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  • BEVEL-SEAL™ Inlet Adapters

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    For use with plain thermometers, pipets, syringes or other small items with an OD from 2 to 17 mm. A vacuum-tight seal is created with the open top compression cap and FKM o-ring to allow adjustable immersion of thermometers Cap is suitable for use to 150 °C To use it as a septum…

  • Similar to No. 7759, except with 2mm bore PTFE stopcock on 20 and 80mL sizes, 3mm bore PTFE on 250mL size. In addition to collecting and filtering, this vessel may be used as a crystallizer. With two standard taper 14/20 or 24/25 outer joints and two standard taper 14/35 or 24/40 inner. With…

  • Standard taper ioint with lower tube reduced in diameter to size listed. Length of extended tube 101mm.

  • Snyder Distillation Column, 3 Section Top Outer Joint: 24/40 Lower Inner Joint: 24/40 Column Height: 150mm Overall Height: 300mm For use with Kuderna-Danish flask.

  • Tubes, Drying

    Ace Glass

    Bent gooseneck type drying tube. Code -02 uses #00 rubber stopper, code -04, uses #3.

  • Adapters, Bushing


    Bushing style adapter having a lower standard taper inner joint and outer joint ground in the bore of the adapter. Adapters having a 10/18 or 10/30 outer member in the bore are used to insert thermometers into apparatus.

  • Gas Inlet/Outlet Adapter, Microscale, Synthware, Joint: 14/10, Hose Connection OD: 8mm.

  • Glass Stirring Rod

    United Scientific Supplies

    Soft Glass Stirring Rod, both ends round.

  • Adapter, Reducing

    Ace Glass

    Connecting, reducing adapter with top female joint being smaller than the bottom male joint.

  • SYNTHWARE Sublimators

    Kemtech America

    Sublimator, Two Piece, Synthware, Various sizes are available. O-Ring Size: 217, 226, or 229, Clamp Size: 35, 65, or 75 available.

  • Flange is formed with a groove in the flat portion of the mating surface to accept an O-Ring. The flange also has a ground surface, permitting assembly with either the CG-148 flat flange or CG-149 lid blank using grease. In the greased application, the O-Ring groove prevents grease from entering…

  • Borosilicate glass connecting tubes for Model R220 rotary evaporator. These components match various connecting tubes for all the rotary evaporator glass sets. The tubes are used in the upper glass assemblies to connect the various condensers and expansion tanks.

  • Synthware straight drying tube. With top outer and lower inner standard taper joints of the same size.

  • Microscale sublimation adapter for use with 9591-21 Vial and 9592-10 Flask. Supplied with 14/10 inner joint. Hose connection is size A.

  • Replacement vapor duct tube for Buchi rotary evaporators. The 45mm length fits V assemblies and the 160mm length fits A assemblies. End joints are available in [ST] 29/32, [ST] 24/40, or [ST] 29/42 inner. The middle joint is tooled to fit the specific rotary evaporator for which it was designed.…

  • With return line to allow excess solvent to return to boiling flask. Suitable for ASTM D 95 and E 123. Joints are 24/40.

  • Connecting tube, 90 degree angle, with ends having constriction to hold rubber tubing securely. Sold in packages of 6.

  • Cow-type design having three receivers spaced 40° apart. 105° angle between top outer joint and lower inner joints.

  • Borosilicate glass components for model R220 rotary evaporators. Traps are both inner and outer cold traps available either safety coated or plain. This improved version utilizes flat ground flanges on the inner and outer trap that is sealed together with a Duran quick- release clamp. Outer traps…

  • Adapters, Claisen


    Adapter has a standard taper outer joint at the top of the main tube for use with jointed thermometers. The 10/18 size is used with 10/18, 25mm immersion thermometers while the 10/30 is for use with CG-3506, 75mm immersion thermometers. Sidearm has a standard taper outer joint with main tube having…

  • Fabricated from 18-8 type Stainless Steel No. 303 free machining. Inside diameter the same as our glass joints, 7655, and are fully interchangeable. Can also be supplied from other metals, made to order. Shanks are machined for thread sizes listed, and are available not threaded or machined with…

  • Glass Wool

    United Scientific Supplies

    Non-flammable glass wool for use in general laboratory and industrial applications. Used for filtering out fine precipitates where filter papers are not suitable and the intertwined borosilicate glass fibers provide thermal insulation.

  • Vigreux Distillation Columns

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Vigreux distilling column with indentations over the entire length for improved vapor-liquid contact. KIMAX® column has a Standard Taper outer joint at the top and a Standard Taper inner joint at the bottom Manufactured from 33 expansion, low extractable borosilicate glass conforming…

  • Dean-Stark receiver used for determining the water content of various materials. Can be used with ASTM Method D-95 along with similar ASTM methods. The 10mL size has subdivisions of 0.1 from 0 to 2mL, and 0.2 from 2 to 10mL. The 25mL size has subdivisions of 0.1 from 0 to 2mL and 0.2 from 2 to 25mL.

  • Glass standard taper and spherical joint adapters featuring a right angle ground glass sidearm. The sidearm is used to make tube compression fitting connection to a wide variety of flexible and rigid tubing using our 12709,12711,12715 & 12716 product families of fittings.

  • With standard taper 24/40 joint and 8mm O.D. outlet tube bent at 75 degree angle.

  • Adapter, standard taper joint, 13mm OD center tube with bead,6mm OD tube end side arm.

  • Reservoirs used for storing high performance, low pressure liquid chromatography mobile phase. Complete reservoir system includes a plastic coated graduated bottle, a standard cap assembly, and solvent and sparging filters. Cap assembly fits GL45 threaded bottles and has a PTFE bulkhead with three…

  • Bidwell-Sterling designed for the determination of moisture in foods and organics. 1178W31 has a drip tip Made to ASTM specifications E123 Also conforms to many methods of the American Oil Chemists Society Manufactured from 33 expansion, low extractable borosilicate glass…

  • Adapter #15 O-ring joint to 10 OR 16mm Hose Connection

  • For easy separation of water from reaction or distillation system.

  • Adapter with ground joint at bottom and either a #11, #15, #25 or #36 Ace-Thred at top.,/p>

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