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Lab Clamps
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  • Swivel Clamp Holder


    For attaching extension clamps to supports Aluminum construction Has swivel for rods up to 5/8” diameter

  • Chain Clamps


    …secure slip-on chain connection with large, easy-to-turn adjusting knob. Extension arm allows user to vary distance from the frame. Available as stainless steel clamp constructed entirely of stainless steel with electro-polished finish or nickel-plated zinc clamp with strong, chromed-brass chain.

  • Clamp and Support Rods


    Designed to allow users to mount rod vertically or horizontally. The clamp is cast iron with a black enamel finish. Supplied complete with a 3/8" x 20" (10mm x 508mm) rod (H-21350) or a 1/2" x 24" (13mm x 610mm) rod (H-21360).

  • Thomas 3-Prong Dual Adjustable Clamps


    …steel Polished finish Thomas Dual Adjustable Clamps are durable, multi-purpose clamps constructed of stainless steel and offer excellent chemical resistance and overall strength. The versatile 3-prong design secures a variety of lab apparatus such as joined glassware, columns, flasks and…

  • Ultra Flex Support System With Bench Clamp


    …side of your lab bench or counter top, which helps utilize more space in your lab. Ultra Flex clamping system is extremely versatile and features a flexible arm that can be placed in virtually any position or angle. System includes 2-prong clamp head, 3-prong clamp head, spring clamp head, flex arm…

  • Talboys™ UltraJaws Heavy-Duty Clamps


    …of breakage. UltraJaws Clamps are constructed with extension rods for easy attachment to lab-frames and other apparatus. Supplied with non-slip vinyl sleeves, and for temperatures above 100°C, fiberglass covers. The prong height of the UltraJaws Heavy-Duty Clamps make them ideal for use…

  • Heavy-Duty Tapered Clamps


    …tapered clamps are designed to hold large vessels with ground glass joint necks. Clamps are constructed with extension rods for easy attachment to lab-frames and other apparatus. Nickel-plated zinc construction. NOTE: An additional holder must be purchased in order to attach clamps to frames…

  • Labjaws Connectors and Mounting Brackets


    Clamp (2824E68) Aluminum bracket with arm fastens quickly and firmly to any convenient shelf. Accepts 0.51" (13mm) rods vertically and horizontally, to which ordinary rings and clamps attach, leaving bench surface clear for apparatus. Wrench (2824E69) Wrench for adjusting lab

  • Fixed-Position Clamps


    …near the lab-frame where no adjustment is required after set-up. Built-in holder grips rods up to 19mm (0.75") in diameter Fixed-Position Clamps have an integral holder but can be rotated after attachment to a lab-frame or other apparatus. Available in 2-prong or 3-prong. Stainless steel…

  • Thomas Frame Connectors, Hooks & Support Apparatus


    …permanently mounting lab frames to bench tops, fume hoods, walls and floors. Foot accepts 1/2” (13 mm) rods and features a stainless steel set screw. Lab Frame Foot comes with three stainless steel mounting screws. Clamp Holder: The Thomas Clamp Holder secures clamps to lab frames and ring…

  • Stainless Steel Pinch Clamps

    Sci Labs USA

    Made From ASTM Standard (899-94) Series 400 Stainless Steel For use with O-Ring and Ball & Socket Joints Only screw locking clamps should be used with O-Ring joints

  • Labjaws Frame Kits


    …order any clamps you need as well. See our 2824A03 UltraJaw Multipurpose three finger. Small Lab Frame Kit (2824C96) 2 x 2 ft. Frame dimensions are 61 x 61 cm with a 46 cm wide base for stability. Feet may be attached to bench top with screws if desired. Medium Lab Frame…

  • Swivel Clamps


    …extension clamps, the swivel clamps have an integral holder for attaching to a lab-frame or other apparatus. Built-in holder grips rods up to 19mm (0.75") in diameter and is adjustable for forward or reverse-facing adjustment screws. Shaft wing-nut allows the holding angle of the swivel clamp

  • Stainless Steel Ball Socket Clamps

    Sci Labs USA

    Made From ASTM Standard (899-94) Series 400 Stainless Steel For Use with O-Ring and Ball & Socket Joints Only screw locking clamps should be used with O-Ring joints

  • Ring Stands


    Ring stand consists of enameled steel support base with zinc-plated steel rod (8835B50 series) and 8091C20 series rings of zinc-plated steel with aluminum screw clamp Ring Stands include one each 64, 89, 114 mm rings Ring Stand Listings indicate base dimensions and rod height

  • Lattice Lab System, Set #1

    United Scientific Supplies

    The Lattice Lab System is a lightweight flexible set of support rods and clamps that allows a wide range of lab apparatus to be assembled and securely supported. Assembly is easy and requires only a screwdriver. Support rods are made of hard aluminum and foot plates and hook connectors are made of…

