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  • Vacuum trap system protects gauge heads, like our 14034, and pumps from corrosive vapors and particle fouling. System consists of a Dewar flask, cold trap and inlet arm. High-vacuum stopcocks are used throughout. Gauge & inlet arm are Ace-Thred connections. Pump & manifold connections are o-ring joints.

  • With standard taper inner joint at bottom and outer joint at top. Graduated to 125mL in 1mL subdivisions.

  • Condenser, Allihn

    Ace Glass

    Bulb type, approximately one bulb per 50 mm, with various joint sizes at bottom and top. Available with hose barbs or Ace-Safe connectors.,/p>

  • Adapter, U

    Ace Glass

    Connecting adapter, U-shaped, with spherical joints at both ends.

  • With 24/40 standard taper joint at top and a 2 mm bore stopcock at the bottom.

  • Ace Glass pressure tubes and bottles are the premier glass pressure vessels in the industry. Flat-bottomed bottles are rated at 60psi at room temperature while our tubes are rated at 150psi at as much as 120 degrees C. Due to varying conditions, Ace ca

  • Flask, Single Neck

    Ace Glass

    Round bottom flask with a single neck. Available in heavy wall.

  • Schlenk style reaction tube for vacuum and No-Air applications. Available in many capacities, joint sizes and side arm configurations including a glass stopcock, 0-3 inlet valve or a 0-4 Hi-Vac valve.

  • The Dounce type, glass tissue grinder is supplied with two glass pestles; one with a tight inner tolernace and one with a loose inner tolernace. The loose pestle can be used for initial reduction of the tissue sample and the tight pestle can be used to fine grind the tissue and complete the homogenation.

  • Borosilicate glass filtration apparatus accomodates 47mm diameter membrane filters. The new design utilizes a nylon Ace-Thred adapter to join the glass funnel, filter flask and fritted disc together. This design eliminates the need for the clamping device, stopper and base piece. The unit is easy…

  • Nephelo culture flask with side port and angled side arm cuvette for standard Nephelometers and spectrophotometers. Supplied with 38-430 phenolic top cap and 18-415 clean-out port cap.

  • Basic MICRO/MINI-LAB KIT, Deluxe MICRO/MINI- LAB KIT's. Basic kit will do the majority of experiments in Organic Laboratory Tech-niques, Deluxe kits will do all experiments. Kits come with variety of components such as vials, condensers, tubes, the NEW Hickman-Hinkle spinning distillation…

  • Tall, heavy-walled glass vessels coated with Instatherm® to accommodate larger and taller vessels. A thermocouple well is imbedded in the insulation. Designed to operate at up to 250 degrees C. Do not run dry or above max voltage. Bare, flat bottom suitable for use with magnetic stirrers. All…

  • Used in phosphorus determination according to Ind. & Engr. Chem., Anal. Ed., Vol 9, page 524. Receiver capacity 5mL, graduated in 0.05 mL subdivisions. Upper joint is standard taper 24/40, side arm joint, standard taper 45/50.

  • Automatic, adjustable pressure release valve for safer operation of pilot plant or other assemblies where the pressure is of great concern. The tension on the stainless steel spring determines the amount of pressure needed to force the lower piece open. With the spring supplied, the range is 15-50…

  • Used in ASTM Method D 1601. A test for Dilute Solution Viscosity of Ethylene Polymers at 130 degree C. It is applicable to a reasonably wide spectrum of ethylene polymers having densities from 0.913 to 0.970g/cc. Available in capillary sizes .6, .7, and .8mm.

  • Tube only, for use with extraction flask 9451.

  • Used for sampling air volumes at low jet velocity. Bottle joint is 24/40. Stopper uses #7 Ace-Safe removable hose connections for easy connect/disconnect. Impinger nozzle calibrated to deliver 0.09 to 0.11 CFM at 30.5cm (12") H2O vacuum. Bubbler nozzle has sintered glass filter, porosity A…

  • Inside diameter tolerance of 0.0004", Trubore, a trademark of Ace Glass Incorporated, stands for precision bore tubing of the highest quality, maintained by production techniques, careful selection of raw materials, and step-by-step quality control. Trubore tubing is used in ACE items such as our…

  • Borosilicate glass filtration apparatus accomodates 75mm membrane filters. The new design utilizes a PTFE Ace-Thred adapter to join the glass funnel, filter flask and fritted disc together. This design eliminates the need for the clamping device, stopper and base. The unit is easy to assemble,…

  • Buret, Dispensing

    Ace Glass

    Laboratory grade.

  • PTFE full length stoppers, 24/40 size is solid; 45/50 is hollowed from top, bottom closed.

  • Side operated screw feed instrument for addition of powders and solids, up to 25 mesh, to reactions without problems of seizing or binding. Features a flexible PTFE screw thread wrapped on a precision PTFE-ceramic shaft and contained within a precision bore housing.This offers a unique flexibility…

  • Fills and pours automatically, rapidly. One head for all capacities, all volumes. Short tipping angle, interchangeable volumetric bulbs give reproducable volumes. Bulb joint is 14/20, head and flask 29/42. Complete apparatus consists of head, flask, volumetric bulb, clip, two 19mm (3/4-in) springs,…

  • Heads with four necks, three inline standard taper joints and one perpendicular #7 Ace-Thred™ thermometer joint. Included 5029 nylon bushing & FETFE o-ring permits vertical adjustment of 6-7mm OD thermometers. Use with our 6504,6511 & 6516 reaction vessels that feature either a 137 x 100mm ID…

  • Test tube with interchangeable stopper; 24/40 stopper is hollow, other two solid.

  • Pressure Tubes

    Ace Glass

    Ace Glass pressure tubes are the premier glass pressure vessels in the industry. our tubes are rated at 150psi at as much as 120 degrees C. Due to varying conditions, Ace cannot guarantee glass vessels from breakage under pressure. Observe all laboratory safety procedures including working behind a shield.

  • Thomas No. 1165L75, 1165L76, 1165L77, 1165L78, 1165L79, 1165L80 Redesigned, modular Kilo scale reactor support stand Thomas No. 1165L81 Bracing set to further strengthen the Universal Stand²against the weight of our explosion proof motor. Set²consists of two braces. …

  • Used for the removal of solvents or other volatiles by vacuum distillation at ambient temperature. When used with Schlenk reaction Vessel, No. 7756, the trap prevents excessive loss of solution in the event of a bump. The distillate is collected in a No. 9477 pear shaped flask or other suitable…

  • Cylindrical, heavy-wall reaction flask with an integral fritted disc. Flask has flat flange top with an o-ring groove. For heads see 6528, 6529 and 6530 series. Can be used with 6517 quick clamp or two piece clamp. Bottom outlet tube.

  • Dry Ice Trap, Twin

    Ace Glass

    Twin chambered dry ice condenser-trap similar to 8748 except dry ice finger condensers in this unit are NOT removable. Ports at top for connecting to Rotary Evaporator and to vacuum source are 3/8" O.D. Condensate stopcock at bottom is 4mm PTFE, 90 degree bore, that allows draining each chamber…

  • Microscale, heavy wall reaction vial with standard taper outer joint externally threaded at opening to allow an o-ring cap seal connection with mating male joints. This connection type eliminates the need for clamps while offering the positive, leak-tight seal of ground glass joints. Vials include…

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