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Laboratory Heater
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  • Traditional Digital Dry Baths

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    …temperature within ±0.2°C. In addition, a digital timer is built into the touchpad display. Although it is not designed to shut off the heater, it can be used to alert the user that a chosen time interval has timed out. The cavities of the high grade aluminum blocks are precision…

  • Analogue Dri-Block® Heaters

    Techne (Bibby Scientific US)

    …the laboratory for 50 years, offering market-leading choice, flexibility and specification. Dri-Block® heaters are a source of precision temperature control for general, routing applications and sensitive analytical procedures particularly suited to microbiology and clinical laboratories. They…

  • Thomas Digital Dry Block Heaters


    …warranty Thomas' multi-purpose heaters are ideal for incubation and activation of cultures, enzyme reactions, immunoassays, melting/boiling points, and a wide variety of other laboratory procedures. These economical, versatile, and compact block heaters are designed for applications that…

  • Heetgrid Utility Immersion Heaters


    Ideal for heating liquids of all types in laboratory and industrial use Heating element is polished Type 316 stainless steel Design permits hanging over edge of vessel Elements are contained in coil section to concentrate heat at bottom of vessel Risers are unheated; 1,500 watts, 115 volts …

  • Flexi-Therm Dry Block Heater

    Vitl Life Science Solutions

    It's time for a new generation of dry block heater You shouldn’t have to waste time making sure that your samples are being heated to the temperature that your block heater says they are. You shouldn’t have to put tin foil over your consumables to make sure the heat stays…

  • RS9000 Heater/Shaker Reaction Stations

    Electrothermal (Bibby Scientific US)

    …to accommodate different vessels and tray formats Customised reactor blocks also available Can be used on a robotic platform or within a laboratory Choice of touchscreen control or external control via RS232/ RS485/ GSIOC ports Operates over a temperature range of ambient to 150°CC …

  • ECO Immersion Thermostats


    …Silver Models Feature: 1.3 kW heater power (115 V), working temperature range up to 150°C LCD display, resolution of indication 0.01°C Programmer with one program and 20 segments Eco Gold Models Feature: 2.6 kW heater power (230 V), working temperature range…

  • Insuleze Insulating Kit


    … Three different InsulEze kits can be used alone or in combination to insulate almost any laboratory configuration Can be used as a heat shield, a cold shield, for insulating over heaters, as a shock absorber, as a light shield, to protect personnel, as a shatter shield or for protecting…

  • Silicone Rubber Coated Heating Tapes


    …leads at one end and waterproof fittings at both ends Permits use in high-moisture areas and helps to make the tapes resistant to most laboratory environmental conditions Electrical connections: in-locking plug on one end of tape. Separable cord with 2-blade plug. Maximum temperature…

  • RT2 Digital Hotplate

    Thermo Scientific

    …warning and built-in temperature shut-off to provide accurate heating of samples and safety to the laboratory. Features Digital control Overheat prevention circuit turns off the heater if the top plate temperature reaches 450°C Hot top warning indicator Microprocessor PID…

  • HTC Heating Cords


    …around objects as small as 1/8" (3mm) diameter Exceptional flexibility Rapid thermal response Exceptional durability: excellent for laboratory, production, maintenance, and R&D applications Specifications 3/16" (4.8mm) diameter heating cord Maximum exposure…

  • Analog Dry Block Heaters


    …wattage, constant-temperature Dry Block Heaters are economical, versatile and compact. These multi-purpose units are ideal for incubation and activation of cultures, enzyme reactions, immunoassays, melting/boiling points and a wide variety of other laboratory procedures. Each of the five models…

  • MicroTS Microplate Heat Sealer

    Vitl Life Science Solutions

    …is a compact, fixed temperature manual heat sealer for PCR plates and microplates. The MicroTS is Ideal for use in low to medium throughput laboratories where space is limited but speed and reliability is paramount. The MicroTS Microplate Sealer requires at least one adapter plate which is…

  • AccuBlock Digital Dry Bath Accessories


    …Baths useful for a variety of applications in molecular biology, histology, clinical, environmental and industrial laboratories. A microprocessor regulates the high wattage heaters in the baths to provide precise, accurate control. The desired temperature is easily set using the arrow keys on the…

