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µCuvette® G1.0

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The Eppendorf µCuvette G1.0 microvolume measuring cell is a high-quality cuvette made of aluminum and quartz glass. It is the perfect tool for measuring high concentrations in small volumes. Higher sample concentrations require a shorter optical path length for measurements. With an optical path length of only 1 mm, the µCuvette G1.0 features a light path that is ten times shorter than the light path of standard cuvettes. This allows nucleic acid and protein concentrations to be measured with high reproducibility in a much higher concentration range without prior dilution. Due to the hydrophobic coating on the quartz glass only 1.5 µL nucleic acid or 3 µL protein sample are required for precise formation of the liquid column. Self-absorption of the µCuvette G1.0 is very low, meaning that the entire measuring range of the photometer can be used.

In general, the lower the concentration of a sample, the longer the optical path length should be. The same physical model (Beer´s Lambert Law) claims, if the concentration of a sample is very high, the light path length being used should be shortened to ensure enough light can pass through the sample to reach the detector. Microvolume measurements with light path lengths equal or shorter than 1mm are recommended for concentrations above 25 ng/µL dsDNA. Please note that the BioSpectrometers and BioPhotometers both accommodate standard cuvettes and the µCuvette G1.0. Thus, Eppendorf provides the flexibility of choosing the optimal light path length to detect a wide variety of sample concentrations!

Determining concentration via extinction factor and light path length is commonly performed in a cuvette format. In the case of standard cuvettes, the path length is determined by the width of the cuvette because the light beam travels through the cuvette horizontally. When using the µCuvette G1.0, the distance between the upper and the lower portion of the cuvette determine the path length. Thus, the measurements and the calculations can be performed identical to those in standard cuvettes. Once set in the parameters, the software automatically utilizes the right light path length when calculating concentrations. A defined angle for opening and closing the cuvette allows for easy and reproducible handling. Furthermore, the hydrophobic surface coating on the quartz glass guarantees simple cleaning, precise sample positioning and stable formation of the liquid column.


  • Microvolume measuring cell for measuring 1.5 – 10 µL sample volumes
  • Concentration determination of nucleic acids and proteins
  • Measurement of highly concentrated samples without prior dilution
  • Low self-absorption (≤0.05 A at 260 nm)
  • Hydrophobic surface coating on quartz glass for precise formation and positioning of the sample volume
  • Simple cleaning to minimize the risk of sample carry-over
  • A defined angle for folding the sides of the cuvette guarantees reproducible handling
  • One-component hinged design, prevents the loss of individual parts
  • Exclusively available for use with Eppendorf BioPhotometer and Eppendorf BioSpectrometer

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µCuvette® G1.0
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