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  • Unique design of bubbler allows for fine control of purge gas within an inert gas system such as a manifold. Purge gas enters bubbler through hose connection (A) and exits thru connection (B) which is connected to manifold. The large capacity of the main chamber (C) allows for rapid purging with…

  • Design permits the cleaning of four NMR tubes at the same time. With solvent in the reservoir, rapid suction wets the inside of the NMR tube dislodging the contamination. An acetone wash followed by an air stream dries the tube in seconds. Rate of cleaning is approximately 4 tubes per minute. The…

  • Compact and simple distilling/splitter adapter for use with Chemglass process reactors. Vapor flows upward freely through the large vapors holes to the condenser. Distillate flow is directed using the valve to either the receiving flask or back to the reactor. Control valve is either a 0-4mm or a…

  • Adapter used for reduced pressure filtration with plain stem buchner funnels. Top is flared to accept the listed size pluro stopper. The hose connection has an O.D. of 10mm at the largest serration. ADAPTER IS NOT SUPPLIED WITH RUBBER PLURO STOPPER, See CG-1401.

  • Similar to CG-1293 but with the addition of a top standard taper outer joint of the same size as the lower inner joint.

  • Cajon® adapters provide the flexibility of rubber tubing and are the ideal replacement for rubber, plastic, or glass tubing in critical vacuum applications. Connections compensate for misalignment, expansion and contraction; they are compressible by at least 20%, and they are extendable by 50%…

  • Reservoirs used for storing high performance, low pressure liquid chromatography mobile phase. Complete reservoir system includes a plastic coated graduated bottle, a standard cap assembly, and solvent and sparging filters. Cap assembly fits GL45 threaded bottles and has a PTFE bulkhead with three…

  • Polypropylene hose connections with a Viton rubber seal for use with GL-14 or GL-18 glass screw threads for working temperatures up to max +110°C. Enables the connection of cooling or vacuum hose by simply screwing either style (straight or bent) onto the glass thread instead of forcing Tygon…

  • Similar to CG-170, but with a drip tip cut at a 45° angle.

  • Apparatus provides a convenient and accurate method for the determination of the concentration or purity of active metals and metal hydrides. Metals and metal hydrides that can be analyzed in this manner include borane-methyl sulfide complexes, borane tetrahydrofuran, sodium and lithium as…

  • Made to ASTM Specifications E677.

  • Shelf is constructed of plexiglass with stainless steel support rods and is supplied complete with two bossheads for attachment to the uprights of the AF-0300-02 cart assembly. Center to center on support rods is 136mm.

  • For the introduction of gases or liquids during reactions. Bleed tube is 7mm OD X 265mm overall length with a tapered delivery end and capillary tip.

  • Used to monitor gas flow to reactions while providing a vent to the atmosphere. Reservoir head prevents oil from being sucked back into the system. Volume below the sidearm is approx 40mL. Bubbler has an 8mm OD top and side tubulations.

  • Allows introduction of reactants below the interior surface. Hose connection has a O.D. of 10mm at the largest serration and is bent downward at a 90º angle to the inner joint.

  • Distilling Adapter


    Similar to CG-1235, but with the lower stopcock replaced with a 0-14mm treaded valve having Perfluoro o-rings and a 1/2” O.D. glass distillate takeoff for use with PFA compression tubing fittings. Adapter has two top outer joints and a lower inner. Style “B” with lower angled…

  • Used to purify and transfer solvents under inert conditions. Permits transfer of solvents directly into an evacuated storage vessel with 24/40 standard taper outer joints. A 0-4mm Chem-Vac™ Chem-Cap® valve is used for vacuum control.

  • Vigreux style column with indentations that run the entire length of the column for improved vapor-liquid contact. Column length refers to the effective length, measured from the lowest to highest indent in the column. Column has a top outer and lower inner standard taper joint.

  • Distillation head with condenser sealed to a Vigreux column. Top thermometer joint is a 10/18 for use with a 1” immersion thermometer. Vacuum adapter has an outer joint and accepts a CG-1279-11 distribution adapter.

  • Clear fused quartz inner joints in medium and full length.

  • Adapter permits CG-1872 series pH electrode (12mm OD) to be inserted either directly into smaller reactors or down through a CG-1872-B baffle. CG-1872-A-01 compression 24/40 joint adapters are to be used with the CG-1872-01 and CG-1872-02 electrodes/probes. The adapter allows use of these probes…

  • Adapter is designed for use with flasks or reaction vessel lids that have a 10 or 20° angled side neck. Adapter has a lower inner joint and two top outer joints. Lower stopcock is either a 6mm or a 10mm PTFE stopcock with a 1/2” or 3/4” OD distillate takeoff for use with a…

  • Adapters, Transfer


    Used in the transfer of fluids from vessels having standard taper joints.

  • Pyrex® or Duran® borosilicate glass disc.Edges on all sizes are ground and chamfered.

  • Adapter has a 2mm PTFE metering stopcock between top outer and lower inner standard taper joints to permit flow control of fluids between apparatus.

  • Designed to maintain distilled solvents in an inert atmosphere. Top of main vapor tube is open and an additional vapor tube has been added to decrease risk of pressure buildup. Upper sampling port has a 4mm PTFE stopcock with a 14/20 outer joint for use with CG-3022 septa. Lower drain is centered…

  • Drying Towers


    Cylindrical shaped drying tower has a 34/28 ground glass stopper. The stopper has a hole coinciding with a serrated hose connection sealed in the outer portion of the stopper neck and a second hose connection near the base of the cylinder. A hex base is sealed to the bottom of the tower for added stability.

  • Gas balloon having a Chem-Cap® 0-4mm high vacuum valve.

  • Graduated distilling receiver with a standard taper outer joint on top and a standard taper lower drip joint. Stopcocks are either a 2mm or 4mm PTFE. Distance between the receiver and the uptake arm: 10 and 20mL are 100mm center to center; the 50, 100 and 250mL are 150mm center to center.

  • Similar to CG-1239 but vacuum jacketed to improve efficiency. Available with Vigreux indentations in uptake tube to further increase the performance of the head. NOTE: The 14/20 size accepts a 1” immersion 7/12 or 10/18 thermometer, while the 24/40 and 29/42 sizes accept a 2”…

  • Pyrex® or Duran® borosilicate plate glass. The 1/16in, 1/8in and 1/4in thick plates have edges that are cut and swiped. The 1/2in thick and over have ground edges.

  • Distillation adapter with a top outer standard taper joint. Tapered delivery tube is bent at a 105º angle to the outer joint and extends into open receivers.

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