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Gas Chromatography

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  • Glass Bubble Flow Meters

    Agilent Technologies

    Economical 10 or 100 mL These glass bubble flowmeters provide an economical way to monitor gas flow.

  • These electronic crimpers and decappers have a rechargeable 6.4-volt battery installed. The large battery allows for quick, powerful operation and a faster charge cycle, minimizing downtime. Charging the battery takes thirty minutes to two hours. The universal plug set includes U.S., European, UK,…

  • Eliminates handling costly, dangerous gas cylinders Reliable source of gas No more cylinder changing Silent operation Simple annual maintenance State-of-the-art, self contained Balston® Lab Gas Generators are a sensible alternative to old technology gas cylinders. They are cost effective…

  • Prevent small leaks from causing big problems with a Restek leak detector. Detects a broad range of gases and indicates leak severity with both an LED display and audible tone. No more waiting for a full charge—can be operated during charging or used up to 12 hours between charges.…

  • Securely holds up to 36 headspace vials (fits 6, 10, or 20 mL vials). Vials lock in rack for convenient one-handed cap removal. Openings in the bottom of each well facilitate drainage. Alphanumeric indexing on rack simplifies sample identification. Easy to clean and fully autoclavable.*…

  • Convenient stand for GC vial crimpers/decappers keeps your bench tidy and your equipment close at hand.

  • Protect your instrument and improve data quality with this powerful pair from Restek. Checking for leaks and verifying flows before you start helps you avoid costly problems later. Restek’s New Leak Detector Redesigned and better than ever, our new leak detector is an essential tool for…

  • Use to remove small septum fragments and residue from dirty glass inlet liners. Brushes are 1/8-, 3/16-, and 1/4-inch in diameter; pipe cleaner is one foot (30 cm) long.

  • UHP stainless steel regulators are the standard for ultra-high-purity and corrosion-resistant pressure regulation. They are more easily purged of atmospheric components compared to brass gas regulators, making them ideal for the most demanding applications. Stainless steel is especially useful in…

  • Choose preslit caps (available for some vials) to reduce the risk of needle bending, release vacuum from high-volume injections, and improve injection reproducibility when greater than 20% of vial volume is withdrawn.

  • Snoop® Liquid Leak Detector Non-toxic Non- flammable in liquid state Dries clean Will not collect dust Virtually odorless liquid detects leaks in hard-to-reach areas including vertical surfaces. Contains no chlorine or halogen additives.

  • Setting the column flow rate by injecting methane and optimizing linear velocity is a preferred method for establishing reproducible retention times (ASTM Method E1510-93). The kit includes a Scotty 14 cylinder containing 1% methane in helium, a MINICYL regulator, a syringe adaptor, and a package…

  • Ultra Inert Liners

    Agilent Technologies

    Agilent’s Ultra Inert liners were developed and are manufactured using a suite of tests specifically designed to ensure the highest level of liner inertness available. These Ultra Inert GC Inlet Liners are available in Split and Splitless, with and without wool. They are recommended for trace…

  • Valco fittings have been designed for the specific demands of instrumentation and manufactured with the tight tolerances and premium quality that analysts require. Connect four lines. 300 series stainless steel; stainless steel ferrules included. For 1/16" OD tubing.

  • Consistently make precise, clean, square cuts with a diamond blade Built-in magnifier to verify square cut Use with 0.25 mm ID to 0.53 mm ID tubing (0.78 mm OD maximum)

  • Mininert valves are very convenient for repetitive sampling and limit content exposure to the silicon septum. Models are available for screw-cap and crimp-top vials. The crimp-top valve for 20 mm ID glassware slides into the neck of the vial. Turn the threaded flange to secure a tight fit.

  • Available in graphite or Vespel/graphite material. Graphite Ferrules Preconditioned to eliminate outgassing High-purity, high-density graphite Smoother surface and cleaner edges than conventional graphite ferrules Contain no binders that can off-gas or adsorb analytes Stable…

  • Includes 4-inch, 6-inch, and 8-inch adjustable wrenches.

  • Oxidation-resistant, chrome-plated Use where you need to reduce the line pressure by 20 psig (138 kPa) or more Same purity protection as high-pressure cylinder regulators

  • UHP brass regulators are the best choice when using ultra-high purity carrier gas for sensitive GC applications using MS, PID, or ECD detection methods. They feature reduced internal dead volume relative to stainless steel bodies. The 316L stainless steel diaphragm valve ensures leak-free shutoff.…

  • Produces square, smooth cuts in 1/16-inch tubing Eliminates tubing distortion Cuts hard or soft copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, Monel alloy, or titanium Replaceable cutting wheel

  • Allow wrench-free column installations Available for standard (1/16") and compact (Agilent-style) ferrules Made from high-quality stainless steel

  • Oxidation-resistant, chrome-plated Use when there is secondary pressure regulation downstream Identical gas purity protection as with dual-stage gas regulators

  • Single- and dual-stage regulators and switchover systems are available with Silcosteel surface treatment. This proprietary passivation process provides excellent inertness for sulfur and mercury calibration standards and improved corrosion resistance over bare 316L stainless steel or other more…

  • Formulated from crude oil stocks known for their durability and line-lubricating qualities Use in Agilent 5973/5972/5971 and GCD mass spec systems, or in other manufacturers’ MSD systems that require rough pump oil Under average use, the oil in the foreline rough pump should be replaced…

  • Pack includes 10 large O-rings and 10 small O-rings.

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