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Support Stand With Rod
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  • Premium Lab Metalware Set


    rod with a powder coated base provides the perfect setup for any experiment. Made from high-quality metal and built to last. - Stainless steel rod - Premium powder coated support stand base - 3 Finger vinyl coated clamp and metal retort ring included Includes: (1) Base, (1) Rod,

  • Stamped Steel Base Support Stand

    GSC International, Inc.

    Support Stand made from a stamped steel with an enamel finish that is acid resistant. Includes a zinc plated steel rod that screws into the base support. Available in the following sizes: 4x6" Base, 5/16" x 18" Rod 5x8" Base, 3/18" x 20" Rod 6x9"…

  • Steel Support Rings

    United Scientific Supplies

    Support rings with clamp, steel rod.

  • Ultra Flex Support System With Lab Frame Connector


    Mounts to lab-frames or support stands Suitable for use in fume hoods 3 types of clamp heads Support system securely attaches to support stands, lab-frames, or any support rod up to 0.75” (1.9 cm) in diameter.  Ultra Flex clamping system is extremely versatile. Flexible arm…

  • Scienceware® Lattice Support Stand

    Bel-Art Products

    …provides maximum stability and is stan and chemical resistant. Rods measure 72.5 H x 1.25 D cm (28.5 H x 0.5 D inches) and are secured into the base. Rods will not fade or wear with everyday use of clamps. Ideal for use with Bel-Art Bosshead and Burette clamps. Base Dimensions (LxWxH, cm/inches):…

  • Cast Iron Support Stands with Rods

    United Scientific Supplies

    These support stands feature a heavy cast iron base with black enamel finish. Each base includes a removable zinc plated rod.

  • Triangular Base Support Stands


    Powder-coated with plated steel rod

  • Support Stands with Rods

    United Scientific Supplies

    These support stands with rods come complete with a stamped steel base with black enamel finish and a removeable zinc plated steel rod.

  • Ring Stands


    Ring stand consists of enameled steel support base with zinc-plated steel rod (8835B50 series) and 8091C20 series rings of zinc-plated steel with aluminum screw clamp Ring Stands include one each 64, 89, 114 mm rings Ring Stand Listings indicate base dimensions and rod height

  • Frame Connectors, Hooks & Support Apparatus


    … Clamp is ideal for constructing lab-frames or other supports requiring the connection of two perpendicular rods. Clamp connects two 13 mm (0.51") rods at a 90° angle and features separate adjustment screws for each rod location. Lab Frame Foot Stainless steel electro-polished…

  • Cast Iron Base Support Stand

    GSC International, Inc.

    Support Stand made from cast iron, with an enamel finish that is acid resistant. Includes a zinc plated steel rod that screws into the base support. Available in the following sizes: 4x6" Base, 5/16" x 18" Rod 5x8" Base, 3/18" x 20" Rod 6x9"…

  • Heavy Support Stands with Rods

    United Scientific Supplies

    These stamped steel bases feature an added steel plate on the back which makes them about 50% heavier than regular stamped steel bases. The steel plate also facilitates a sturdier threading of the rod into the base.

  • 2 Hole Support Stands with Rods

    United Scientific Supplies

    These stamped steel bases feature 2 tapped holes for the rods. Hole at the center of the shorter side is for standard ring stand use. Hole at the center of the longer side is for titrations, specific gravity determinations, etc. Each base includes a zinc plated steel rod.

  • Stronghold Weighted V-Type Supports

    Harvard Apparatus

    …is 2.2 lbs (1 kg); without rod. 8847W35 Support Stand is 9 in. (230 mm) on a side (large); supplied with stainless steel rod 1/2” x 23” long (13 x 600 mm); entire base is filled with ballast to increase weight to 4.4 lbs. (2 kg). 8847W40 Base is similar to 8847W35, but without rod.

  • IKA® Mechanical Accessories - Stands

    IKA Works

    … Diameter of support rod: 34 mm Dimensions (W x D): 460 x 420 mm Height: 1010 mm Max. load: 10 kg Thomas No. 8588A36 Particularly stable stand with H-shape base which prevents the stand from tipping backwards. Additionally equipped with a pneumatic spring stand rod, which enables…

  • Triangular Supports with Rods

    United Scientific Supplies

    Heavy cast iron triangular bases with black enamel finish include a zinc plated steel rod.

