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Gas Chromatography

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  • Inspect inside surfaces of sample cylinders or other chambers 14" reach 100,000-hour LED life

  • Glass Bubble Flow Meters

    Agilent Technologies

    Economical 10 or 100 mL These glass bubble flowmeters provide an economical way to monitor gas flow.

  • Our most popular grade of tubing. Recommended for: Chromatography applications Gas delivery systems Lower pressures Inert applications Maximum temperature of 450°C in an inert atmosphere.

  • General purpose double bank vacuum manifold with 3, 4, or 5 ports for use with vacuum and inert gas. Both tubes are 1/2” OD with serrated hose connections located on the upper left and lower right banks. Ports are 4mm high vacuum stopcocks with serrated hose connections. Ports are spaced 85mm…

  • Parker Balston’s NitroVap-1LV and NitroVap-2LV Nitrogen Generators can provide clean, ultra-dry nitrogen to sample evaporators. These systems offer high nitrogen output flows in a miniature cabinet. The user can activate the manual SLEEP economy mode to eliminate compressed air consumption…

  • Produces square, smooth cuts in 1/16-inch tubing Eliminates tubing distortion Cuts hard or soft copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, Monel alloy, or titanium Replaceable cutting wheel

  • Prevent small leaks from causing big problems with a Restek leak detector. Detects a broad range of gases and indicates leak severity with both an LED display and audible tone. No more waiting for a full charge—can be operated during charging or used up to 12 hours between charges.…

  • Racks feature alphanumeric indexing for easier vial identification. Racks can be stacked for efficient storage. Fits most 2.0 mL, 12 x 32 mm vials (vials sold separately).

  • The Gas and Vapor sampler enables spot collection of environmental gas samples or low pressure gas streams in 200cm3 impervious resealable bags. Gas and vapor collection Resealable sample bags Ideal for field analysis

  • Replacement Parts for Bioprocess Spinner Flasks

  • Snoop® Liquid Leak Detector Non-toxic Non- flammable in liquid state Dries clean Will not collect dust Virtually odorless liquid detects leaks in hard-to-reach areas including vertical surfaces. Contains no chlorine or halogen additives.

  • ADM Flow Meters

    Agilent Technologies

    Accuracy ±3% Operating temperature range: 0 to 45°C for instrument/-70 to 135°C for tubing Calibration traceable to NIST primary standards Measures flow rates from 0.5 to 1000 mL/min Split ratios ADM flowmeters allow most gas measurements with the touch of only…

  • Container, liner, and closure cleaned, assembled, and lot traceable Open-top caps PTFE faced 0.125" silicone septa Cleaned to U.S. EPA Protocol B specifications

  • The innovative design of Restek’s high power crimping tool features interchangeable jaws, so you only need one tool and can purchase crimpers and decappers in the sizes that meet your laboratory’s needs. The separate crimper and decapper jaw sets fit standard lab vial seals that are…

  • Graphite Ferrules Preconditioned to eliminate outgassing. High-purity, high-density graphite. Smoother surface and cleaner edges than conventional graphite ferrules. Contain no binders that can off-gas or adsorb analytes. Stable to 450°C. Vespel/Graphite Ferrules …

  • Unlike brass brushes that can leave a metal residue, these stainless steel tube brushes (3/8-, 3/16-, and 1/4-inch) work well for cleaning dirty collectors, injector ports, and detector ports. The surface brush can be used to remove residue that builds up on metal detector jets and electronic contacts.

  • Oxidation-resistant, chrome-plated Use where you need to reduce the line pressure by 20 psig (138 kPa) or more Same purity protection as high-pressure cylinder regulators

  • Use 1/16-inch, two-hole ferrules with the 1/16-inch capillary inlet adaptor fitting kit (cat.# 27185) Use 1/8-inch, two-hole ferrules with the 1/8-inch capillary inlet adaptor fitting kit (cat.# 20645) Vespel/Graphite Ferrules VG2, 60% Vespel/40% graphite blend offers the best…

  • Securely holds up to 36 headspace vials (fits 6, 10, or 20 mL vials). Vials lock in rack for convenient one-handed cap removal. Openings in the bottom of each well facilitate drainage. Alphanumeric indexing on rack simplifies sample identification. Easy to clean and fully autoclavable.*…

  • Three-way valves made of solid PTFE with hose nozzles. Resistant to chemicals. Very easy connection thanks to its excellent antifriction properties. Blue handles made of PP. Resistant to compression max. 1 bar Vacuum suitable up to 10 -1 mmHg Autoclavable

  • UHP stainless steel regulators are the standard for ultra-high-purity and corrosion-resistant pressure regulation. They are more easily purged of atmospheric components compared to brass gas regulators, making them ideal for the most demanding applications. Stainless steel is especially useful in…

  • Pack includes 10 large O-rings and 10 small O-rings.

  • EI (electron ionization) filaments meet or exceed original manufacturer's performance. Every filament is subjected to QC tests, including heat, electrical current, and resistance. Samples from each filament manufacturing lot are installed in an MSD for in situ testing.

  • Treated Hydroguard Deactivated Stainless Steel Tubing Hydroguard deactivation creates a high-density surface that is not readily attacked by aggressive hydrolysis. 304 Grade Stainless Steel and Seamless 316L Stainless Steel—Maximum continuous lengths are: 2,000 ft (1/16" OD),…

  • Flowmeters that can measure flammable gases are becoming mandatory due to the increased use of hydrogen in chromatography. With its Ex rating, the Restek ProFLOW 6000 meter is designed specifically with explosive and flammable gases in mind. The Restek ProFLOW 6000 is the only flowmeter you…

  • Frit for 1290 Inline Filter

    Agilent Technologies

  • Includes heating coil and oven temperature sensor. Available in 120V and 220V units.

  • Available in brass or stainless steel.

  • Kieselguhr adsorbents for column chromatography Features Naturally occurring amorphous silicic acids of fossil origin, also known as diatomaceous earth or diatomite; purified for chromatographic applications Compared to silica, kieselguhr has a small surface of low activity →…

  • Tedlar® Gas Sampling Bag


    Tedlar is recommended in several US EPA methods for sampling VOCs and sulfur compounds. Our Tedlar is made from a high-quality 2 mil Tedlar film for superior inertness, impermeability, sample integrity and good recovery data. Our Push Lock Valve (PLV) and seam-sealing process ensure that these bags…

  • Use to remove small septum fragments and residue from dirty glass inlet liners. Brushes are 1/8-, 3/16-, and 1/4-inch in diameter; pipe cleaner is one foot (30 cm) long.

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