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  • The Sludge Judge® is designed to take accurate readings of settleable solids, 5% or less, in a variety of liquids, to any depth. It is ideal for sewage treatment plants, chemical plants, and food processing facilities - anywhere that accurate sample levels of settleable solids in noncaustic…

  • Stainless Steel Toggle Drums

    Sampling Systems

    This range of heavy duty Stainless Toggle Drums from Sampling Systems are ideal for storage and production. As standard they come with a fully welded handle, silicone seal (FDA Grade) and lid. The lid is secured with pull down latches (toggle clamps). Manufactured from high grade 316L Stainless…

  • For easy sampling from tanks, vats, lakes, etc., these high-density polyethylene plastic dippers will not rust or corrode, provide excellent chemical resistance and float, “just in case.” Handles are 2.9cm (1-1/8”) in diameter and welded to a rigid sampling bowl at a…

  • High-flow valves for use with inductively coupled plasma (ICP) applications. A variety of rotor materials and bore sizes are available.

  • TeleScoop is a versatile sampling system with exchangeable tools for a wide range of applications. The tools (angular beaker, pendulum beaker, bottle holder, stainless steel beaker and dip net) are attached to the telescopic rod by a practical snap-in joint. Ideal for sampling from baths,…

  • ST Nebulizer line, connects to port #3 0.2 .i.d. (purple marker)

  • Corer

    Sampling Systems

    Suitable for sampling wax, cheese, greases, powders, granules. 316L stainless steel High quality bright polish finish Crevice free construction Operation Push the outer tube into the product Use the push rod to eject the core of product from the outer tube

  • Glass prism for Digestion Vessel caps with pressure control (DPC) for Standard 75 mL (40 Bar) Digestion Vessel and High Pressure 100 mL (100 Bar) Digestion Vessel for Microwave Titan MPS Sample Preparation Systems.

  • SteriWare® Flat Spatulas

    Sampling Systems

    The new SteriWare Disposable Flat Spatula is perfectly designed for a multitude of functions including stirring liquids, manipulation and powder sampling. Key Features: Moulded & packed in a Medical Cleanroom Individually bagged in ultra-strong packing with easy to open design…

  • PowderThief Powder Samplers

    Sampling Systems

    Originated by Sampling Systems™ over 20 years ago and is a firmly established world leader in powder sampling. The Powder Thief is extensively used throughout the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries around the world. The PowderThief is suitable for sampling free flowing powders…

  • Impermeable to gases; low sample loss in storage Low memory of previous sample; can be reused Tough, flexible, fatigue-resistant Large sample port for flushing; three convenient eyelets These bags are fabricated from 2 mil thick PVF (Tedlar) film, a material that is inert…

  • O-Ring



  • All-layer sampler, with open inner tube, no separate chambers, and large sampling volume. For all-layer samples through all the layers of the sample. Bürkle zone samplers are used for taking samples of bulk goods of any kind. The big advantage of zone samplers is that all-layer samples can be…

  • Bailers


    SingleSample® Disposable Polyethylene Bailers Eliminates field clean-up and cross-contamination Rugged, high-density polyethylene Each unit individually decontaminated with Liquinox™ washing and DI water rinse Ready-to-use Capacity approximately 1 L Friction-fit nozzle for easy,…

  • Suitable for taking very small volume samples of free flowing powders and granules. The MicroThief is easily adjusted so that the operator can vary the size of the sample being taken. Key Features: Made from high quality 316L stainless steel. Adjustable, takes a range of sample sizes …

  • Polywipe Sponge

    GVS Filter Technology

    The right test for each type of contamination Qualitative and semi-quantitative hygiene control Sterile packed and ready-for-use Easy to handle Rapid results Long shelf-life Used for the recovery of microorganisms from a surface. Polywipe is a blue sponge that is…

  • Conical hand-drill, conically shaped, with sharp cutting edges and a solid handle. Ideal for cutting out samples for quality control from soft, paste-like substances (cheese, butter, clay, soap, wax, etc.). Stainless steel AISI 304 (1.4301) Sterilisable According to EN/ISO 707

  • PharmaSpoon


    PharmaSpoon for taking samples of powdery substances, intermediate products and material in the pharmaceutical industry. Special materials with excellent surface qualities must be used for this to prevent cross-contamination. Our PharmaSpoon fulfils these requirements. Made of stainless steel AISI…

  • 250mL narrow mouth bottle, polyethylene qty. 12

  • It is possible to carry out point sampling of liquids of varying viscosity with the stainless steel Liquid CupSampler AISI 316L (1.4404). Media-containing particles can also be sampled without difficulty. The sampler can be used in the fields of chemistry, foodstuffs and cosmetics. The cup…

  • Safely sample and dispense corrosive liquids with these high-density polyethylene plastic ladles. Rigid bowl has a handle securely welded at an ergonomically efficient angle

  • Designed to gather small amounts of sample material, especially in hard to reach containers. Long handle reaches into jars, bottles and other confined areas Minimizes the potential of personal contact with sampled material Sterile, FDA grade polystyrene safe for food, drug and…

  • 28 mm o.d. polypropylene tube with screw cap, Quantity: 50, Volume: 50 mL. Non-PFA sample vessels manufactured from plastics, such as polypropylene, polyethylene and polystyrene, are a sensible alternative to consider when breakage, surface inertness, and/or disposal costs are a concern.

  • Sterilized single pack swab. Swab is for use with the 3M™ Allergen Protein Test Kits. Individually wrapped sterile polyester swabs to collect environmental samples in the food and beverage industry for use with 3M Allergen Protein Test Kits.

  • The Steriware Powder Sampler is a very popular single use powder sampler, which continues to be a leading device in its field. Constructed from FDA conforming HDPE, the Steriware Powder Samplers are individually bagged in a cleanroom and sold in quantities of 20. Their simple operation allows…

  • Ice Borer

    Sampling Systems

    A robust and efficient sampler that is ideal for sampling ice and waxy products, the sharp cutting teeth mean that the device would be suitable for use on frozen products such as meat. Key Features Suitable for ice, wax and other similar materials. 316 Stainless Steel Operation …

  • Bucket with pouring spout Made from 316L Stainless Steel Crevice free interior Not graduated Swing handle Supplied with skirt band Drop on lid that covers spout completely (lid sold seperately)

  • Dipping bottle for testing mineral oil products Category A, Explosion Categories IIA, IIB and IIC, crude oil, liquid mineral oil products, fuels, special and test fuels, fuel oils, petroleum and liquid lubricants. Completely made from non-spark producing materials, nickel-plated. Screw-off…

  • Dip Samplers


    Dip sampler for simple removal of liquid samples. Good view due to transparent tubes. Upper end with reflux valve, lower end with ball valve. PP, transparent Dip sampler, item no. 5315-0200, steplessly extendable from 100 cm to 200 cm All-layer and point sampling possible

  • DMA 8000 Mesh Pockets (Set of 100)

  • Diameter: 30 mm

  • 200µL Sample Loops


    Tubing Adapters and Connectors provide a means to connect the component shown to the screw fittings of the PTFE tubing assemblies or to connect the tubing components described.

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