  • Stands & Clamps for Caframo Overhead Stirrers


    …710 mm (28″) stand rod enables strong engagement with stand clamp. Portable and adaptable to address changing work spaces, equipment, and priorities. Additional rods of 960 mm (38″) and 1200 mm (48″) lengths are available, all interchangeable with the…

  • Support Stand for for Sonifier® Cell Disruptors and Homogenizers


    The support stand with stainless steel rod accommodates Branson’s converter and accessories. The converter clamp supports the ultrasonic stack (converter and horn) and is easily adjusted to properly position the horn in the sample. The stand features a black enameled cast-iron base with

  • Stirrer Accessories

    Arrow Engineering

    Support Stand Steel base; legs have rubber pads to cut vibration Support rod is made of stainless steel. Height is 29”; available in two models. Jacob's Chuck, Adjustable Fits 3/8 ” (10 mm) diameter motor shafts Keyless Chuck, Nylon-bodied …

  • Scienceware® Support Stand with Center Rod

    Bel-Art Products

    …in severe corrosive conditions, this stand has no exposed metal parts. The base has a smooth surface for easy cleaning. Corrosion-resistant polypropylene base Three rod positions for mounting at center or either end of base Polypropylene coated rod measures 12.5mm (1/2” x 76cm (30”) long…

  • Support Stand Clamps


    …equipped with large, easy-to-grip knobs Accommodates 1/2 inch to 5/8 inch diameter shaft of Talboys motor support and rod of 8596B10 support stand Stainless Steel Construction Strong aluminum alloy with a brushed finish and large knobs facilitate easy tightening Rods supported on 4…

  • Plastic Support Stands

    United Scientific Supplies

    These non corrosive molded support stands provide excellent alternatives to metal ones. Even the metallic rod has a polypropylene covering making it non corrosive. Each support base comes with a 0.5" diameter 30" long rod.

  • Delta T™ Micro-Perfusion Pumps


    …pump tubes are available in silicone rubber and C-Flex. They are terminated with a 1/16" tubing barb. The base of the pump is threaded for easy mounting to a stand or fixture near the microscope. An optional rod mounting clamp is available for mounting to a 1/2" rod.To prevent a…

  • Multi-Purpose Flexible Arm Stand

    Bel-Art Products

    …a suitable clamp. Octagonal-shaped wells (4 total) are centered along each edge of the base with a maximum diameter of 1.5cm (5/8") for affixing flexible arms, additional support rods, or holders (two thumb screws are provided) Electrode holder (sold separately) snaps onto the end of…

  • Two-Way (High/Low) Burner Stand

    United Scientific Supplies

    This stand is ideal for use with alcohol burners. The base is made from 3/16" stainless steel rod with a plated steel mesh top. The stand can be used in either high (5") or low (4") position.

  • TitraStir Stir Plate


    …convenient laboratory stand. The TitraStir Titration Stand is a single-speed, magnetic stirring plate with a built-in support rod and custom holder for the Digital Titrator. Titration flasks rest on a white disc, so color changes are easy to see, and the support rod can be used to attach clamps,…

  • Support Stand Bench Scale Chromatography Columns

    Ace Glass

    Support stand assembly for bench scale size Chromatography columns. "H" shaped base stand and 122cm high stainless steel rod gives great stability for the larger bench scale columns. Stand comes complete with base, rod, support plate with hole, clamp holder, chain clamp and cork ring.

  • Scienceware® Compact Support Stand

    Bel-Art Products

    Compact Size Saves Bench Space This non-corrosive support stand with stainless steel mounting rod provides modern advantages over metal ring stands. The compact polypropylene base has a smooth surface making cleaning easy, and measures 21 x 16cm (8-1/4 x 6-1/4”) x 4.5cmH (1-3/4”). At a weight…

  • Support Stand, Bench-Top

    Ace Glass

    …bottom flasks. It will accomodate flasks with or without bottom valves. The motor mount raises and lowers as does the flask support system. This aids in aligning the flask, motor and stir rod. Motor mount accepts all rod mounted stir motors. All stand components are either anodized or powder coated…

  • Overhead Stirrer Accessories, Stands and Paddles

    Techne (Bibby Scientific US)

    Stands Extra strong retort stands with H-pattern base for stability and robust support rod. Both versions include bosshead. Heavy duty stand recommended for use with SS30 overhead stirrer.   Paddle Rods Made from high grade stainless steel, there is a choice of five…

  • Support Stand, Stainless Steel

    Ace Glass

    support stand. Heavy base (6 lbs) can accomodate vessels up to 18" in diameter. Available with either 28" or 36" high 5/8" diameter support rods fastened to the base with lock nuts. Two additional threaded holes in the base will accept extra support rods. For additional support

  • Support Stand for Big Columns

    Ace Glass

    Support stand for larger columns with #50 or #80 Ace-Threds. Supplied with heavy U shaped base, two support rods 5/8" diameter by 29 long and one rod 5/8" by 5' long. Three threaded holes are in base legs to accommodate rods. Complete unit consists of Stainless Steel U shaped base, one 5/8 x 5' rod,

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