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  • Replacement vapor duct tube for Buchi rotary evaporators. The 45mm length fits V assemblies and the 160mm length fits A assemblies. End joints are available in [ST] 29/32, [ST] 24/40, or [ST] 29/42 inner. The middle joint is tooled to fit the specific rotary evaporator for which it was designed.…

  • This easy-to-apply plastic coating forms a protective film around the outside of a glass component. It will normally contain both the glass particles and the materials inside the vessel should the glass vessel break during an experiment. This is a hard, adherent film and is resistant to leaching…

  • Ace Glass pressure tubes and bottles are the premier glass pressure vessels in the industry. Flat-bottomed bottles are rated at 60psi at room temperature while our tubes are rated at 150psi at as much as 120 degrees C. Due to varying conditions, Ace ca

  • With return line to allow excess solvent to return to boiling flask. Suitable for ASTM D 95 and E 123. Joints are 24/40.

  • Angled offset adapter with outer joint on top and inner joint on bottom. For use with heads having 10 degree side necks, transitioning to 90 degrees.

  • Two sizes, both featuring an O-Ring sealed, greaseless flange with 6517 Quick Release Clamp. Top flange is ground flat, bottom mating flange has an O-Ring groove for a CAPFE O-Ring (PTFE encapsulated silicone), held tightly together via a quick release clamp. Size 60 is 200mm high x 60mm I.D.; uses…

  • Floating ball type, 24/40 joints, each section is approximatly 51mm long.

  • This bushing adapter has a male Ace-Thred connection at bottom and a female NPT thread drilled into the center of the top of the bushing. The top FNPT connection matches male Swagelok fittings and facilitates joining plastic or metal tubing to Ace-Thred glass fittings and adapters. This adapter is…

  • PTFE Adapter

    Ace Glass

    PTFE adapter from one standard taper joint size to another.

  • Versatile, for use as a solvent recovery still for azeotropic separations of solvents, either heavier or lighter than water. As a solvent recovery unit, the lower 4mm PTFE double oblique stopcock permits total return to flask, total takeoff, and total storage in the 500mL graduated receiver. Bottom…

  • Thermometer Holder

    Ace Glass

    Used in various Mini-Lab assemblies to hold standard chemical thermometer.

  • Sweep elbow available in 22.5, 45, 60,and 90 degree angles.

  • Jacketed quartz immersion well for use with our 7825 series lamps within our 6962,7863,7864,7865 & 7891 series reactors. Codes -23 & -35 feature a small diameter quartz inner feed tube to ensure the flow of coolant from the bottom of the well up to the outlet. Codes -26 & -38 feature a PTFE inner…

  • Porous fritted glass filter stick used to fabricate gas dispersion tubes. Measures 10mm O.D. x 20mm long, hollow at one end. Packed 6 per package. Minimum order, one package.

  • Transition adapter to convert a spherical ball or socket 2 joint to a standard taper inner joint.

  • Medium length joints available in a variety of sizes both inner and outer members.

  • Fabricated from 18-8 type Stainless Steel No. 303 free machining. Inside diameter the same as our glass joints, 7655, and are fully interchangeable. Can also be supplied from other metals, made to order. Shanks are machined for thread sizes listed, and are available not threaded or machined with…

  • Used to make a vent to the atmosphere. May also be used with mercury when adequate ventilation is available. Reservoir head prevents oil from being sucked back into the system. With 8mm O.D. tubing connections. Volume approximately 40mL below side arm.

  • Glass, jacketed reaction vessel design for use with our 7874 quartz and 7875 glass immersion wells. Instead of a standard taper joint, this reactor utilizes a height-adjustable, non-freezing #50 Ace-Thred. Also featured, a 14/20 angled joint for a sparger tube, a 24/40 vertical joint for a…

  • Outer standard taper joint at angle of 105 degree. Used with distillation set-ups. With long stem. Hose connection opposite joint. Stem below joint is 175mm.

  • Tooled with groove to take O-Ring and provide greaseless, vacuum tight connection. All joints are held together with our 7669 family of pinch clamps, except for code -18 for which we use our 6509-03 two-piece clamp. O-rings are Fetfe and may be used up to 230 degrees C. Each joint is supplied with…

  • Heidolph accessories including circulating condensor, two-stage diaphragm vacuum pump, vapor tube, guard hood, guard shield, sensors, remote control, foam break adaptor, Woulff bottle, condensate cooler, and powder flasks, etc.

  • Microscale bent capillary gas delivery tube for transferring gases generated during reactions to storage containers, such as 9588 Sampling Reservoir. With inner joint.

  • Adapters for joining jacketed reactor ball joint inlet/outlets to recirculator hoses. 28/15 and 35/25 sockets with various Ace-thred and tube ends.

  • Quartz immersion well, triple-walled, 60/40 inner joint for use in our 7841 and 7844 series photochemical reactor bodies. Designed for low temperature reactions cooled up to -78 degrees C. The outer two walls are permanently sealed and evacuated. The inner removable tube set consists of one each…

  • With standard taper joints and indentations to support packing. Length in centimeters refers to the length from the packing support to the bottom of the outer ground joint.,/p>

  • High performance, low cost, effective in separating low-boiling liquid mixtures with volumes in 0.5 - 5mL range. 2.5" micro-distillation column separates close-boiling mixtures utilizing a PTFE band uniquely driven by an attached magnet. Complete assembly features either 10/10 joints, code -43, or…

  • Septa, Rubber

    Ace Glass

    Septa tops are flanged with a sleeve-like extension that folds down over the vessel's neck. Punctured diaphragm re-seals after syringe is withdrawn. Septa are supplied in a variety of sizes, red, white or grey rubber.

  • With standard taper inner joint at bottom and outer joint at top. Graduated to 125mL in 1mL subdivisions.

  • Designed for small quantities where holdup between flask and receiver must be minimized, but where it is also desired to measure vapor temperature with the accuracy of larger setups. Still body is available with or without vacuum jacket and with vigreu

  • For use in any reaction where there is a change in volume. Described in Experiments in Physical Chemistry, Shoemaker & Garland, 1962, by McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc. Experiment 27. Capacity of bath is 75mL, bulb 50mL, with capillary tube graduated from 0.0cm at bottom to 15.0cm at top. I.D.…

  • Process pipe, short radius elbow, 90 degree.

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