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TPP tissue culture flasks T300 flask, 300 cm2, polystyrene, opto-mechanical treated, filtered cap

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Synonym: T300 flask, cell culture flask, tissue culture flask

The inside surface treatment by TPP provides an optimal growth surface on the flask base for the most varied matrix-dependent tissue cultures. The untreated side and top inside surfaces reduce the amount of cell loss during the separation phases, because undesired tissue adhesion outside the growth zone is diminished. The flask′s innovative shape is of such a design that devices inserted through the flask′s neck have optimal access to the entire base surface. This means that there are no "dead" corners that cannot be reached with pipettes or cell scrapers.

This excellent accessibility is due to the large neck opening and the favorable angle of inclination. The angled neck also reduces the chance of accidental spills and permits "dribble-free" pouring.

When the vented screw cap is tightened to the end position, the closed tissue culture flask is liquid and gas tight. By simply unscrewing the cap one quarter of a turn, the flask is in the "VENT" position, with the inside of the flask being aerated through a defined gap opening. This guarantees that the gas exchange with the environment and the possible risk of contamination are kept to a minimum. In addition, the special flat thread profile of the caps stops excess tightening and thus allows the caps to be re-used multiple times.

The TPP filter cap has a welded membrane in the cap cavity to offer free gas exchange without gas flow alteration. For optimal flask breathing, all membranes are proportionally dimensioned to each cap size. The microporous hydrophobic membrane (cytotoxic free) itself is constructed of 2 layers of membrane material based on a white acrylic copolymer over nylon support. With an airflow rate of 4.5 (LPM/3.7cm2/13.5psi), the gas exchange properties of the filtered flasks are comparable to that of the standard cap flasks.

Material: polystyrene

Sterility: sterile

Feature: filtered cap

Mfr. No.: 90301

Packaging: case of 18; pack of 3

Availability: available only in USA

Capacity: 410 mL

External L x W x H: 270 mm × 170 mm × 45 mm

Surface Area: 300 cm2 , growth surface (cm2)

Working Volume: 30-40 mL

Matrix Active Group: growth area is opto-mechanical treated; enhances cell adhesion and cell growth surface treatment

Suitability: suitable for (cell culture; tissue culture)

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