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  • Plain Dissolution Test Vessel

    SP Wilmad-LabGlass

    Made of borosilicate glass, these dissolution test vessels/flasks have smooth hemispherical bottoms, straight sides, and flat flanges. Reference: USP 23 (711)

  • KIMAX Dissolution Flask

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Capacity 1000 mL, 108 mm o.d. x 165 mm high Precision-formed borosilicate glass flask for determining the relative dissolution characteristics of drugs in capsule or tablet form. Flasks are suitable for use with most existing equipment.

  • Glass Dissolution Test Vessels

    Thermo Scientific Sun SRi

    Type 1, Class A borosilicate glass Meets all USP XXIV, Monograph <711> specifications Precision formed with flat flange and hemispherical bottom Glass vessels are sterilized Graduations in 50mL increments, from 400mL to 1000mL

  • Made of borosilicate glass, these freeze drying flasks are used with VirTis® lyophilizing equipment. Openings are extra-wide for efficient shell freezing and suited for bulky samples. Wall thickness of flask is designed for vacuum applications. These flasks are supplied with a nylon translucent…

  • Graduated and sterilized, for use with popular dissolution testers Individual serial numbers Precision-made Fits popular instrumentation Borosilicate glass, round-bottom dissolution vessel for use with Vankel, Distek and others. Each flask is individually numbered for…

  • Electrochemical Cell

    SP Wilmad-LabGlass

    This electrochemical cell glassware is designed to measure the standard potential of energy released in any spontaneous redox reaction. Electron transfer takes place through an external pathway rather than directly between reactants. Measured voltage is easily obtained with a digital voltmeter.…

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