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Fluorescence Cuvette
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  • Macro Fluorescence Cuvettes


    … BRAND fluorescence cuvettes, like all BRAND cuvettes, are made of the highest quality raw materials, precision molded for the best optical clarity, with parallel walls of uniform thickness to optimize transmission and minimize refraction. They are then mold cavity sorted ensuring cuvette to cuvette

  • Hellma® Fluorescence Cuvettes, Ultra Micro


    PE stopper, aperture 5mm × 2mm rectangular Same product — same quality — now Sigma-Aldrich brand Packaging Sold as packages containing a single cell (1EA = 1 cell) Legal Information Hellma is a registered trademark of Hellma GmbH Suprasil is a registered…



  • BioSpectrometer® fluorescence


    …reproducible analysis. A variety of cuvettes expands the options even further from microvolume to macrovolume measurements. The Eppendorf BioSpectrometer fluorescence is an expansion of the Eppendorf BioSpectrometer basic and features an integrated fluorescence module. Measurements can be…

  • Fluorescence Micro Cell Adapter


    Micro cell adapter allows 5 mm path length micro cells to be used in any 10 mm path length cuvette accessory (pk of 4).

  • Thomas Fluorescence Spectrophotometer Cells


    Spectrofluorometer Cells With polished bottom for excitation through floor of cell Minimum working capacity 3 mL Cells can also be used for absorption measurements through 10 mm light path Cells have all four sides and bottom polished; 8429N30 furnished with Teflon cover, N19…



    …you to obtain fluorescence or phosphorescence spectra of powders, paper, plastic films, cloth samples, and gels. Obtain fluorescence or phosphorescence spectra of powders, paper, plastic films, cloth samples, turbid liquids View the front surface fluorescence from a filled cuvette Study the…

  • ROCHE AttoPhos


    …In addition, the background fluorescence caused by biological molecules (assay components), cuvettes, or microplates is greatly reduced. With these unique properties, AttoPhos is more sensitive by a factor of 100 than the most commonly used fluorescence substrate 4-methylumbelliferyl-phos…

  • AMC Arachidonoyl Amide

    Cayman Chemical

    …amides which can be used to measure FAAH activity. Exposure of AMC-AA to FAAH results in the release of the fluorescent aminomethyl coumarin that absorbs at 360 nm and emits at 465 nm, allowing for fast and convenient measurement of FAAH activity using a simple cuvette or microplate fluorometer.

  • Eppendorf Advantage™ - BioSpectrometer® Offer, Save up to 37%


    …measurements in the UV/Vis range with the option of fluorescence readings. Redeemable in the offer is the μCuvette G1.0. With a pathlength of 1 mm, the μCuvette G1.0 features a light path that is ten times shorter than that of standard cuvettes. This allows for the accurate and reliable…

  • Dual Path Cell, Spectrosil

    Starna Cells

    Spectrosil® Far UV Quartz windows, Useable range: 170 to 2700 nm Dual path length cells Types 52 and 53 allow for both fluorescence and absorbance measurements to be made with small volumes with a choice of two path lengths, dependent on the orientation of the cell in the cell holder. All…

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