Petri Dish Turntable

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Petri Dish Turntable
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  • Sensorturn Turntable for Petri Dishes


    Petri dishes up to 103 mm diameter IR sensor allows user to switch the turntable on and off at any time with simple movements of the hand. High performance device features timer and variable speed control (9 to 1100 rpm) to ensure uniform and individual inoculation of the Petri dishes. In…

  • Inoculation Turntable


    …applications. Low 1 1/2" height and non-slip work surface reduces fatigue and provides better control. Compact model, 3489E20, holds standard petri dishes up to 100 mm. Larger model, 3489E23, holds plates less than 100 mm in recessed well and accommodates plates, up to 150 mm, on raised surface.

  • Inoculating Turntable


    …inoculating turntables produce almost concentric circles of bacterial colonies that are evenly distributed across petri dishes. Cast iron turntables are coated with gray baked acrylic enamel. The 76 mm (3") high, small turntable accommodates 100 mm petri dishes. It has a tripod…

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