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  • Multiple Well Plates

    Celltreat Scientific
    Available in 6, 12, 24, 48 and 96 well flat bottom configurations NEW — 96 well plates now available with a round bottom Plates are labeled with alpha-numeric markings for easy identification of individual wells Each well has a raised rim which nests into the rings on the single…
  • Tissue Culture Flasks, Canted Neck Design

    Sterile Disposable Anti-tip skirt available for added security Designed for maximum growth of anchorage dependent cells. Canted neck for easy access to growth surface. A choice of phenolic style caps, plug seal caps and vented caps for sterile gas exchange. The 75 cm 2 canted neck tissue…
  • Falcon® Vented Cell Culture Flasks

    Vacuum-gas plasma tissue culture-treatment provides consistent cell attachment, spreading and growth Sterilized by gamma radiation Non-pyrogenic Volumetric graduations and writing patch Vented caps incorporate a 0.2 µm hydrophobic membrane Phenolic caps contain non-toxic liners…
  • Tissue Culture Flasks

    Celltreat Scientific
    CELLTREAT Tissue Culture flasks are manufactured under the most stringent conditions and include a 100% integrity test to assure the reliability with your tissue and cell culture work. Class 100,000 clean room, USP class VI virgin polystyrene, and ISO 9001:2000 quality management systems all…
  • Tissue Culture Flasks

    Techne (Bibby Scientific US)
    Designed for stirring suspension cell cultures containing microcarriers Borosilicate glass Graduated Entire flask assembly can be autoclaved Suitable for conventional suspension cell cultures Produce improved cell yields over culture flasks which have suspended bar magnet.…
  • 1000 ml Celstir, Jacketed, Complete

    In today’s market the Celstir design is the standard flask type for cell culture. Celstir flasks feature adjustable blade impeller for increased aeration and dimpled bottom to prevent the accumulation of cells under the impeller (dimpled bottom on 125 mL size and larger). When used with the Micro-…
  • PYREX Low Form Culture Flasks

    Maximum o.d. 250 mm; height 195 mm Takes number 6 1/2 rubber stopper Capacity 2,500 mL
  • Triangular Angled Neck Cell Culture Flasks

    Treated for optimal cell attachment 25 cm 2 size 10 mL maximum working volume Polystyrene construction Triangular angled neck cell culture flasks have been treated for optimal cell attachment. Manufactured from optically clear virgin polystyrene, they are sterilized by gamma irradiation and…
  • 225 cm Cell Culture Flasks

    370 mL maximum working volume Angled or canted neck style Rectangular or traditional flask style Certified non-pyrogenic Sterilized by gamma irradiation Optically clear virgin polystyrene material Corning cell culture flasks are manufactured under strict process…
  • Spinner Flask Accessories

    A range of accessories are available for use with Proculture® Spinner Flasks. ?Sidearm fittings for gas handling can be used to provide gases into larger Spinner Flasks with vertical sidearms during cell culture to enhance the productivity of the cell culture. Together with O2,…
  • CELLSTAR T182 Flask

  • Non-Treated Cell Culture Flasks

    NEST Scientific USA
    Nest cell culture flasks are available in cell growth areas ranging from 25cm2 to 225cm2. Tissue culture treated or non-treated flasks available with a vent cap or plug seal cap to meet your needs. Vent caps with 0.22 um hydrophobic filters for gas exchange. Angled neck for easy access…

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