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  • SYNTHWARE Micro Vigreux Distillation Head

    Kemtech America

    Distillation head with condenser sealed to a Vigreux column. Vacuum adapter has an outer joint and accepts a distribution adapter (D201414). To be used with a 25mm immersion thermometer.

  • PYREX Solid Glass Beads


    3 to 6 mm in diameter Diameter tolerance is ±0.75 mm PYREX solid glass beads are useful for packing in distillation columns, mixing beads and boiling stones. Beads are packaged in 0.45 kg (1 lb) boxes, which have a packing volume of approximately 360 cm 3 or 22 cubic inches.

  • Synthware Distillation Connecting Adapters

    Kemtech America

    Synthware distillation connecting adapter. With standard taper top outer joint and inner joints at bottom and the side arm. Bottom and side arm joints are angled at 75 degrees to one another.

  • Distilling Column, Vigreux

    Ace Glass

    With standard taper 24/40 joints. Length in centimeters refers to the effective length of the column as measured from the lowest to the highest indent of the column.

  • Glass Stirring Rod

    United Scientific Supplies

    Soft Glass Stirring Rod, both ends round.

  • Pressure Reactor, Two-Piece, Plain Flask

    Ace Glass

    Complete, two-piece, plain flask, pressure reactor system designed to perform low to moderate positive pressure reactions, synthesis and catalysis. Reactor capacities range from 500ml to 5000ml and use Ace-Threds to achieve a leak-tight system. Two-piece (flanged flask and head) design allows the…

  • SYNTHWARE Snyder Distillation Column

    Kemtech America

    Snyder Distillation Column, 3 Section Top Outer Joint: 24/40 Lower Inner Joint: 24/40 Column Height: 150mm Overall Height: 300mm For use with Kuderna-Danish flask.

  • Scienceware® Flu-Kem® Sleeves

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    Micro-thin sleeves made of virgin PTFE fit snugly on fulllength ground glass joints to keep them from seizing, leaking or galling. Used without lubricants or adhesives, they are chemically inert, preclude contamination, and withstand temperatures from -100°C (148°F) to 250°C (482°F). The sleeves…

  • Gas Dispersion Tube, Fritted


    Hollow fritted cylinder at the end of an 8mm O.D. tube. Cylinder is approximately 12mm O.D. x 20mm long. Overall length is approximately 10 inches.

  • Thermometer Inlet Adapters

    Across International

    Ai Thermometer Inlet Adapter with Sealing Gasket.

  • Synthware Vacuum Adapters with Outer Joints & PTFE Stopcocks

    Kemtech America

    Synthware vacuum adapter with a serrated hose connection turned 90 degrees to the standard taper outer joint. The PTFE stopcock has a 2 mm bore and is used to regulate the flow of gasses or liquids into reaction systems.

  • Borosil® Reusable Polished Glass Solid Stirring Rods


    Borosil® Polished Glass Solid Stirring Rods are constructed from smooth, low-expansion, low-extractable borosilicate glass. Their mechanical strength, excellent heat resistance, and outstanding chemical compatibility make them the perfect general use stirrer. Borosil® Glass Stirrers…

  • Vigreux Distillation Columns

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Vigreux distilling column with indentations over the entire length for improved vapor-liquid contact. KIMAX® column has a Standard Taper outer joint at the top and a Standard Taper inner joint at the bottom Manufactured from 33 expansion, low extractable borosilicate glass conforming…

  • Spherical Joints, O-Ring Ball Members


    Ball joint with a Viton o-ring fitted into a groove tooled at the midpoint of the grind. Provides for a flexible, vacuum tight seal when used with CG-121-P polished socket joints. Supplied complete with one Viton o-ring of the listed size.

  • PTFE Sleeves, Fluro-Kem®


    A .002in thick PTFE sleeve for standard taper joints provides a grease-free seal. Sold in packages of 3 each.

