1.5 Ml Tube Racks

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1.5 Ml Tube Racks
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  • Fits in all standard 5.25 inch freezer racks Alpha-numerically indexed - right on the box itself Frosted marking panel on 2 sides These new boxes are designed to hold 81 cryogenic vials (1.2 to 2.0ml) or microcentrifuge tubes (1.5 to 2.0ml). Translucent lid provides a clear view of…

  • …Microcentrifuge Tube Racks are available in five models with 6 to 96 wells. An alphanumeric grid allows for indexing rows and columns, therefore facilitating tube location. These racks will hold 1.5 ml and 2.0 ml snap cap Microcentrifuge tubes. They will also accommodate the popular 0.5 ml to 2.0 ml

  • 1.5mL Easy-Click Graduated Microcentrifuge tubes feature a small, easy-to-open cap. Graduated every 100µL for easy volume identification Small cap allows tubes to be spaced closely together in racks and storage boxes Frosted Cap and writing panel allows for an extra writing room and…

  • … Excellent rack for benchtop use or freezer storage 80/60 well rack capacities: 80-place for 1.5mL and 2mL tubes 60-place for 0.5mL and 0.2 mL tubes 96 well rack capacities: 96-place for 1.5mL and 2.0mL tubes 96-place for 0.5 mL and 0.2 mL tubes 96 well racks have translucent…

  • …enables you to see how cold your samples are at a glance. IsoFreeze® color change racks undergo a dramatic change to a contrasting color at 7ºC. Dimensions: 146 × 105 × 70 mm. Tube capacity: 24 x 0.5, 1.5, 2.0 mL snap or screw-cap style tubes. Rack comes with lid.

  • IsoTherm-System®


    …safe sample handling Holds up to 24 micro tubes (e.g., 0.5 mL or 1.5 mL/2.0 mL) for broad flexibility Two versions of IsoPack (cold pack) available: White maintains 0°C for up to 6 hours. Blue maintains -21°C for up to 3 hour Racks are stackable, autoclavable and can be centrifuged…

  • …and temperature resistance Racks float with full load of filled tubes Molded handle in center of rack for comfort and support during transport Legs allow rack to stand upright for use on benchtopUse in ice, waterbaths or on the benchtop 65mm round rack fits most 400mL beakers Commonly…

  • Thermomixers


    …programmed for applications such as enzyme reactions or DNA hybridizations. The exchangeable blocks allow unit to accommodate 24 tubes with 0.5 mL , 1.5 mL or 2.0 mL volumes. Built-in RS 232 interface allows documentation of operating parameters. NOTE: does not include block, must be…

  • Posi-Click™ 1.7 mL Large Cap Microcentrifuge Tubes

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    …Microcentrifuge tubes feature a large easy-to-open/close cap with the assurance of an audible "click" to know that your sample is secure. Frosted Large Cap and writing panel allows for an extra writing room and is resistant to smearing. Boilproof available Fits all standard 1.5mL

  • …at a glance Numeric markings for sample identification Versatile design accommodates different tube sizes on each side The four sides hold the following tubes: Four – 50mL tubes Twelve – 15 mL tubes Thirty two – 1.5mL tubes Thirty two – 0.5mL tubes

  • Reinforced polypropylene (PP) is autoclavable Shipped flat to save shelf space and quickly assembled when needed Dimensions (L x W x H): 270 x 130 x 30 (10.6" x 5" x 1.2")

  • 96-Well Reversible Rack

    Heathrow Scientific

    mL tubes on one side to 96 wells for 1.5/2.0 mL tubes on the other side. Wells are arranged in standard 8 x 12 array. Handy lid snaps into place via tabs on each end of rack. 0.5 mL wells are separated by molded-in grid lines, making them easier to see, and raised rings are around the 1.5 to 2.0 mL

  • … Expanded Polymer Foam is chemical-resistant, impervious to moisture and odors, and unbreakable under normal use conditions Fits Magic Touch™ Ice Pans - Midi, 1 rack; Maxi up to 3 racks 36 places (1.5 ml tube racks) or 24 places (15 ml tube racks) 9 1/4 x 4 1/4" (23.5 x 10.8cm)

  • Polypropylene (PP) Reversible 96-well rack in an 8 x 12 format One side holds 1.5 mL, 1.8 mL, or 2.0 mL microcentrifuge tubes; the other side holds 0.5 mL tubes Alpha-numerically labeled, stackable, autoclavable

  • Round Ice Bucket Test Tube Racks

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    Racks can also be used in water baths as floating racks. Models 6106A52 through A54 have 30 large holes (17 mm dia.) that accommodate 15 mL conical tubes or 13 mL Falcon® tubes, as well as other test tubes with similar diameters. Model 6106A62 has 44 small holes that accommodate 1.5 mL tubes.

