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Lab Jack
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    All stainless steel screw mechanism and anodized aluminum top and bottom plates.

  • This scissor jack is crafted of the highest quality materials and is built to last. It has a total weight of about 1.2 lbs. (540 g) and opens to a maximum height of 6". It has a Dynamic Load of 2kg and static strength of 15kg. Also available in 6.5"x5" platform size (SSJCT20) and 8"x8" platform size…

  • GSC International, Inc.

    These aluminum and stainless-steel laboratory jacks provide a helpful platform for use in the lab. We carry two separate jacks with different sized platforms: LBJK150: 150mm (~5.9in.) by 150mm Platform, Maximum Height of 260mm (~10.25in.), Can Hold Up to 25kg (~55lbs) LBJK200: 200mm…

  • Globe Scientific

    These rugged laboratory support jacks provide stable height adjustment for various items in the lab such as flasks, beakers, water baths, and other small equipment. They are constructed of heavy duty aluminum alloy for years of trouble-free performance. The jacks are easy to clean, rust-proof,…

  • Lab Jack Features: Only support jack on the market that attaches directly to a 1/2" diameter vertical lab frame or lattice rod. Heavy gauge aluminum construction provides excellent rigidity and support. Fabricated to precise tolerances allowing smooth vertical adjustment. …

  • Anodized aluminum construction Three sizes Convenient Aluminum lab-lifts provide stable height adjustment for lab items such as flasks, baths and small equipment weighing up to 45 lbs. Aluminum lab-lifts come in three sizes: 4” x 4”, 6” x 6” and 8” x…

  • Exceptional stability and control Stainless steel construction Seven sizes for any application Autoclavable and chemical-resistant Heavy-duty stainless steel lab-lifts are very stable lifting platforms that offer exceptionally high strength and durability. Constructed of…

  • …for creating an adjustable support stand to mount various items such as thermometer clamps, temperature probes, flasks and column clamps. The kit allows users to mount a 17" vertical support rod to the deck of a 6" x 6", 8" x 8" or 10" x 10" Aluminum Support Jack.

  • Boekel

    The Boekel support rod is compatible for use with 19090-003B, 19090-004B, 19090-005B lab jacks with 6 Inch x 6 Inch, 8 Inch x 8 Inch and 12 Inch x 12 Inch platforms. It is made of sturdy anodized aluminum material which ensures durability and long lasting usage.

  • GSC International, Inc.

    …cooling surface - 250mm, Flat Bottom Boiling Flask, Drip Tip Adapter, Erlenmeyer Flask - 500ml, Support Stand, Burette Clamp, Tripod Stand and Wire Gauze (the lab jack is not included). 4005-DT is used as a connector to jointed flask or a replacement part for the Distillation Apparatus #4005-SET.

  • …preparative work requiring vacuum to 1 micron.  Please Note: System is supplied complete as shown with the exception of the dewar flask, lab jack and port adapters; all of which are available as options. Complete system is shipped partially assembled with instructions in a wooden crate.…

  • GSC International, Inc.

    … 1 Clamp Holder (#4-CH39) 1 Burette Clamp (#4-BC37) 5 Feet of Latex Tubing 1 Glass Stopper (#4007-GS) 2 Head Clips (#HC24) *A lab jack and heat source are required, but are not included. PRODUCT WARNINGS WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead,…

  • United Scientific Supplies

    …Stoppers (four included in the kit) are used to cap the 2000ml Single Neck round bottom flasks after distillate is collected. PLEASE NOTE: Lab Jacks, Support Stands, Flask Stands, and Extension Clamps with Bosshead are not included in this kit. Contents: Short Path Distillation…

  • Support Jack provide for stable height adjustment and support for items in the lab such as flasks, baths or hot plate stirrers. Top and bottom plates are constructed of stainless steel while the support mechanism is made of chrome plated steel.

  • Laboratory support jacks provide for stable height adjustment and support for items in the lab such as flasks, baths or hot plate stirrers. Top and bottom plates are constructed of anodized aluminum while the support mechanism is made of chrome plated steel.

  • …own program Benefit from reproducible results and the option to program ramps and interval processes Use the USB C interface and combine the magnetic stirrer with the electric Heidolph lab jack to work even more comfortable and secure Hei-Control software included in the scope of delivery

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