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SmartReader UV-Vis Microplate Reader

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SmartReader UV-Vis Microplate Reader

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The Accuris SmartReader UV-Vis (model MR9610) is a welcome addition to any lab that is routinely measuring concentration or absorbance in 96 and/or 384 well plates. Through absorbance readings from both the ultraviolet and visible spectrum range, it can determine the concentration of samples, conduct positive or negative detection of antibodies and antigens, and perform nucleic acid/protein quantification in samples. The instrument’s 10-inch touch screen, intuitive software and graphical interface makes it easy to use as a standalone instrument (a separate computer and additional software is not required).

  • Intuitive, 10-inch color touch screen control panel
  • Can accept both 96 & 384 well-plates
  • Monochromator based system with wavelength range from 200 to 1000nm
  • Operates as a standalone system, with USB flash drive for data transfer
  • Read-out range: 0.0 to 4.000 Abs
  • Dual optical channels: one is used for sample detection, and the other is used for reference
  • Can perform Endpoint, Kinetic, and Spectral Scanning readings
  • Plate incubation allows for accurate and uniform temperature control (4°C to 45°C) - Top reading optical path with continual self-checking and an automatic calibration option for monochromator wavelength and plate positioning.
  • Integrated plate shaker with adjustable values for time and speed
  • Multi-user-operation friendly: data management for separate users.

The SmartReader UV-Vis is a convenient standalone reader: all the software and the programming system is incorporated into the electronics. A convenient USB port on the side allows quick and easy saving of data files to a USB drive, and the universal .csv files can then be shared or transferred to a computer for storage or further processing. A data port can be used for connecting a computer or basic printer.

The SmartReader UV-Vis comes configured with a monochromator which allows for wavelength selection between 200nm - 1000nm. Multiple wavelengths can be used to perform calculated comparisons of the sample plate.

Use the touch screen or connect a mouse for programming and operation. The menu interface allows the user to choose the wavelength filter, set shaking parameters, incubation settings, enter details of the plate layout, and choose the details for the reading protocol and data calculations.

The plate layout interface allows for quick and intuitive set up of a plate’s well contents. The display shows a graphical representation of the 96/384 well plate, and the user can label each well as required for: “known standard”, “unknown sample”, “blank well”, “QC control well”, “negative control”, “positive control”, or “empty”. The interface allows highlighting and labeling multiple wells to save time.

Measurement data is available immediately on the screen after a reading, as well as interpretations, calculated analysis and curve fittings


SmartDrop Acessory Plate for SmartReader UV-Vis:

Absorbance measurements of exceptionally small volumes (<0.5ul) can be achieved using the SmartDrop™ accessory plate. The SmartDrop plate accommodates up to 16 samples and is ideal for checking nucleic acid concentrations for Next Gen Sequencing, or protein concentrations.


SmartReader UV-Vis Microplate Reader
Model: Accuris MR9610, SmartReader UV-Vis, 115V
Control and Display:                                                                                            10- inch touch screen (800 x 480 pixels)                               
Light Source:               Xenon Flash Lamp       
Detector: Dual Silicon photelectric detectors
Wavelength range: 200 - 1000 nm with 1 nm steps
Bandwidth: <2.5 nm
Readout Range:  0~4.000 OD
Linearity (450nm): R^2 ≤ 0 .999
Precision (450nm):  CV< 0.5% precision mode; CV < 1.0% fast mode
Test Speed:  <6 sec. for 96 well plate (fast mode); <25 seconds (precision mode); <74 seconds for 384 well plate (precision mode only)
Incubator: Temp control from ambient +5°C to 45°C
Shaking:  3 modes: slow, medium, fast (linear)
User Interface:  Integrated software, touch screen control or PC control software
Storage: 16G memory, more than 10,000 test records can be stored
Ports:  3 USB ports for PC, printer, mouse and flash drive
Dimensions:  300x500x260mm / 11.8 x 19.7 x 10.25 inches
Weight:  15.5 kg / 33 lbs
SmartDrop Acessory Plate for SmartReader UV-Vis
Model: SmartDrop Accessory Plate
Sample Volume Range: <0.5ul – 5ul
Number of Samples: 16 samples (max)
Applications: Nucleic Acid Quantification, Nucleic Acid Purification, Protein Concentration

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