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Teflon Stopcock
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  • Plug has 1:5 taper, permitting precise control of plug tension Lubrication not required Knurled nut and washer are Teflon O-ring is Buna N synthetic rubber Plug bore x o.d. of arms appear in listings

  • Teflon Straight Bore Stopcocks

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Complete with nut, O-ring, washer For replacement in glassware originally supplied with Teflon straight bore plugs

  • Polypropylene with Teflon® TFE plug No lubrication required Offered in 2 mm and 4 mm bore sizes Arms are five-mm bore, serrated to take 1/4 to 7/16 inch rubber tubing

  • Stopcock, 4 mm, w/o Plug

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Without Teflon plug Offered in 4 mm bore size; see 8682B34 for stopcock

  • SYNTHWARE general purpose chromatography column with heavy wall design. With reinforced beaded top. Supplied with a PTFE stopcock. Designed for flash chromatography. Column packing is supported by glass wool (not supplied). Note: since the chromatography column is used with positive air…

  • Sciencware® Stopcocks

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    2-way and 3-way Connections This polypropylene stopcock has a detachable, watertight and inert Teflon® PTFE plug that contacts any fluid being dispensed. The barbed fitting end accepts 6.4 to 9.5mm (1/4 to 3/8") I.D. tubing. Three-way models allow connection of two or three arms. Pressure rating…

  • Teflon® stopcock plug fits into the micro-finish barrel Plug reduces freezing problems and grease contamination

  • Teflon Double Oblique Bore Stopcock

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    With nut, washer and O-ring Two mm bore

  • …polypropylene bottom have extra heavy walls to eliminate danger of implosion All clear versions for easy viewing Polypropylene stopcock has a Teflon® plug which turns easily, allowing a slow, gentle entrance of air to prevent unnecessary turbulence. Polypropylene bottom section…

  • Similar to 8652N30 series, but with three arms Stopcock has T-shaped bore for connecting any two or all three arms Offered in 2 mm and 4 mm bore sizes Arms serrated to take 1/4 to 3/8 inch tubing

  • With Teflon ® stopcock plug Standard Taper ground neck has solid plug stopper of high-density polyethylene Designed for Federal Specification NNN-F-800

  • …tip, Teflon® stopcock and high-density polyethylene stopper Designed for long life and maximum safety Economical - reduces costs by providing replacement components Stopcock assembly features a simple screw thread locking nut and collar which ensure that the stopcock cannot…

  • Capacity 3 1/2 gallons With 6-mm-bore, Teflon stopcock and overflow tube which takes 1/2” tubing Takes rubber stopper No. 11 1/2 Useful as a delivery/ storage container for solutions. Height 17 3/4”.

  • SYNTHWARE modified Schlenk flask with a standard taper outer joint and a 2mm bore PTFE stopcock in side arm. The Kjeldahl shape permits easy transfer of liquids and solids. The lower portion of the flasks fits standard heating mantles to facilitate heating and stirring.

  • These replacement 250mL PYREX® Squibb separatory funnels do not have a Teflon® valve assembly or glass stopper. For replacement glass Standard Taper stoppers, see No. 7650; for replacement Teflon® stopcock assemblies, see No. 7681.

  • Plastic Separatory Funnels

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …of Teflon® FEP with Teflon TFE stopcocks and Tefzel® ETFE screw closures. Closure and stopcock are leakproof. Funnels are autoclavable except for stopcock assembly, which can be chemically disinfected. Can be used with mechanical shakers if hose clamp is put over stopcock. Closure…

  • Valves, In-Line, Rotaflo® For vacuum or pressure work Borosilicate glass, with Teflon® stem providing chemically inert seal Require no lubrication Permit precide control of liquid or gas flow at temperatures from -40°C to +200°C Maximum vacuum 10 -8 torr…

  • Class B Accuracy Acrylic Burets

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Safer and more break-resistant than glass Clear plastic with black markings, individually calibrated Polymethylpentene stopcock and tip; stopcock plug Teflon ® , 2 mm bore Resistant to dilute acids and bases, except hydrofluoric acid and ammonium hydroxide; not for use with alcohol…

  • Stopcock, 2 mm

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    As supplied with 1983J70 and J76 Kimble Economy Burets Plug bore two mm Also for replacement on Kimble 17800 and 17810 series Chromatography Columns and Kimble 29050-H and 29060-H series Separatory Funnels.

  • Mini Vacuum Desiccators

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    …contents; white polypropylene bottom Stopcock with 2mm Teflon® PTFE plug accepts tubing with ¼" to ?” I.D. Peripheral flange around the bottom fits into two snap locks and seals the two halves against a Buna-N O-ring TEFLON® is a registered trademark of The…

  • Teflon® stopcock plug and Standard Taper polyethylene stopper Stem length of 65 mm PYREX® borosilicate glass body

  • General purpose manifold with 2mm or 4mm Teflon® stopcocks. Main tube is 22mm O.D. with serrated hose connection (10mm O.D.). Delivery ports have 10mm serrated hose connections. Distance between stopcocks is 75mm.

  • Synthware vacuum adapter with a serrated hose connection turned 90 degrees to the standard taper inner joint. The PTFE stopcock has a 2 mm bore and is used to regulate the flow of gasses or liquids into reaction systems.

  • Vacuum Trap, Dewar Type Capacity: 250, 500, and 1000mL available Stopcock: Glass or Teflon Options available Stopcock Bore: 4mm

  • …vacuum grease assures a tight seal down to 0°C. The polypropylene stopcock has a Teflon® plug that turns easily to allow a slow, turbulence free entrance of air, which minimizes disturbance of contents. The stopcock has a high visibility red handle and accepts 1/4” (6.4 mm) I.D.…

  • …use in educational laboratories where Class A accuracy is unnecessary Made from uniform bore tubing, with red graduations which are permanently fused onto the glass and remain sharply legible Straight glass tip stopcock with 2 mm bore Teflon stopcock plug; supplied with plastic dust cover

  • …enameled scale Side filling tube has separate Teflon stopcock to control liquid; tube is 5/16 inch o.d. Calibrated to the accuracy requirements found in ASTM specification E 694 Kimax precision bore buret has a side filling tube with a separate stopcock to control liquid within the permanently…

  • …is established by ASTM E 287 and they are calibrated in accordance with ASTM E 542. Tips are carefully drawn from accurate bore tubing to ensure proper drainage rates. This buret has colored markings, fine, sharp lines and large easy-to-read numbers. The stopcock barrel has a smooth micro-finish.

  • Burettes, PTFE Stopcock

    United Scientific Supplies

    Burettes with straight bore teflon (PTFE) stopcocks are made from the highest quality, accurate bore tubing to provide a high degree of accuracy, reliability, and durability. All graduations are in resilient white enamel. Accuracy per Class "A", ASTM E-287, Batch Certified.

  • SYNTHWARE general purpose chromatography column with heavy wall design. Supplied with a PTFE stopcock and a reinforced beaded top. With a coarse porosity fritted glass disc to support column packing. Designed for flash chromatography. The section below the disc is carefully minimized to prevent…

  • Vacuum Trap, Dewar, Micro Reservoir Capacity: 100mL Stopcock: Glass or Teflon options available 2mm Stopcock Bore

  • …proper drainage rates. This buret has colored markings, fine, sharp lines and large easy-to-read numbers. The stopcock barrel has a smooth micro-finish to assure leak-resistant performance. Each buret is supplied with a dust cover. All sizes are furnished with a 2 mm bore Ps Teflon stopcock plug.

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