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  • Tissue Culture Flasks, Canted Neck Design

    Sterile Disposable Anti-tip skirt available for added security Designed for maximum growth of anchorage dependent cells. Canted neck for easy access to growth surface. A choice of phenolic style caps, plug seal caps and vented caps for sterile gas exchange. The 75 cm 2 canted neck tissue…
  • Tissue Culture Flasks

    Celltreat Scientific
    CELLTREAT Tissue Culture flasks are manufactured under the most stringent conditions and include a 100% integrity test to assure the reliability with your tissue and cell culture work. Class 100,000 clean room, USP class VI virgin polystyrene, and ISO 9001:2000 quality management systems all…
  • 75 cm Cell Culture Flasks

    60 mL maximum working area Angled or canted neck style Rectangular or modified triangular flask style Certified non-pyrogenic Sterilized by gamma irradiation Optically clear virgin polystyrene material Corning cell culture flasks are manufactured under strict process…
  • Falcon® Non-Vented Cell Culture Flasks

    Vacuum-gas plasma tissue culture-treatment provides consistent cell attachment, spreading and growth Sterilized by gamma radiation Non-pyrogenic Volumetric graduations and writing patch Phenolic caps contain non-toxic liners Manufactured under a registered ISO 9001 Quality System Growth…
  • PYREX Trypsinizing Flasks

    Beaded neck Baffled These PYREX trypsinizing flasks are used for converting homogenous tissue samples into cell suspensions by digestion of connective proteins. ?Heavy beaded neck accepts cotton plugs. Four extra deep baffles enhance vigorous agitation.
  • TubeRollers

    Gentle rolling motion Smooth +/-5° tilt action For tubes/bottles from 8mm to 200mm diameter Two models: 5 roller and 10 roller Benchmark TubeRollers are designed for the gentle, thorough mixing of a variety of containers, including? Vacutainers™, bottles, test tubes, centrifuge…
  • CellBind Rectangular Canted Neck Cell Culture Flask

    Helps adapt cells to reduced serum or serum-free conditions 25, 75 or 150 cm 2 sizes 10, 60 or 210 mL maximum working volumes Rectangular canted neck cell culture flasks have been treated with a patented Corning® CellBIND surface treatment for optimal cell attachment. Manufactured from…
  • Class A Shake Flask with Extra Deep Baffles

    Bellco Glass 
    Shake Flasks are the basic tool for growth studies of aerobic microbial cultures and have rigidly controlled baffle angles and depths to promote optimal oxygen transfer while reducing vortex formation. Designed for use with Orbital Shakers. Break resistant lip Three extra deep side baffles…

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