Vacuum Pump Chemical Resistant

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Vacuum Pump Chemical Resistant
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  • Combination Vacuum Pumps


    Combination vacuum pumps integrate a high performance rotary vane pump with a chemical-resistant diaphragm pump to create a low maintenance, longer-lasting pump. The diaphragm pump removes the condensable vapors in the rotary vane pump before they can contaminate the oil, thus extending the life of…

  • WP6110060


    The Chemical Duty Pump has a chemically-resistant head and diaphragm for use with corrosive chemicals and solvents. Pump comes with 70 cm of 1/4" tubing and a Millex FA50 filter for in-line moisture protection UL listed and CE marked 100 V/50 Hz

  • Compact Oil-Free Diaphragm Pumps and Regulators


    …The ME1C incorporates a PTFE head to provide a full fluoropolymer flow path for maximum chemical resistance to the most challenging applications. Quiet & Reliable These new pumps offer whisper-quiet operation, low vibration, and long service intervals: 10,000-15,000 operating…

  • DryFast Collegiate PTFE Vacuum Pumps


    Tune-able Vacuum for Chemical Applications - filtrations and volatile solvent evaporations - rotovaps, concentrators, & vacuum ovens. Achieve precise vacuum control for organic evaporations with Welch's Advanced Vapor Management (AVM). Choose from six dry PTFE vacuum pump models with flows…

  • Freeze Dryer Vacuum System


    Direct drive Large oil capacity Resists chemical attack This direct-drive freeze dryer vacuum system is designed to handle the harsh chemical mixtures - TFA, TFA by-products, acetonitrile, and/or HBr - removed during sample drying. Oil is continuously filtered and these acids are…

  • High Output & Chemical Duty Pumps


    …Output and Chemical Duty pumps can support high flow rates to decrease process filtration time. The High Output Pump features a piston-driven design for greater power. The Chemical Duty Pump has a chemically-resistant head and diaphragm for use with corrosive chemicals and solvents. Both pumps come…

  • EZ-Stream Vacuum Pump


    pumps and a better flow rate when compared to other liquid pumps. Maintenance-free The EZ-Stream™ pump technology and the materials of construction provide reliable vacuum performance and make the pump maintenance-free. The diaphragm is made of highly durable chemically resistant

  • Chemstar Vacuum Pumps


    …Plated or Anodized, or Chemical Resistant Grade Cast Iron. Reduced Frictional Wear: Lower rotational speed results in less wear, cooler running and longer service life. ChemStar pumps rotate at speeds less than 580 RPM, compared with over 1700 RPM of direct-drive vacuum pumps. Dry Nitrogen Purge…

  • Portable 12 VDC Motor Vacuum Pumps


    GEMINI® Dry Vacuum Pumps - Powerful Go-Anywhere Vacuum. Use in lab or field - Portable, Quiet. GEMINI pumps are DC powered – plug in to your vehicle or standard 115V outlet. Perfect for sampling, filtration, degassing, and other mid-vacuum applications. Advanced chemical resistance enables use with…

  • Clear Drying Chambers And Accessories


    …high performance and portability. Compact pump fits easily into the cabinets of FreeZone console model freeze dry systems and CentriVap Mobile Systems. Chemical-Resistant Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps are designed for use with acids and other harsh chemicals including TFA, TFA by-products, acetonitrile,…

  • V-700 Vacuum Pump


    …ultimate vacuum of <10mbar. Designed with modularity in mind, it's easy to upgrade your vacuum solution from the basic pump to a professional system with digital controller. Eliminate inconsistent vacuum settings and bumping by introducing a needle valve manometer paired with your vacuum pump

  • Thomas Chem-Resistant Check Valve


    …water, chemical processing, and alcohols. Use for liquids, gases, pressure, and vacuum applications. Operating ranges are 0 to 50 PSI and -40 to 126°C. Autoclavable, zero maintenance, 1-1/4 inch length unit installs in any position. Prevents damage to equipment, pumps, and flow…

  • Refrigerated, Acid-Resistant CentriVap


    …pressed Automatic vacuum release valve Built-in vacuum delay allows rotor to achieve speed before applying vacuum Audible alarm to signal completion of set point run time 1/2" OD aluminum hose fitting for connection to vacuum tubing. Vacuum pump is not included Vacuum port with quick…

  • VO Series Vacuum Ovens


    …the thermoshelves for our vacuum drying oven are made of anodised and surface-enhanced aluminium as standard. For applications with highly corrosive materials we optionally recommend that you choose stainless steel thermoshelves because of their resistance to chemicals. Stainless steel shelves are…

  • Rotary Evaporator Accessories


    …Valve control vacuum pump can be combined with a condensate cooler. Two-stage diaphragm pump is made from chemically resistant materials. High-suction capacity of 1.7 m 3 /h provides fast evacuation. Achieves ultimate vacuum of 9 mbar. Rotovac Vario Control Vacuum Pump (4353A89) has…

  • Vacufuge PL w/Pump and Junction, No Rotor, 120V


    … Complete with pump and vacuum junction to fit your labs specific needs Extremely quiet operation <50 dB(A), even with pump turned on, to benefit your work environment Chemical-resistant, maintenance-free PTFE diaphragm pump eliminates the need for changing pump oil Small footprint…