  • Mosquito Feeders, Small, 14mm Diameter Feed Area, Membrane Style, Glass


    Glass mosquito feeder with an outer chamber for circulating 37°C water and an inner chamber into which the blood is injected. Mosquito feeding area is 14mm diameter. Parafilm™ is stretched over the lower portion of the inner chamber. The assembled feeder is held on top of the screened…

  • Ground Joints, Inner, with Drip Tips


    Full or medium length standard taper inner joint having a drip tip. Joints are available uncut or with the drip tip being cut at a 45° angle. Tooled on the same tubing sizes as the CG-100 inner joints.

  • Glass Rods


  • Distilling Receivers


    Graduated distilling receiver with a standard taper outer joint on top and a standard taper lower drip joint. Stopcocks are either a 2mm or 4mm PTFE. Distance between the receiver and the uptake arm: 10 and 20mL are 100mm center to center; the 50, 100 and 250mL are 150mm center to center.

  • Borosilicate Glass Stir Rods

    GSC International, Inc.

    Borosilicate Glass with Fire Polished Ends

  • Moisture Test Receiver, Bidwell & Sterling

    Ace Glass

    For determination of moisture contents in foods, fatty acids, etc. Conforms to specifications of ASTM and A.O.A.C.

  • SYNTHWARE Dean Stark Distillation Receivers with Vacuum Jacketed Uptake Tubes

    Kemtech America

    Similar to D451414-series but with the uptake tube vacuum jacketed to improve distillation performance. The jacket eliminates the possibility of condensation or recrystallization of distillate in the sidearm. With 2mm PTFE stopcock.

  • SYNTHWARE Vigreux Distilling Columns

    Kemtech America

    Column length is measured from the highest to lowest indent in the column.

  • Ground Joints, Inner, Medium Length


    Standard taper ground inner joint, medium length.

  • Plate Glass, Square, Borosilicate


    Pyrex® or Duran® borosilicate plate glass. The 1/16in, 1/8in and 1/4in thick plates have edges that are cut and swiped. The 1/2in thick and over have ground edges.

  • NMR Tube Cleaner, 5-Position


    All glass and PTFE design cleans five NMR tubes of the same, or various, lengths and diameters. PTFE adapter has five positions with flexible 1/8 " PTFE tubing supplied in 9 " lengths that can be cut to desired height. The NMR tube is placed over the tubing and seats in the adapter,…

  • Spherical Joints, Compatible with Buchi Rotary Evaporators


    Special S-40 size ball and sockets compatible with Buchi rotary evaporator components. Both the ball and socket are tooled on Duran 34 mm O.D. x 2.8mm wall tubing.

  • Monier-Williams Sulfites Distillation Apparatus

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    For the determination of free sulfite and a reproducible portion of the bound sulfites in food, such as the carbonyl addition products. To ensure a complete seal during the analysis, each joint should be clamped Five clamps are supplied with the complete apparatus Manufactured from 33…

  • Glass & Zirconia Beads


    Glass has a density of 2.5 g/cc and is the most commonly used bead media for "beadbeating." Beads are sold in one pound bottles with easy pour spouts. Zirconia beads have a density of 5.5g/cc (Twice as dense as glass beads - good for tough tissue). Sold in one pound bottles. …

  • Synthware Vacuum Distilling Adapters

    Kemtech America

    With two standard taper inner joints that are parallel and at a 75 degree angle to the connecting tube. Distance between joints is 100mm.

  • Gas Equilibrium Assembly

    Ace Glass

    A practical set-up for the study of chemistry which involves the reaction of a gas-liquid or a liquid-solid heterogeneous system. The agitator permits gas introduced through side arm of the bearing to enter the hollow agitator shaft and pass into the reaction system underneath the disc which…

  • Glass Inlet or Outlet Adapters


    JULABO Reaction Solutions heavy walled glass inlet / outlet adapters with standard taper ground glass joints and 90° 3/8" single or dual glass hose barbs. For connections to glass apparatus to supply vacuum, pressure, venting or gas supply.

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