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  • Straight connecting adapter with standard taper inner joints at both ends. Various lengths.

  • Floating ball type, 24/40 joints, each section is approximatly 51mm long.

  • Standard taper outer ground joints with external thread for making an O-RING-CAP SEAL connection with mating 7608 inner joint. Used in fabricating ACE Microscale Glassware. Joints not supplied with cap or O-Ring, see 9590 and 7855.

  • Adapter, Claisen

    Ace Glass

    With glass stopcock plug on lower side arm. Top joint on center tube is 10/30 for 76mm immersion thermometer. Other joint is 14/20. Take-off arm is at 75 degree angle to the vertical. Plugs are 2mm bore.

  • Sampling adapter available with 14/20 or 24/40 joint at bottom and two septum at top for handling air-sensitive materials. Supplied with two septa. For extra septa, order 9096-32.

  • Used to make a vent to the atmosphere. May also be used with mercury when adequate ventilation is available. Reservoir head prevents oil from being sucked back into the system. With 8mm O.D. tubing connections. Volume approximately 40mL below side arm.

  • End tooled to accept rubber stopper septum. Used on Chromatographic Columns. Overall length 15cm, opening is 5mm. Rubber septum listed below. Socket also works well with 12898 Septum, see Division II.

  • When attached to the top of Snyder Column, unit is designed to recover solvent normally lost during Kuderna-Danish Evaporative Concentrations. PTFE stopcock (1:5, 2mm bore) provides option for total reflux or takeoff. #7 Ace-Thred on side arm accepts tubing 6 - 7mm O.D. 5029-10 Nylon bushing and…

  • For connecting distilling column with vertical condensers. Top joint 10/30 is for 76 mm immersion thermometer. Side arm at 75 degree , vertical side arm 17.8cm from center tube.

  • Connecting adapter with top female and bottom male standard taper joints.

  • Designed to go from angled flask side joints to vertical position.

  • Twin adapter features two Ace-Thred top openings and a standard taper inner joint bottom. With the supplied nylon bushings, two tubes or a thermometer and bleed tube can be inserted through the same joint. The 24/25 medium length joint is compatible wi

  • Three way, Y shaped adapter. 2-outer standard taper joints, 1-inner standard taper joint. All three the same size. Great for joining flasks and other components for Schlenk lines.

  • Complete reaction assembly utilizing an Ace-Thred instead of a ground joint for improved immersion well / cooling tube seal. Features a 14/20 angled joint for sparger tube, 24/40 vertical joint for a condenser and a #7 Ace-Thred thermometer joint. Actual working volumes are 40 to 50% of stated…

  • Complete filter reactor assembly allows single or multi-step reactions and filtrations in the same vessel. Features heavy wall glass, interchangeable filters, mechanical agitation and 4" or 6" Duran flanges. Available capacities from 150ml to 6000ml. P

  • Adapter, U

    Ace Glass

    Connecting adapter, U-shaped, with spherical joints at both ends.

  • Adapter, Additive

    Ace Glass

    Graduated separatory funnel with 1:5 solid PTFE stopcock plug and dropping bulb. Capacity 50mL, in 1mL subdivisions. Plug bore is 2mm.

  • With standard taper inner joint and twin hose connections opposite each other. Normally used with 6620 Reflux Apparatus to allow inert gas flow over top of apparatus to maintain oxygen free system. Hose connection is size C.

  • Adapter, standard taper joint, 13mm OD center tube with bead,6mm OD tube end side arm.

  • Process pipe reducing tee.

  • Adapter with ground joint at bottom and either a #11, #15, #25 or #36 Ace-Thred at top.,/p>

  • Medium length joints available in a variety of sizes both inner and outer members.

  • Ace Glass universal pilot plant / circulator adapters and fittings designed for use with various manufacturer's circulators and our reaction systems.

  • Glass, jacketed reaction vessel design for use with our 7874 quartz and 7875 glass immersion wells. Instead of a standard taper joint, this reactor utilizes a height-adjustable, non-freezing #50 Ace-Thred. Also featured, a 14/20 angled joint for a sparger tube, a 24/40 vertical joint for a…

  • Used for the removal of solvents or other volatiles by vacuum distillation at ambient temperature. When used with Schlenk reaction Vessel, No. 7756, the trap prevents excessive loss of solution in the event of a bump. The distillate is collected in a No. 9477 pear shaped flask or other suitable…

  • Cylindrical vessel with a 2mm bore PTFE stopcock at top, GPI threaded angled side port, & #15 Ace-Thred at bottom that accepts a PTFE adapter with removable Por. C glass filter disc & a PTFE shut-off valve. PTFE adapter has front type seal using a CAPFE O-Ring to make a compression seal in the #15…

  • With standard taper joints, one 14/20 outer and one 14/35 inner or one 24/25 outer and one 24/40 inner.

  • Adapter, Gas Inlet

    Ace Glass

    With 24/40 standard taper inner and outer joints and side hose connection size D.

  • Sampling adapter with joint at bottom and two septum at top for handling air-sensitive materials. Supplied with two septa.

  • With return line to allow excess solvent to return to boiling flask. Suitable for ASTM D 95 and E 123. Joints are 24/40.

  • With standard taper 24/40 joint and 8mm O.D. outlet tube bent at 75 degree angle.

  • Straight adapter with the addition of a 75 degree side arm. Bottom and side are inner joints, outer joint top.

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