Stainless Steel Test Tube Rack

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Stainless Steel Test Tube Rack
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  • Aluminum & Stainless Steel Test Tube Racks

    Blacks Machine Co.

    Test tube supports (racks), S-shaped, made of a single heavy sheet of aluminum or stainless steel bent to form a solid, stable base with two perforated shelves. Smooth, flat surfaces simplify cleaning. Products are manufactured in the USA Custom sizes are available on a quoted basis

  • Test Tube Rack for 12 Tubes


    Stainless steel test tube racks up to 150°C Suitable for: 2 x A 12, 6 x A 24, 1 x RA 12, 6 x RA 24, 1 x AL 5, 3 x AL 12, 6 x AL 18, 6 x AL 25, 2 x ET 12, E 10, 4 x ET 20, E 20

  • Army Medical Test Tube Rack

    Blacks Machine Co.

    This rack is a Wasserman type rack for use with 2.5" tubes. Manufactured from heavy gage stainless steel with smooth edges and a 2 B finish with extended edges providing handles. These racks are built for heavy duty use. Products are manufactured in the USA Custom sizes are…

  • Stainless Steel Test Tube Rack

    United Scientific Supplies

    Sturdy Z-shaped rack made from a single sheet of heavy gauge Stainless 304. Rack features 25 wells in 5 rows, for tubes up to 16mm in diameter. Polished, smooth surface facilitates easy cleaning and labeling.

  • Stainless Steel Test Tube Racks


    Stainless steel racks are constructed entirely of rugged, corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel. Highly polished surfaces reduce porosity and reinforce the corrosion-resistant properties.

  • COD Reagent Vial Cooling Rack


    Stainless steel rack for holding hot COD vials or test tubes prior to reading. Fit Hach COD vials and Test 'N Tube vials. Vials not inlcuded.

  • Glassware Washer Accessories

    SP Scientific

    Baskets, insert racks and spindle racks maximize space, improve efficiency and protect specialty glassware. All accessories are stainless steel construction for long life and durability.

  • Accessories for Linear Shaking Water Baths

    Grant Instruments

    Accessories for Linear Shaking Water Baths include: Replacement Polycarbonate lids, blue Stainless steel sloping lid Universal trays – with springs Plain trays Test tube trays and racks Base trays

  • Sample Racks for Precision™ Water Baths

    Thermo Scientific Precision

    Keep your samples in place with racks for Thermo Scientific™ Precision™ water baths. Stainless-Steel Test Tube Rack Measures 10 x 8.5 x 5.5 in. (25.4 x 21.6 x 14cm) Openings are 1in. (2.5cm) square Holds 50 test tubes up to 25mm from 97 to 150mm…

  • Talboys Universal Platform Stainless Steel


    Universal Platforms Allows for mounting of flask clamps, test tube racks, and bottle clamps Platform slides over top of included tray and is tightened with adjustment screws Optional accessories screw directly into mounting point openings Two-tier braces allow stacking of platforms with a…

  • ScrubAir™ Pipette Washer/Dryers


    …pipettes. 1EA ScrubAir Spindle Kit: Spindles add versatility by permitting small test tubes or vials, 7 mm ID or larger, to be washed in the ScrubAir. Kit contains 24 each 5 mm OD polystyrene plastic spindles with caps and stainless steel test tube rack to hold up to 20 each test tubes.

  • Incu-Shaker™ CO2 Mini


    …fluctuation (within 0.1°C). The six-side heating system in combination with a low speed internal fan uniformly spreads air throughout the stainless steel chamber (without air exchange from the external environment). For applications requiring solely gravity convection, this internal fan can be…

  • Freestanding/Mobile Glassware Washers

    SP Scientific

    …Rinse/Spindle Rack Ready models. All DI models also have the option of a DI Booster Pump, recommended when the incoming DI water source has a pressure of less than 18psi. All models feature noise buffering insulation; Freestanding/Mobile Washers have a full 304 stainless steel casing for…

  • FreeZone® Freeze Dryers Accessories -- Fast-Freeze® Flasks, Ampules, Serum…


    …flask. Stainless Steel. Holds tubes in upright position (tubes and glassware not included). Tube Holder for 50 ml Tubes (1177K33): Tube Holder, holds up to for 4 each (50 ml) 30 mm x 115 mm tubes. Fits inside 750 ml or larger flask. Stainless Steel. Holds tubes in upright position (tubes

  • Test Tube Rack For 60 Tubes 20 mm

    Thermo Scientific

    Thermo Scientific™ Cimarec™ i Test Tube Racks for use with Telesystem Series Stirrers. Stainless-steel test tube rack Ensure test tubes are precisely centered over stirring point Rack holds 20 mm tubes

  • Talboys Stationary Half Size Test Tube Rack


    Test Tube Racks - Full Size, Stationary PVC coated steel Includes hardware for easy attachment to platforms 16.5L x 3.75W x 4H" (41.9 x 9.5 x 10.2cm) Test Tube Racks - Full Size, Pivoting Adjustable angle, custom tilt . Stainless steel holder includes removable rack Inside Rack

