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  • Used with distilling head to enable operator to determine reflux ratios and take-offs. Described in Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Volume 14, No. 11, Page 902, Nov. 15, 1942.

  • With hollow plug, for connecting either the right or left outlet with the bottom outlet.

  • Straight connecting PTFE stopcock adapter. 15MM O-Ring top joint, either a spherical or standard taper bottom joint. Comes with FETFE O-Ring.

  • High vacuum stopcock with arms at 90 degree with variable openings from 0-3mm to 0-15mm. An ultimate vacuum of 10-7 can be realized with the standard three O-Rings. Smooth acting semi-needle valve permits fine adjustment of opening. Plugs available in

  • Used to regulate and measure flows, all working parts and indicia are visible, meter readings are unobstructed; the outlet swivels 360 degrees. Pressure tight to 2Kg/cm2 or more (air). Flow rates from 5 to 50L/minute air or 0.1 to 500cc/min water. Each tube is furnished with either a 316 stainless…

  • A ruggedly constructed stopcock with solid glass plug and tapered flange which insures maximum strength at the seal. Bore of side arms is equal to or slightly larger than bores of plug on all sizes. For plugs, see 8223.

  • Stopcock adapter featuring either a bent or straight hose connection and a glass plug.

  • Precision grade with T-Bore hollow or solid plug.

  • Stopcock adapter, top outer joint, bottom inner joint, PTFE plug. Spherical joint versions are both outer joints top and bottom.

  • Precision grade, with 3-way oblique stopcock. Available with oblique bore hollow or solid plug. Plug has hole to permit evacuation of the lower chamber and prevents leakage through the bottom.

  • High pressure straight bore stopcock with solid plug.

  • PTFE stopcock valve, 2-way, one 1/4 inch male luer port and one 1/4 inch male NPT port, 0.046 orifice. PTFE valve used with NPT fittings. Various ends available (male and female NPT, luer, 1/4" tube and 1/4"-28 UNF). IPS PTFE Stopcocks made of virgin PTFE. Compression ferrules made of virgin PTFE.…

  • Straight connecting adapter, 4mm glass plug stopcock, 15mm O-Ring top joint and either a spherical joint or an inner standard taper joint on the bottom.

  • Air-sensitive sample handling adapter features either a glass or PTFE t-bore stopcock, standard taper joint and septum port arms. Supplied with two septa, Ace 9096 family.

  • 3-way stopcock with T-bored solid glass plug. See Ace 8228 family for replacement plugs.

  • Distillation adapter for use with Pilot Plant reactors. Simple design collects the distillate above a PTFE stopcock with swagelok compatible take-off. Available with either one or two upper joints.

  • High vacuum stopcock with easy action plug that has blunt, flat end instead of the tapered end supplied with 8194 or 8195. This modification means stopcock is a quick opening model versus the variable opening 8194 and 8195. Vacuums of 10-7 can be reali

  • With 120 degree bore, solid plug.

  • Stopcock adapter featuring either a bent or straight hose connection and a PTFE plug.

  • Oblique bore with polished barrels. For plug only, see 8226.

  • With solid plug. For plug only, see 8226.

  • Straight connecting PTFE stopcock adapter with standard taper joints. Bottom joint connection has an inner drip tip tube.

  • Oblique bore stopcock with vacuum cup at bottom. Available with a hollow or solid plug.

  • Adapter, Sampling

    Ace Glass

    With standard taper 24/40 joints and 1:5 solid PTFE stopcock plug connected to side of apron for removing distillate or sample. Plug bore is 2mm. Approximate capacity 125mL. Code -04 has #7 Ace-Thred after stopcock, code -29 has plain tubing.

  • Claisen adapter. Center tube has 10/30 outer top for 76mm immersion thermometer and a 24/40 inner bottom. 75 degree take-off arm with 24/40 outer top and 24/40 inner stopcock side arm. Available with glass or PTFE stopcock plug.

  • 1:5 PTFE straight bore stopcock plugs

  • Three-way high pressure T-bore stopcock with solid plug.

  • Stopcock adapter, inner joint bottom, #15 top, stopcock side arm with PTFE plug and hose connection end. With a #15 nylon bushing, 7506-06, adapter can accomodate 12.5 to 14mm electrodes, finger consensers, etc. Suitable for vacuum work. See 7855-716 f

  • With polished barrels. For plug, see 8228, PTFE plug.

  • Pressure gauges for monitoring pressure in several pieces of apparatus such as pressure vessels, pressure reactors & chromatography columns. Pressure ranges vary from 0-60psi and up to 0-400psi. Gauges have different NPT end fittings and internal materials, as well as various dial ranges. Some come…

  • High vacuum stopcock with hollow plug for right angle connection.

  • High vacuum stopcock with hollow plug, for horizontal connections.

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