Lab Clamps, Stands & Supports

Durable laboratory clamps and supports are essential within the lab and can assist with the holding of test tubes and flasks.
Lab clamps securely hold equipment in place and prevent accidental movements or spillages during applications. Benefit from a hands-free operation, precise positioning, and adjustment features to achieve clear and accurate results.
Options include three-prong clamps, perfect for clamping glassware and apparatus to a ring stand. Thermometer clamps carry features of adjustable 360-rotating jaws and are suitable for attaching ½ diameter rods and thermometers.
Clamps are available in various designs and sizes and are carefully constructed to be compatible with other lab accessories to ensure convenience and ease of use. Safety features can also reduce the risk of accidents and spillages.
Lamp clamp accessories include lab stands, beaker stands, and tripod burner stands, which will assist you with achieving smooth, accurate results.

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  • Accommodates (1/2") rod. Locked with 14"-20 hex screws.

  • MilliporeSigma

    Made entirely of electropolished stainless steel for excellent chemical resistance and strength. Round extension arms allow the clamps to be rotated 360. Extension arms allow placement of apparatus at various distances from lab frames. Supplied with vinyl and fiberglass prong covers for high…

  • HIGH QUALITY Rod made of high quality steel STABILITY   Provides superb stability for experiments & setups THREADED Threaded end (10 x 1.5mm) fits in all Eisco bases GREAT FOR CLASSROOM & HOME LABORATORIES The durable and sturdy construction of this set makes it an…

  • This scissor jack is crafted of the highest quality materials and is built to last. It has a total weight of about 1.2 lbs. (540 g) and opens to a maximum height of 6". It has a Dynamic Load of 2kg and static strength of 15kg. Also available in 6.5"x5" platform size (SSJCT20) and…

  • Stainless steel Pinch clamps are for use with O-ring and ball and socket clamps All sizes except 1236D18 and 1236D20 have screw locking devices. Only screw locking clamps are recommended for O-ring joints. All clamps are made of 304 –18/8 Stainless Steel.

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    Made of Delrin®, the clamp is non-corrosive and will not scratch glass. Can be used to 140°C. Color coded for easy identification. SOLD IN PACKAGES OF 10.

  • Made from high grade Zinc Alloy, finished in a non-toxic powder coating. Two wide pad metal screws make it easier to securely fasten the bosshead to the support apparatus and clamp. Able to hold rods up to 16 mm in diameter. Holds rods orthogonal (90 degrees) to one another. Eisco Labs proudly…

  • Similar in design to our Screw Compressor Clamps except that the compression adjustment screw has a 1" (25mm) diameter serrated head for greater leverage. The clamps are constructed from brass and plated for corrosion resistance.

  • GSC International, Inc.

    Nickel plated steel. Overall length 5".

  • Closed Retort Ring made from plated mild steel Stem measures 5.5" in length Rod diameter measure 0.25"  

  • Screw Clamp Offers on/off and fine control so accurate it replaces stopcocks in many applications Can be installed without disconnecting tubing Molded of Delrin® plastic Clamp is autoclavable and resistant to acids, alkalis and organic solvents Accepts flexible tubing up to 14mm…

  • Corrosion resistant. Has precise fit and powerful holding ability. Clamps at a 90 degree angle. Legal Information: LabJaws is a trademark of Henry Troemner LLC

  • quick-ship

    GSC International, Inc.

    A cast iron clamp with nickel plated steel set screws. Sold individually. Available in the following sizes: 2" OD 3" OD 4" OD 5" OD 6" OD

  • Eisco

    Aluminum alloy clamp Metal clamping screws Includes: (1) Boss head For use with laboratory stands, this popular boss head is made of die casted alloy with a powder coat finish. It accepts rods at a right angle to one another. Metal thumbscrews allow for adjustment.  

  • United Scientific Supplies

    These clamps are molded in polypropylene, making them completely corrosion proof. The spring loaded jack in the middle provides a vice-like grip to the burette and prevents in from slipping. Two tapered wedges are provided to ensure firm grip on the rods having diameter 0.5" or3/8".…

  • Chemglass

    SUPPORT BASES, RECTANGULAR SHAPED Base is made of cast iron with a black baked finish. Dimensions are 140 x 200mm. Base has two holes, one centered and one at the end of the short side. Rod is 10mm O.D. x 600mm (24”) in height. Total assembled weight is 1Kg. SUBLIMATION APPARATUS,Two-piece…

  • Support Jack provide for stable height adjustment and support for items in the lab such as flasks, baths or hot plate stirrers. Top and bottom plates are constructed of stainless steel while the support mechanism is made of chrome plated steel.

  • GSC International, Inc.

    Burner tri-pod with cast iron ring and nickel plated threaded legs. Sold individually.

  • quick-ship

    United Scientific Supplies

    Clamp holders for rods up to 19mm (0.75") in diameter. Available in Cast Iron or Brass.

  • Clamp Universal, Cork lined Durable, premium stainless steel construction convenient tommy bar style thumbscrew for easy and secure tightening 100mm jaw capacity Cork lined jaws provide a stable hold 11" total clamp length High quality, durable 3 prong clamp with…

  • Heavy Duty Bosshead, Chrome Plated, Fits Rods up to 20mm Diameter Heavy duty bosshead Die casted alloy with chrome plated  or black finish Accepts rods measuring up to 20mm in diameter Large thumb screws and grooved knobs for easy adjustments (1) Boss head This…

  • Adjustable Band Clamps provide a unique and efficient clamping mechanism for objects of any shape and size. The same clamp can be used to handle a gallon container or fit snugly to hold a small thermometer, reducing the need to stock numerous clamp sizes and reducing time spent looking for the…

  • Slide Staining Rack Constructed of stainless steel, the Talboys Slide Staining Rack will resist corrosion under normal use. Adjustable to fit trays or sinks up to 533mm (21") inside.

  • The materials steel and aluminium ensure that the stop-it metal is extremly heat resistant and sturdy. The hose clip is available in four different sizes, for hose diameters up to max. 30 mm. The hose clip can be used wherever the flow in hoses with liquids or gases needs to be regulated or…

  • United Scientific Supplies

    Connect this clamp to any support rod and set up to three separate pendulum demonstrations. Includes individual cord clamps.

  • United Scientific Supplies

    This silicone flask stand can support round bottom flasks as large as 2000 mL, as well as other items like beakers and dishes. The stand has 12 molded-in steps to provide a secure grip for a wide range of flasks. The silicone material that is heat resistant to 250° C. Flask stand…

  • One-piece clamp for securing flat flanges as found on our 6504,6511 & 6516 reaction kettles. Powder coated, high strength aluminum clamp features three brass, stainless steel spring-loaded lugs with nylon knobs which quickly secure the assembly when pi

  • LabJaws offers the largest selection of Lab-Frame Kits, Lab-Lifts, Rods and Support Stands in the industry to hold glassware safely. Whether you’re looking for a standard lab-frame or a customizable set-up, we have options to fit any space or application. Select from 13 pre-configured…

  • Glas-Col

    Horseshoe-base laboratory stand with 11/16 (17mm) diameter stainless steel mast. Accepts containers up to 9" (229mm) diameter. Designed for durability, these lab stands are designed for the lab bench

  • Horseshoe Style Clamp, Synthware, Available for 57mm or 80mm flange sizes, manufactured from aluminum with black epoxy coating.

  • The Humboldt Mfg. Co test tube clamp is suitable for use in research facilities and chemical laboratories while conducting experiments. It is made of high quality material which ensures durability and long lasting usage.

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