  • Vertical SpaceSaver™ Stacking Glassware Washers

    SP Scientific

    racks and can be customized to meet specific requirements. This ultimate space saver provides up to 33% smaller footprint than washers of similar capacity. Multiple Vertical SpaceSaver™ Washer models are available, all supplied with mounting feet and wheels, and fully cased in 304 stainless

  • Talboys Pivoting Test Tube Rack


    Test Tube Racks - Full Size, Pivoting Adjustable angle, custom tilt Stainless steel holder includes removable rack Inside Rack Holder: 5.1L x 10.8W x 3.9H”(12.9 x 27.4 x 9.9cm) Outer Rack Housing: 5L x 10.9W x 5H” (12.7 x 27.6 x 12.7cm) Thomas No. 1217R41 …

  • SB-12L Shaking Water Bath


    …the addition of precision temperature control up to 80°C. The seamless, stainless steel chamber has a 12 liter capacity and includes a universal spring-loaded platform for securing 15 & 50ml test tubes, as well as Erlenmeyer flasks and media bottles up to 1 liter. A hinged and removable…

  • Thomas Accessories For Large Analog & Digital Orbital Shakers


    …feature stainless steel construction and have a flat head screw for platform attachment. Test tube racks also feature stainless steel construction and are supplied with hardware for attachment to platforms. The 10-14 mm rack (1231B12) holds 48 tubes, the 16-20 mm rack (1231B13) holds 33 tubes and…

  • Tube Insert For Washer


    Type 304 Stainless steel Basket Inserts fit in Standard Open Racks and Spindle Racks. Quick loading; for vertically-positioned test tubes Holds up to 600 each 13 mm tubes or 244 each 20 mm tubes Bottom, grate size 0.38" (9.5 mm), allows water to drain from inverted tubes. When…

  • Biotransport Test Tube Carrier

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …in racks Constructed of clear polycarbonate with a silicone gasket Autoclavable Four polysulfone clamps securely lock the top and bottom together. Dimensions: 19” x 6” x 6” (495 x 165 x 170 mm). BioTransport Carrier Handle Stainless steel handle…

  • Talboys Stainless Steel Advanced Multi-Tube Vortexers


    … Applications : Suspensions, high throughput testing in clinical, environmental, and chemistry labs. Ordering Information : Unit includes a 92” (234cm) detachable, 3-wire cord and plug. Unit is also supplied with a Tray Pad Set for support and one 12mm Test Tube Foam Rack.

  • EZ-Clamp Test Tube Racks


    The stainless steel EZ-Clamp Test Tube Rack Clamp (part number HR0005-6) is a universal test tube rack clamp. All of the LabStrong Test Tube Half Racks can be placed in the EZ-Clamp Test Tube Rack Clamp. The test tube rack clamp features finger-tightening knobs on each end of the clamp that allow…

  • Copper Strip Corrosion Test Baths


    …water bath immerses copper strip corrosion test bombs at the required depth per ASTM specifications. Baths can be used for testing aviation gasoline, aviation turbine fuel and natural gasoline. Bath is fully insulated and features stainless steel, double-wall construction. Soxhlet reflux condenser…

  • Accessories for Grant SBB, SAP and JBN Baths

    Grant Instruments

    Accessories include: Test Tube Racks Stainless Steel Shelves Stainless Steel Trays Stainless Steel Lids Polycarbonate Trays

  • Multi-Tube Vortex Mixers


    …RNA Testing in Clinical Labs Display Independent LED displays for speed/time allow the operator to view both settings simultaneously (digital models) Operation Detachable 3-wire cord and plug (included) Construction Stainless steel foam rack for (50) 12 mm diameter tubes

  • Accessories for Incubator Shakers & Open-Air Shakers (Not CO2)


    …an anodized aluminum substrate. Test Tube Racks have an adjustable angle and tube height support. Made from stainless steel with inserts to help retain tubes and prevent them from spinning in rack. Finger-tight knobs let you quickly adjust angle or release rack from base plate for easy transport…

  • FreeZone® Freeze Dryers Miscellaenous Accessories


    Test Tube/Microcentrifuge Rack, rectangular, holds up to 70 12-13 mm tubes. Made of type 304 stainless steel; includes bottom & adapter plate for (70) microcentrifuge tubes. Ideal for Tray Dryer, Bulk Tray Dryer, Stoppering Tray Dryer. Test Tube Rack, Round (1177K29): Test Tube Rack,

  • Reciprocal Water Bath Shakers


    21 liter seamless, stainless steel tank for easy maintenance Stainless steel basket with stainless steel springs eliminates hot spots and can accommodate all types and sizes of glassware and test tube racks Includes basket for flasks Optional accessories: a platform insert for any…

  • Talboys Universal Platform


    Allows for mounting of flask clamps, test tube racks, and bottle clamps Platform slides over top of included tray and is tightened with adjustment screws Optional accessories screw directly into mounting point openings> Two-tier braces allow stacking of platforms with a 10" clearance…

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