Lab Clamps, Stands & Supports

Durable laboratory clamps and supports are essential within the lab and can assist with the holding of test tubes and flasks.
Lab clamps securely hold equipment in place and prevent accidental movements or spillages during applications. Benefit from a hands-free operation, precise positioning, and adjustment features to achieve clear and accurate results.
Options include three-prong clamps, perfect for clamping glassware and apparatus to a ring stand. Thermometer clamps carry features of adjustable 360-rotating jaws and are suitable for attaching ½ diameter rods and thermometers.
Clamps are available in various designs and sizes and are carefully constructed to be compatible with other lab accessories to ensure convenience and ease of use. Safety features can also reduce the risk of accidents and spillages.
Lamp clamp accessories include lab stands, beaker stands, and tripod burner stands, which will assist you with achieving smooth, accurate results.

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  • OHAUS hand-operated inoculating turntables produce almost concentric circles of bacterial colonies that are evenly distributed across petri dishes. Cast iron turntables are coated with gray baked acrylic enamel. The 76 mm (3") high, small turntable accommodates 100 mm petri dishes. It has…

  • Exceptional stability and control Stainless steel construction Seven sizes for any application Autoclavable and chemical-resistant Heavy-duty stainless steel lab-lifts are very stable lifting platforms that offer exceptionally high strength and durability. Constructed of…

  • MilliporeSigma

    General Description Color coded, Delrin ® plastic joint clips will not scratch glassware or corrode. Withstand temperatures up to 302 °F (150 °C). Resistant to concentrated alkalis and diluted acids; not resistant to halogen gases or concentrated acids. Legal Information …

  • Used to hold apparatus near the lab-frame. Unlike extension clamps, the swivel clamps have an integral holder for attaching to a lab-frame or other apparatus. Built-in holder grips rods up to 19mm (0.75") in diameter and is adjustable for forward or reverse-facing adjustment screws. Shaft…

  • The Versatile Holder, used with thermometers and tubes, is designed to be clipped on the lip of a beaker or other vessel. The Holder is made from heat resistant materials that will withstand temperatures up to 120?elcius The Holder is suitable for the following sizes of thermometers and tubes. …

  • Flexible arm with molded acetal copolymer links has ball-and-socket joints. One end is designed to accept the 0211G32 Electrode Holder (sold separately) while the other has a 1.3cm (1/2") diameter stainless steel pin for attachment to the weighted base or a suitable clamp. …

  • United Scientific Supplies

    Cast iron ring with black enamel finish. Detachable zinc plated legs. Legs are interchangeable.

  • United Scientific Supplies

    Cast iron ring with black enamel finish. Detachable zinc plated legs. Legs are interchangeable, features removeable rings with 3.5", 4.75", 6.5" Ring O.D., 9" Height.

  • United Scientific Supplies

    Tall form clear quartz glass crucibles are ideal for applications that require ashing of samples. Quartz material offers low expansion, dimensional stability, and thermal shock resistance. Can withstand a continuous operating temperature of 1050°C (1922°F). Lids are also manufactured from quartz…

  • HIGH QUALITY Rod and base set consisting of a rectangular retort base made of corrosion-resistant, powder-coated pressed steel and a rod made of stainless steel STABILITY providing superb stability for experiments & setups TAPPED HOLE AND THREADED ROD Base features a tapped…

  • The clamp includes a high strength alloy Boss Head for securing the clamp to a frame or other apparatus. The Boss Head will accept a rod diameter of 18 mm (approximately 11/16"). Heavy duty spring loaded clamp jaw with dual screw adjustment to fine tune any fitting. Swivel between clamp and Boss…

  • Expand your options in the laboratory Even distribution rods for maximum capacity of items Extended polypropylene base allows for extra items to be added Rigid, solid aluminum rods provide extra support for small lightweight items such as glassware as well as heavy items such as…

  • Extend the length of your lab frame rods. This strong, corrosion-resistant stainless steel coupler permits end-to-end joining of 12.7 cm rods in diameter. Precision machining ensures rod alignment. Comes with two set screws for adjustment.