  • Direct Drive Pump Oil


    …in most high vacuum pumps including Welch, Precision, Leybold, Alcatel, Edwards and of course, HyVac Pumps. HyVac Direct Drive oil should be employed where direct drive pumps are used such as the Leybold-Heraeus, Edwards, and Alcatel vacuum pumps. High oxidation resistance and low chemical

  • Vacuum Pump


    vacuum and extracting liquids and vapors*. Designed for excellent performance: Very low water consumption, constant ultimate pressure and high suction capacity . Pump fluid: water Overall length: approximately 210 mm (R 3/4'' connector fitted) High chemical resistance,

  • Vacuum Pump V-300


    The economical and silent vacuum source The chemically resistant PTFE diaphragm vacuum pump impresses with its very silent and economical operation. With a flow rate of 1.8 m 3 /h and an ultimate vacuum of 5 mbar, it is optimally suited to be combined with the Rotavapor® R-300. Your…

  • Vacuum Aspirator Collection System

    Bel-Art Products

    …(76dbs or less at 1 meter); minimal pump vibration Chemical and corrosion resistant polypropylene collection bottle features heavy wall construction and a safety release vent to prevent vacuum implosion Replaceable hydrophobic filter protects the pump motor from fluid contamination …

  • ChemStar Dry - Oil-Free Deep Vacuum System


    …deep vacuum. ChemStar Dry excels where no dry vacuum pump has before – the first practical alternative to oil-seal rotary vane pumps. ChemStar Dry automates High Performance vapor flow (to 150L/min) at working vacuum levels (0.08 to 10 torr). Chemical resistant, max. vacuum is 0.05…

  • Silicone-Free, Ultra High Vacuum Grease


    Ultra-High Vacuum Grease Halogen free Non-contaminating and non-toxic Stable and chemically inert Features an ultra high vacuum range, anti-seize properties, high load lubricant and ambient temperatures. Vapor pressure of lower than 10-10 Torr at 20°C. Provides eight times the level of…

  • EFTE/PFA 4-headed diaphragm vaccum pump, 115V 60Hz

    Thermo Scientific

    Oil-Free Vacuum Pumps for Vacuum Concentrators are designed for a wide variety of laboratory applications. They have high chemical resistance, quiet running and eliminates oil mist vapors because it doesn't consume or require any oil to operate.

  • Vacuum Pump V-100


    The Vacuum Pump V-100 is an economical and chemically resistant PTFE diaphragm vacuum pump with a space saving design. It covers the essential needs in vacuum generation. On/offregulated by the Interface I-100, it is optimally suited to work with the Rotavapor® R-100. The ready to use vacuum pump

  • DryFast Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps


    Durable, chemical resistant PTFE construction Easy to operate and maintain Use Welch ® DryFast ® diaphragm vacuum pumps for tough applications requiring chemical resistance. DryFast’s Advanced Vapor Management controls vacuum for precise distillations using handy…

  • V-710 Vacuum Pumps


    …V-710 vacuum pump has high flow rates and low ultimate vacuum ideal for wet chemistry. The 3-stage, four-head PTFE diaphragm pump is designed to pull an ultimate vacuum of 2mbar and a high flow rate of 3.1 m 3 /hr. Designed for multiple rotary evaporators using one pump, evaporation…

  • Acid-Resistant CentriVap Centrifugal Vacuum Concentrator


    …rotor, heater, timers and vacuum pump; and memory to store nine user-set programs. Other features include: centrifugal motion provided by a brushless motor capable of up to 1725 RPM; Quick-Stop System to stop vacuum pump, open valve and stop rotor; automatic vacuum release valve; lid latch with…

  • DirecTorr Gold Pump Oil


    …gas and vapor applications regardless of the pump used. Oil is triple-distilled, severely hydrotreated oil designed to resist breakdown at the higher RPMs and operating temperatures of direct-drive vacuum pumps. Premium Oil enables Welch direct-drive vacuum pumps to maintain the highest performance.

  • Acid-Resistant CentriVap Benchtop Centrifugal Vacuum Concentrator


    …rotor, heater, timers and vacuum pump; and memory to store nine user-set programs. Other features include: centrifugal motion provided by a brushless motor capable of up to 1725 RPM; Quick-Stop System to stop vacuum pump, open valve and stop rotor; automatic vacuum release valve; lid latch with…

  • Hei-VAP Vario Tec Pump 115V


    Two-stage diaphragm pump is made from chemically-resistant materials Suction capacity of 1.0 m³/h The Rotavac Vario Tec achieves an ultimate vacuum of 12 mbar The Rotavac Vario Tec can be combined with a condenser Power input: 160 W, Weight: 4.3 kg Dimensions: 236 x 156 x 196 (l x w x h / mm)

  • ChemStar, Mounted Pump 230V, 60HZ, 1PH


    …corrosion resistant Large oil reservoir dilutes contaminants ChemStar belt-driven Vacuum Pump is designed to tolerate harsh chemical contamination. Vital pump parts are corrosion resistant. The large oil reservoir with PTFE surfaces dilutes contamination and the low pump rotational…

  • Vacuum Sealing Compound And Mounting Wax


    …permanent or semi-permanent sealing of joints in high vacuum systems down to 4.5 x 10 -9 mm Hg @ 20°C or at a small positive pressure Will seal against liquid water, water vapor and atmospheric moisture Chemically inert and resistant to etching fluids; can be used as a protective…

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