Inoculating Turntable

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Inoculating Turntable
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  • Scienceware® Inoculating Turntable

    Bel-Art Products

    …even movement Easy to transport from location to location Chemically-resistant Non-skid neoprene surface This hand operated turntable is excellent for biological colony preparation. It evenly distributes bacterial colonies from edge to center of petri dishes. Chemically-resistant,…

  • Inoculation Turntable


    Turntables for rapid, uniform culture spreading Exceptionally smooth rotation Two sizes available Permits rapid, uniform spreading of plaques and bacterial colonies for filter lift and other routine applications. Low 1 1/2" height and non-slip work surface reduces fatigue and…

  • Talboys Inoculating Turntable


    Inoculating Turntables Talboys hand-operated inoculating turntables produce almost concentric circles of bacterial colonies that are evenly distributed across petri dishes. Cast iron turntables are coated with gray baked acrylic enamel. The 76mm (3") high, small turntable accommodates 100mm…

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