  • Jumbo sized clamp holder Fits rods 5mm-20mm in diameter Metal thumb screws with grip allows for easy adjustment Universal Clamp Holder, Jumbo Sized - Holds Rods up 20mm in Diameter (1) Clamp This universal clamp holder, made of durable metal, holds 2 rods perpendicular to one another.…

  • TriForest polypropylene shaker clamps are carefully engineered to provide both clipping elasticity and motion resistance in one product. Featuring a non-scratch design, our shaker clamps come in standard blue color accompanied by stainless steel screws and washers. Our clamps fit all industry…

  • Laboratory support jacks provide for stable height adjustment and support for items in the lab such as flasks, baths or hot plate stirrers. Top and bottom plates are constructed of anodized aluminum while the support mechanism is made of chrome plated steel.

  • quick-ship

    United Scientific Supplies

    Screw Compressor Clamps are made fo steel wire and nickel plated. Opens to either 3/4" or 1" and is available as a “closed” or “open” type.

  • GSC International, Inc.

    Nickel plated steel. Overall length 5".

  • Regular Clamp Holders Stainless steel electro-polished finish or nickel-plated zinc construction. Ideal for holding clamps to lab-frames. Use wherever clamping at 90° is required. Swivel Holders Two rod holders with center swivel capacity allow tilting of clamps at any angle in…

  • Chemglass

    CLAMPS, CHAIN, 12IN EXTENSION, Similar to the CG-9220-01 except has a 12" long arm. Clamp can accommodate up to 6-1/2” (170mm) O.D. respectively. Quick slip-on chain connection has large, easy-to-turn adjusting knob. Grip is vinyl coated. VALVES, CHEM-VAC, HIGH VACUUM, LOW HOLD UP,…

  • GSC International, Inc.

    These stands have nickel-plated rods, and heavy, corrosion-resistant bases for stability. They come as a set with support rings included. Stamped Steel Base #4-SSS66-R2 : Base [4" x 6"], Rod [18" x 5/16"], 2 Rings [diameter 3", 4"] #4-SSS67-R3 :…

  • Flow control adapter for use with CG-1188 and CG-1189 chromatography columns along with CG-1190 reservoirs. Adapter has a 0-4mm Chem-Cap® metering plug.

  • INDUSTRIAL QUALITY High performance, aluminum rod, suitable for use on a lathe or as part of any laboratory retort setup STABILITY Rod features solid construction for stability ROUND SHAFT Rod features unthreaded, round shaft ends GREAT FOR CLASSROOM & HOME LABORATORIES An…

  • United Scientific Supplies

    Clamps are die casted from aluminum and feature black rubber sleeves for firm gripping of burettes.  The adjustable clamps hold up to 30mm OD burettes which are held in place by the pressure created by the springs.  For use with rods up to 19mm diameter.

  • FITS 12.5mm RODS Pack of 12 lattice support clamps that fit rods up to 12.5mm in diameter METAL WITH SILVER FINISH Clamps are made of high quality metal with a silver finish EASY TO USE Tighten clamps using an Allen wrench - Avoid overtightening INCLUDED Twelve clamps only - Rods…

  • United Scientific Supplies

    Support rings with clamp, steel rod.

  • 14ga Round, Nickel-Chrome Wire Triangles protect glassware on hotplates and over burner flames.

  • DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Aluminum construction to connect tops to flasks Wing nuts or thumb screws are spaced to assure uniform compression for sealing the system

  • Center-flanged Pipe Stem Triangles protect glassware on hotplates and over burner flames.

  • GSC International, Inc.

    Both sides of the clamp have screw-type fittings that allow you to lock, release, or tighten as needed. The boss head clamp will accept rods up to 1.9cm in diameter. PRODUCT WARNINGS WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including BPA, nickel, and lead, which are known to…

  • Suspends 6 to 13 mm thermometers over water bath. C clamp holder fits bath walls up to 9 mm thick. Overall length is 64 mm.

  • 303 stainless steel support rods, 13mm (1/2") O.D. for use in place of aluminum or fiberglass. For use with all standard laboratory connectors.

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