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  • Upright Freezer Drawer Racks

    Crystal Technologies

    For Matrix:  1,0ml Screw Top Latch Rack (H=2 1/8"/54.8mm)   For Micronic:  Roborack 96 with High Cover (H=2 1/4"/56.1mm)   For Fluidx:  96 Format Tube with Protective Jacket and Tall Profile Lid (H= 2 3/16"/55mm)  24 Format Racks (H= 2…

  • 96-well rack is ideal for the storage and handling of Axygen 0.2mL and 0.5mL PCR tubes Fluorescent color: blue, green, violet, red, yellow Made of polypropylene Lids included Durable, chemically inert, and can withstand extended duration at sub-zero temperatures 5 Racks/Unit; 5 Units/Case

  • Autoclavable polypropylene (PP) Heavy-duty construction is durable and chemical resistant Multiple colors available for benchtop organization at a glance Versatile design accommodates different tube sizes on each side The four sides hold the following tubes: Eight – 50mL or 30mm…

  • Produced from polypropylene (PP) Autoclavable Excellent rack for benchtop use or freezer storage.   Excellent chemical & temperature resistance   96 Well rack capacities - 96-place for 1.5 & 2.0mL tubes - 96-place for 0.5 & 0.2mL tubes   96 Well…

  • Fully autoclavable Molded from reinforced nylon for strength and durability with no coatings to chip, peel, or rust Single piece, three tier grid design for secure and stable racking of tubes Good temperature and chemical resistance to withstand a variety of lab procedures Large, flat…

  • Resists most aqueous solutions, acids and bases Steam sterilizable Can be used from -45° C to 110° C Centering ring holds bottle from wall Large carrier accommodates 2.5 L and 4 L bottles. Small carrier accommodates 500 mL and 1,000 mL bottles. Made from a unique, high performance,…

  • Wire Urine Container Rack

    Heathrow Scientific

    Durable racks for transport or sample handling Ideal for urine containers up to 58 mm dia Slotted bottom Mesh bottom support Chemically-resistant epoxy-coated steel wire racks Autoclavable

  • Steel Bottle Carriers

    Globe Scientific

    Produced from polyamide coated steel Offers better heat and chemical resistance than other coatings Ideal for safely carrying up to six bottles or wash bottles

  • Blue anodized aluminum blocks hold tubes upright and promote conduction of heat or cold from the Temp-Zone area on selected models of Purifier Cell Logic Biosafety Cabinets to help maintain sample temperature. Rack holds 4 conical 50 mL tubes

  • Rotating Wash Bottle Holder (H0382): Stay mobile with the Rotating Wash Bottle Holder; The sturdy handle provides comfort and control; Holds bottles up to 3” in diameter; Polycarbonate construction Rotating Two-Tier Lab Depot (H0381): Holds up to four wash bottles; Rotates 360° degrees;…

  • Stainless Steel Test Tube Rack

    United Scientific Supplies

    Sturdy Z-shaped rack made from a single sheet of heavy gauge Stainless 304. Rack features 25 wells in 5 rows, for tubes up to 16mm in diameter. Polished, smooth surface facilitates easy cleaning and labeling.

  • Floating Foam Tube Racks

    Heathrow Scientific

    Float in small baths as well as large vessels Brightly-colored, high-density polyethylene foam racks are ideal for floating tubes in water baths, tubs, or beakers. Closed-cell foam resists water absorption so racks can be washed and reused. The blue round rack features unique…

  • Vial Racks, PP

    United Scientific Supplies

    Sturdy, economical, and convenient racks for samples stored in vials. Autoclavabale at 120°C for 20 minutes. Can be stacked when not filled, for easy storage. Each well features a drainage hole at the bottom.

  • Microtube Storage Box

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Bottom is of white polycarbonate with a permanent foam insert; lid is of clear polycarbonate Insert can accommodate up to fifty 1.5 mL microtubes. Usable temperature range -150° to +121°C. Gridded lid permits easy inventory control and can be written on with marker for box and tube…

  • Rotating Wash Bottle Holder (H0382): Stay mobile with the Rotating Wash Bottle Holder; The sturdy handle provides comfort and control; Holds bottles up to 3” in diameter; Polycarbonate construction Rotating Two-Tier Lab Depot (H0381): Holds up to four wash bottles; Rotates 360° degrees;…

  • Excellent space-savers for use in water baths, laminar flow hoods, fume hoods or any place where space is limited. Choice of three colors: orange for biohazard warning, green and blue for general lab use. Chemical and corrosion-resistant steel wire racks are coated with heat-cured epoxy …

  • Increased spacing allows the user to pipet samples or attach caps without removing the vials from the rack. Available 5 per case.

  • For Matrix: 500ul Screw Top Latch Rack (H=1 3/4"/44.32mm)  0.75ml Latch Rack (H= 1 1/2"/39.37mm)  For Fluidx: 384 Format Rack for Square Tube (H=9/16"/14.4mm, each compartment holds 3 racks)  Low Profile 96 Format Rack for 0.5ml and 0.75ml Tube with Tall Profile Lid…

  • Labcon 16 or 36 Place Freezer Storage Boxes for 50mL and 15mL Centrifuge Tubes. These boxes are designed to hold 50mL or 15mL tubes and are perfect for long term storage of frozen samples. They include a white upper body that can be easily labeled with a lab marker, a numerical reference grid, and…

  • Upright Freezer Drawer Rack for 100 Cell Hinged Plastic Boxes, Holds 16 Boxes

  • Upright Freezer Drawer Rack for 3mL Blood Sample Tubes, 2 Drawers, 180 Tubes

  • 28-Place Holds 28 pipets in vertical position Pipets fit into 2 discs connected by central support column Upper disc has 10 holes, 14 mm in diameter and 18 holes, 11 mm in diameter Lower disc has 28 holes, 4 mm in diameter to support pipet tips Overall height 7"; diameter 7"H …

  • Four angled compartments protect and organize glass or plastic serological pipets Durable ABS construction for scratch resistance and easy cleaning Strong magnets on both sides for secure mounting to most metal surfaces Rack can stand on flat surface without mounting Two included…

  • Mega Max-100 Cryostore Box

    Thermo Scientific Nunc

    For storage in mechanical and liquid nitrogen freezers Molded polycarbonate box for 3.6 to 4 mL cryovials with a removable divider for 100 vials and labels Fits standard three-inch racks and inventory systems Doubles as a water-bath rack, which saves bench time, tube transfer and…

  • Aluminum Test Tube Baskets

    Heathrow Scientific

    Ideal for washing and storing test tubes Use these lightweight yet strong baskets with mechanical washers and autoclaves. Durable construction will withstand repeated use in the lab.

  • Upright Freezer Drawer Rack for 96/384 well microtiter plates, 4 drawer, capacity 60 with lids/80 without lids 18 x 9 11/16 x 5 7/16" (L x H x W)

  • Centrifuge Tube Racks

    NEST Scientific USA

    Polypropolyne material Individually wrapped Can be assemble or disassembled

  • Made of stainless steel without any plastic coating, this universal rack holds all types of pipettors including the Gilson Pipetman®. Five positions, sloping back and open front notches hold the pipettors Suitable for free standing on a bench top

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