  • Labjaws Connectors


    Clamp Holder (2824C83) Regular clamp holders are used to hold extension clamps to lab frames where 90° positioning is required. Strong enough to be used as a lab frame rod connector. Streamlined design for easier cleaning and tightening. Maximum grip is 16 mm diameter. Jumbo Clamp

  • 3-Prong Multi-Purpose Clamps


    …glassware and apparatus. Long, seamless nickle-plated brass tubing attaches clamp head securely and offers easy positioning in the deepest fume hoods. Clamps are constructed with round extension arms, which allow the clamps to be rotated 360°. Extension arms also allow placement of apparatus at…

  • MaxQ™ 7000 Dedicated Platforms with Clamps

    Thermo Scientific

    Maximize capacity when working with a single-size vessel by using Thermo Scientific™ MaxQ™ 7000 Dedicated Platforms with Clamps. With exceptional innovation, reliability and accuracy, MaxQ 7000 shakers, platforms and accessories are the optimal choice for a busy lab.

  • Lab Stand Support Shelf

    Ace Glass

    Lab stand support shelf fits any stand with up to 5/8"od rod. Stand measures 7 x 10" and is available with or without 4" rubber-bordered center hole. Manufactued from light, cast aluminum and epoxy coated. Rod mounted codes -04 & -06 feature a 5/8in OD x 12in long stainless rod with a through hole…

  • Clamp 90-Degree Heavy-Duty


    Made of cast iron aluminum, these lab clamps are ideal for many applications on the bench or latticework. Heavy-duty 90 degree clamp designed to be more user friendly Larger knobs make hand tightening easier and provide sufficient pressure to hold rods securely Can be used on…

  • Lab Stand


    Horseshoe-base laboratory stand with 11/16 (17mm) diameter stainless steel mast. Accepts containers up to 9" (229mm) diameter. Designed for durability, these lab stands are designed for the lab bench

  • Radleys Starfish Monifolds, Clamps and Support Rods


    Clamp is designed to neatly and conveniently support up to 5 round-bottom flasks, condensers, Soxhlet extractors, etc. Each clamp features five telescopic arms with Velcro® straps that can each be extended and locked in place to suit your needs. The detachable Velcro straps allow the clamping of…

  • Lab Jacks®


    All stainless steel screw mechanism and anodized aluminum top and bottom plates.

  • Thomas Aluminum Lab-Lifts


    …steel. 17” Support Rod Kit is ideal for creating an adjustable support stand to mount various items such as thermometer clamps, temperature probes, flasks and column clamps. The kit allows users to mount a 17” vertical support rod to the deck of a 6” x 6”, 8” x…

  • SE 400 Vertical Unit

    GE Healthcare

    labs for years Economical and secure vertical slab electrophoresis units with many of the conveniences of SE 600 series units Rugged injection-molded construction for easy assembly and durability in high-use labs Built-in casting stand seals sandwiches leak-free without tape Plates, clamps,

  • Pipettor Clamp-Ette®


    …your fingertips. Secure to table tops and benches with a few turns of the large plastic screw. Move easily from one location to another, wherever you need it in the lab. Single clamp comes in blue. Pack of three includes one blue, one red, and one purple. Clamp-Ette measures 110 x 45 x 105 mm.

  • EZ-Clamp Flask Clamps


    …a durable and compact design. The clamps are stackable, which allows for optimal storage and saves valuable lab space. In addition, the clamps are simple to clean. The Dual 10 to 50mL EZ-Clamp Flask Clamp has a design unlike any of the other EZ-Clamp Flask Clamps. The Dual 10 to 50 ml EZ-Clamp is…

  • MaxQ Platforms with Clamps

    Thermo Scientific

  • Universal Platform Clamps for MaxQ™ 8000 Shakers

    Thermo Scientific

    …optimal choice for a busy lab. Flask Clamp Starter Kit includes: (1) microplate clamp (2) 25mL flask clamps (2) 50mL flask clamps (2) 125mL flask clamps (4) 250/300mL flask clamps (4) 500mL flask clamps (2) 1L flask clamps (2) 2L flask clamps Replacement screws

  • Standard Clamp

    Ace Glass

    Clamp is designed to fit 4 inch conical flanges, allowing the top half to be removed without disturing the lower half. Clamp features and extension arm (1/2 x 8 inch) suitable for attachment to an appropriate support stand or lab frame. Silicone liner will withstand temperatures up to 500ºdegF.

  • Tripod Clamp


    Tripod Clamp used with a variety of our handheld instruments. This small 4654 tripod supports the instrument at a convenient viewing angle Ideal in the lab or any other level surface

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