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Ace Glass Clamps/Supports

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  • Open ring supports with long extension arms for supporting glassware from the bottom, such as separatory funnels and powder funnels. PVC coated ring also protects glass from scratching. Long extension arms allow for easier connection to labframes or stands.

  • Support stand assembly for bench scale size Chromatography columns. "H" shaped base stand and 122cm high stainless steel rod gives great stability for the larger bench scale columns. Stand comes complete with base, rod, support plate with hole, clamp holder, chain clamp and cork ring.

  • Stainless steel, four post support stand for large scale chromatography columns. Each stand is designed to fit either 24", 48" or 72" length glass columns. Each stand has a PTFE collar at the bottom and an adjustable stainless steel collar at the top to support the column. All stands have locking…

  • Lab stand support shelf fits any stand with up to 5/8"od rod. Stand measures 7 x 10" and is available with or without 4" rubber-bordered center hole. Manufactued from light, cast aluminum and epoxy coated. Rod mounted codes -04 & -06 feature a 5/8in OD x 12in long stainless rod with a through hole…

  • Thomas No. 1165L75, 1165L76, 1165L77, 1165L78, 1165L79, 1165L80 Redesigned, modular Kilo scale reactor support stand Thomas No. 1165L81 Bracing set to further strengthen the Universal Stand²against the weight of our explosion proof motor. Set²consists of two braces. …

  • 7837-75 universal, small reactor stand accomodates 250-1000ml vessels through the use of 7837 series PTFE inserts. Manufactured of powder coated aluminum, our stand may be used with our 7840,7841,7844,7861, 7863,7864 and 7865 jacketed and unjacketed reactors. Stand is 27cm high. 7837 code -50 and…

  • Ace Glass

    Tripod support for bottom of Ion-exchange columns. Metal support has hole large enough for end fitting to pass through so that shoulder of column rests on plate. Column should also be stabilized with a clamp such as 11079. For use only with 100mm and 150mm diameter columns. Height, 14".

  • Used with 11065 versatile jaw type clamp to secure condenser, etc., on 6472 Pilot Plant Reactor. Holder clamps to 1 bar on frame of Reactor; 11065 Clamp is held in clamp holder with thumb screw. Fabricated of aluminum, painted black. For clamp, see 11065-04. New add-on 1/2" hole for vertical…

  • Stand assembly for 1L to 6L bench reactors. Fits both filter and pressure reactor styles as well as standard round bottom flasks. It will accomodate flasks with or without bottom valves. The motor mount raises and lowers as does the flask support system. This aids in aligning the flask, motor and…

  • All stainless steel support stand. Heavy base (6 lbs) can accomodate vessels up to 18" in diameter. Available with either 28" or 36" high 5/8" diameter support rods fastened to the base with lock nuts. Two additional threaded holes in the base will accept extra support rods. For…

  • Useful for supporting column, flasks, dishes, etc. Shaped with internal bevel.

  • Heidolph RZR 1 overhead stirrer with tools and accessories features 2 gears delivering 280 to 2200rpm with analog control. 115v 60Hz input motor is high torque, up to 100Ncm. Use code -32 stir shaft for slow speed, up to 250rpm and code -34 shaft for speeds up to 2200rpm. Universal stand and clamp…

  • Stainless Steel Quick Release clamp for use with two-piece Pressure Reaction Flasks and Heads with Duran flanges. Available with or without rod for clamping to support frame. Note: Ensure proper bottom support for your reactor, the clamp is only recommended for stabilization, not support.

  • Positive, two-piece clamp for securing flat flanges as found on our 6504,6511 & 6516 reaction flasks. Powder coated, high strength aluminum clamp features three brass tilting bolts which will swing freely away from the top piece upon loosening the secu

  • Support stand for larger columns with #50 or #80 Ace-Threds. Supplied with heavy U shaped base, two support rods 5/8" diameter by 29 long and one rod 5/8" by 5' long. Three threaded holes are in base legs to accommodate rods. Complete unit consists of Stainless Steel U shaped base, one 5/8 x 5'…

  • Bolt latch clamp secures the top of Scale-Up Series™ reaction flask to our stand.

  • Ace Glass

    NW flange gasket available in either Viton (-26 to 240 degrees C) or flurosilicone (-60 to 180 degrees C) o-ring with a PTFE outer liner. Both materials are compatible with almost all heat transfer fluids. Maximum pressure 2 bar and vacuum to 10E-9. Please contact Ace Glass Technical Services for…

  • Fiberglass support rods, 13mm (1/2") O.D., for use in place of aluminum rods that pit or become unsightly when used in corrosive atmosphere. Off-white or black color of these rods lends a more attractive appearance to lab setups. For use with all standard laboratory connectors.

  • Two-piece clamp joins head to flask on 6469 portable reactor assemblies.

  • Two-piece unfinished aluminum clamp with PTFE gaskets and brass tightening bolts. Code -03 fits our 7646-18 75mm o-ring joint and our 7519 (76mm) filter support assembly. Code -05 fits our 7519 (102mm) filter support assembly and our 6504 kettles with

  • Ace Glass

    Heavy duty clamp secures our 9810-24 power supply's converter to 1/2in to 5/8in support rod. Made from aluminum and anodized black.

  • One-piece clamp for securing flat flanges as found on our 6504,6511 & 6516 reaction kettles. Powder coated, high strength aluminum clamp features three brass, stainless steel spring-loaded lugs with nylon knobs which quickly secure the assembly when pi

  • 303 stainless steel support rods, 13mm (1/2") O.D. for use in place of aluminum or fiberglass. For use with all standard laboratory connectors.

  • Ace Glass

    Clamp is designed to fit 4 inch conical flanges, allowing the top half to be removed without disturing the lower half. Clamp features and extension arm (1/2 x 8 inch) suitable for attachment to an appropriate support stand or lab frame. Silicone liner will withstand temperatures up to 500ºdegF.

  • All stainless steel, fully adjustable clamps for securing and supporting circulator hoses used with jacketed pilot plants. The universal clamps adjust to any pipe style pilot plant stand, and the clip will accommodate any standard circulator hose size.

  • Mounting bracket permits easy and convenient mounting of 12080 or 12081 Powerstats on standard laboratory racks or stands having up to 16mm O.D. rods. Made of strong, rust and corrosion resistant aluminum alloys. Bracket is attached to the bottom of the powerstat by two screws and to the rack or…

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