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  • High Vacuum Valve, Low Hold Up, PTFE Protected, Synthware, Size: 0-4, 0-8, 0-12mm available, Side Arm OD: 9mm.

  • A 1:5 taper PTFE plug having double "V", 90º bores to connect opposite sets of adjacent arms. Configuration of stopcock allows it to be used in a system to obtain reversal of flow.

  • Valve High Vac PTFE Sz 12

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    This straight high-vacuum valve is for use in vacuum applications up to 5 x 10-7 Torr. Designed with a precision external thread for fine control Can be used as a bleed up to 1/2 turn Full open position is at 1-1/2 turns Primary seal is made with a FKM o-ring on a tapered seat …

  • Heavy-duty nylon, 3-way control with locking fittings on all ports. 

  • ORGANIC CHEMISTRY LABSET KITS, 19/22, Chemglass organic chemistry kits contain the basic glassware required to perform basic experiments such as vacuum or atmospheric distillation, reflux or reflux with addition, extraction as well as other organic experiments. Each kit contains the 14 glass items…

  • Similar to CG-476, but with the sidearms sealed at a 90º angle to each other. Precision ground and hand-lapped with corresponding numbers on barrel and plug.

  • T-Bore stopcock plugs available in borosilicate or 1:5 PTFE.

  • Plug has 1:5 taper, permitting precise control of plug tension Lubrication not required Knurled nut and washer are Teflon O-ring is Buna N synthetic rubber Plug bore x o.d. of arms appear in listings

  • Straight connecting PTFE stopcock adapter. 15MM O-Ring top joint, either a spherical or standard taper bottom joint. Comes with FETFE O-Ring.

  • Stopcock adapter, top and bottom o-ring joints, Easy Action plug,/p>

  • Valves, In-Line, Rotaflo® For vacuum or pressure work Borosilicate glass, with Teflon® stem providing chemically inert seal Require no lubrication Permit precide control of liquid or gas flow at temperatures from -40°C to +200°C Maximum vacuum 10 -8 torr…

  • 2-way and 3-way Connections This polypropylene stopcock has a detachable, watertight and inert Teflon® PTFE plug that contacts any fluid being dispensed. The barbed fitting end accepts 6.4 to 9.5mm (1/4 to 3/8") I.D. tubing. Three-way models allow connection of two or three arms. Pressure…

  • Teflon Straight Bore Stopcocks

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Complete with nut, O-ring, washer For replacement in glassware originally supplied with Teflon straight bore plugs

  • Sublimation Apparatus, Synthware, Capacity: 100 or 150mL available, Flange Size: 57 or 80mm available, supplied complete with condenser, flask, O-ring and horseshoe clamp.

  • Plug Retention Kit, Stopcock, Synthware, Stainless Steel, Multiple Plug Sizes Available.

  • For lubricating ground glass joints, glass stopcocks and valves, Tensette Pipets, and for sealing desiccators. Lubricant has low vapor pressure and resists attack by acidic and alkaline solutions. Hach products are intended for sale/shipment within the US only. International customers…

  • Stopcock, High Vacuum, Offset, Synthware, Multiple bore and plug sizes available, Stem OD: 8, 10 or 12mm available, with hollow glass plug, Precision ground with corresponding numbers on the barrel and the plug.

  • Easy action PTFE plug with hooded handle, threaded into heavy wall glass barrel, permits smooth adjustment. Arms are at 90 degree angle. Double PTFE ring seal prevents exposure of FETFE backup O-Ring to corrosive gases and liquids. Plug, with hooded ha

  • Balloon Adapters

    SP Wilmad-LabGlass

    These Air-Tite borosilicate glass adapters are designed with a T-bore stopcock for addition or venting inert atmospheres by attaching a balloon to one of two stems. Choose from different sized Standard Taper joints and plug type. IG-22 has a 4mm glass stopcock while IG-23T has a 4mm PTFE plug.

  • Stopcock, T-bore, PTFE, Synthware, Bore: 2 or 4mm available, Plug Size: 15.2/30 or 16/35 available, Stem OD: 8 or 10mm available, Stems are sealed 90 degrees apart, PTFE plug has a "T" shaped bore to connect any two or all three stems.

  • Stopcock adapter, top outer joint, bottom inner joint, glass plug. Spherical joint versions are both outer joints top and bottom.

  • 1-ARM CAPILLARY Similar to CG-424, but with one arm being made of 2mm ID capillary tubing. CAPILLARY ARMS Similar to CG-424, but with both arms being made of 2mm ID capillary tubing.

  • Distillation adapter for use with Pilot Plant reactors. Simple design collects the distillate above a PTFE stopcock with swagelok compatible take-off. Available with either one or two upper joints.

  • High Vacuum Valve Plug, Synthware, Size: 0-4, 0-8, and 0-12mm available, Stem Material: PTFE,O-rings Material: Viton.

  • High vacuum stopcock with easy action plug that has blunt, flat end instead of the tapered end supplied with 8194 or 8195. This modification means stopcock is a quick opening model versus the variable opening 8194 and 8195. Vacuums of 10-7 can be reali

  • Solid glass plug has a threaded glass snelling which accepts an assembly similar to the one supplied with standard PTFE stopcocks. This consists of a PTFE washer, PTFE nut and Viton O-ring. Assembly provides for uniform seating tension to be applied to the plug which is precision ground and…

  • Standard taper adapter with 8-425 gpi threaded top and a 2mm bore stopcock with a ptfe plug. Syringe port is supplied with a cap and septum.

  • Stopcock adapter featuring either a bent or straight hose connection and a PTFE plug.

  • Precision grade, straight thru, high vacuum stopcock. Available with a hollow or solid plug.

  • Solid glass high vacuum stopcock with the NEW Chemglass improved constant pressure retention device. This unique retaining system incorporates a glass plug having an extended snelling which accepts a stainless steel spring and clip. The spring keeps constant tension on the plug at all…

  • Stopcock adapter featuring either a bent or straight hose connection and a glass or PTFE plug. See Ace 8223 for replacement glass plug and Ace 8224-04 for PTFE plug.

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