides, cover slips and much…

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