  • Magic Touch™ Round Floating Tube Racks

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    …allows racks to rest firmly and steadily in the bucket Expanded Polymer Foam is chemical-resistant, impervious to moisture and odors, and unbreakable under normal use conditions Fits Magic Touch™ Ice Buckets 44 places (1.5 ml tube racks) or 30 places (15 ml tube racks) 8 1/4"…

  • …and 2.0mL tubes. These racks fit into Labcon pipet tip boxes and are made of recycled plastic. Fully autoclavable (122°C) and freezable (-190°C). Stackable racks float in your water bath and can in corpo rate dry ice for use with frozen samples on the bench. Holds 1.5, 1.7, 2.0 mL

  • …close. Posts next to tubes are numbered letting you locate the sample you need quickly. Stackable, autoclavable (122°C) and freezable (-190°C). Made of polycarbonate. 100 Place With separate lid Holds 0.5 mL screw cap microtubes on one side or 1.5 and 2.0 mL microtubes Made of…

  • Round Floating Microtube Racks

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …reduced temperatures (-70° to +100°C) White, polypropylene racks that float, but suspend entire microtube in liquid Built-in handle and legs for easy handling in bath or on bench Autoclavable racks take 1.0, 1.2, 1.5 and 2.0 mL tubes. 2591C36 has 20 places and are 3 3/4" in diameter.…

  • tubes and 2.0mL cryo- vials. These double-sided racks hold 1.7mL and 2.0mL tubes on one side and 0.5mL on the reverse side. Rack and clear lid are fully autoclavable (122°C) and freezable(-80°C). Made of polypropylene. 96 Place Holds 0.5 mL microtubes on one side or 1.5, 1.7, 2.0 mL

  • Blocks Beta-Radiation on the bench. Minimum wall thickness: 5/8 inch (16mm). 4 x 6 format. Maximum tube capacity: 24 x 1.5 or 2.0 mL. Rack comes with lid.

  • …locks 50 culture tubes securely Holds and locks 30 microcentrifuge and micro blood collecting tubes securely in racks More uniform incubation: Tubes may be pushed down into H20 bath while still being held securely in rack May be used in blood drawing trays-holds blood drawing tubes securely

  • 3-Way Rack

    Heathrow Scientific

    racks connect to one another on either end. Convenient finger slots are molded into the rack making them easy to pick up and move. Lowest level has 24 wells to hold individual 0.2 mL tubes or strips of 8 or 12 tubes. Middle tier has 14 wells to hold 0.5 mL tubes. Top tier has 12 wells to hold 1.5 mL

  • No-Wire™ Micro Tube Racks

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    …x 43mm H (5.08" x 4.15" x 1.70") Available in 2 sizes to hold either 0.5 or 1.5ml tubes. Open sides, ideal for use in a tray of crushed ice. Easy to assemble. 1226C36: holds tubes: 0.5 mL micro, places: 63, rows: 7 x 9 1226C37: holds tubes: 1.5 mL micro, places: 42, rows: 6 x 7

  • The standard for cryogenic storage, this 81-well rack works with all 0.5, 1.5 and 2.0 mL cryovials. The 9 x 9 matrix rack is designed to replace 5 1/4” x 5 1/4” cardboard freezer storage boxes. The storage rack holds up to 81 tubes and comes complete with a clear polypropylene lid and…

  • Blue anodized aluminum blocks hold tubes upright and promote conduction of heat or cold from the Temp-Zone area on selected models of Purifier Cell Logic Biosafety Cabinets to help maintain sample temperature. Holds 96 each 1.5 ml microcentrifuge tubes, 10.5 mm in diameter

  • …microcentrifuge tubes are designed to provide secure, leakproof seals while remaining easy to open. Polypropylene tubes are autoclavable to 120°C at 15 psi for 15 minutes. 1.5 mL tubes are graduated at 0.1, 0.5, 1.0 and 1.5 mL. 2.0 mL are graduated at 0.1, 0.5, 1.0 and 1.5 mL. Assorted…

  • …Microcentrifuge tubes are designed to provide secure, leakproof seals while remaining easy to open. Polypropylene tubes are autoclavable to 120°C at 15 psi for 15 minutes. 0.6 mL tubes are graduated at 0.2, 0.4 and 0.6 mL. 2.0 mL are graduated at 0.1, 0.5, 1.0 and 1.5 mL. Assorted…

  • …freestanding tubes are available in 0.5, 1.5 or 2.0 mL sizes and clear or amber for light-sensitive applications. Tubes are free of DNase, RNase and endotoxins. Conical bottom tubes are rated at 25,000 x G (0.5 mL ) or 20,000 x G (1.5/2.0 mL ). Freestanding tubes are rated at 30,000 x G (0.5 mL

  • Micro Max Cryostore™ Boxes

    Thermo Scientific Nunc

    Stackable, molded polycarbonate box holds 64, 1.5 mL microcentrifuge tubes in standard 5 1/4 x 5 1/4 freezer racks Includes removable 8 x 8 divider, one-way lid and polyester labels for positive sample location. Overall dimensions: 132 x 132 x 51 mm.

  • …high capacity freezer box is designed to fit into existing freezer storage racks. Holds 81 x 1.5mL or 2.0mL micro centrifuge tubes. Labeled alpha numerically for easy identification of contents. Replaces cardboard racks. Clear lid included. Autoclavable (122°C) and freezable (-80°C). Made…

  • …barrel into the tube to retrieve samples Available non-sterile or sterile and are RNase, DNase and pyrogen free Spin up to 25,000 x g with proper support in appropriate rotor 5mL Snap Cap Macrocentrifuge Tubes Provide convenience of 1.5mL microcentrifuge in a tube that holds…

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