  • Centrivap Centrifugal Sample Concentrator


    heater time, run time and heat boost status. Includes 1/2” OD aluminum hose fitting for connection to vacuum tubing. Required accessories (not included): Vacuum Pump (1229N34 or 4366R20), CentriVap Cold Trap (4366N75), Rotor (4336N57, N60, N63, N66 or N69). Labconco XPress Laboratory

  • LSE™ Digital Dry Bath Heaters


    …Digital Dry Bath Heaters are available in single, dual, and four block configurations and provide a broad temperature range up to 150°C, which makes them useful for a variety of applications in molecular biology, histology, clinical, environmental, and industrial laboratories. They have been…

  • XtremeFLEX® BSAT Silicone Rubber Heating Tapes with Time Percentage Control


    …temporary heating applications and surfaces: laboratory, valves, facilities maintenance, and more Easily adjust percentage of time heater is on and off: 5 to 100% Plug-and-play: Perfect for temporary, quick, and easy heating Exceptional heater flexibility, durability, and uniformity …

  • Digital Dri-Block® Heaters

    Techne (Bibby Scientific US)

    Techne® Dri-Block® heaters have been providing a safe, dry, constant temperature source in the laboratory for 50 years. Now Techne® are proud to introduce the new, updated 2014 range offering market-leading choice, flexibility and specification. Dri-Block® heaters are a source of…

  • Digital Dry Block Heaters with Lid


    …Block Heater with Heated Lid are designed for applications that require repeatable results and superior temperature stability. These multi-purpose units are ideal for isothermal incubation, enzyme reactions, immunoassays, nucleic acid denaturation and a wide variety of other laboratory procedures.…

  • BEAR All-in-One, Automatically-Controlled Water Distillers

    BEAR Innovation

    …distillate is taken from tank) Electronic leakage-proof safety system with solenoid valve Thermostatic low-water cut-off safety system Heaters made of stainless steel with extended resource Fully made of stainless steel Easily accessed evaporator, condenser-tank for effortless…

  • Block Heater Thermometers


    …coated and uncoated Several ranges and immersions for all instruments Thermco Spirit-Filled Thermometers are designed to be used with laboratory equipment. Calibrated against NIST standards to assure accuracy and reproducibility. Some thermometers have enlargements on the stem for proper…

  • Laboratory Freezer

    Nor-Lake Scientific

    Adjustable temperature control Magnetic gasketing Self closing solid door Manual defrost laboratory freezer features a heavy duty refrigeration system. Completely top mounted refrigeration system does not take space from storage area. Wrap-around cold wall evaporator has an…

  • Digital Dry Block Heaters


    …units are ideal for incubation and activation of cultures, enzyme reactions, immunoassays, melting/boiling points, and a wide variety of other laboratory procedures. Integral support rod holder with locking knob accepts optional External Temperature Probe Kit. Optional External Temperature Probe Kit…

  • Premier™ Laboratory and Pharmacy Refrigerators

    Nor-Lake Scientific

    …temperature control Solid or glass doors Premier storage refrigerator is designed to meet demanding requirements of pharmaceutical and laboratory applications. Refrigerator features an adjustable temperature control range of +2° to +10°C. Unit is factory preset at +4°C.…

  • Talboys Mini Dry Block Heaters


    …uniformity. The heated lid model includes a second heater in the lid to help prevent condensation. Mini Dry Block Heaters include a block lifting tool. NIST traceable calibration certificate provided by an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory. Multiple data points within the temperature range and…

  • Dri-Block Dry Heat Baths

    Techne (Bibby Scientific US)

    For precise temperature control; ±0.1°C Provide a safe, dry, constant temperature source in the laboratory for the purpose of incubation, boiling, inactivation, wet ashing, enzyme analysis, and a variety of clinical and industrial applications. NOTE: aluminum insert blocks are not included.

  • Stainless Steel Support Jacks


    …life in corrosive environments Ideal for use in fume hoods, solution-baths, marine and industrial laboratories Support miniflasks, jars, columns, large baths, magnetic stirrers, heaters and more Resistant to sanitizing agents and steam sterilization for biological applications …

  • Intelligent Heated Modules

    Vitl Life Science Solutions

    … Vitl offers a range of interchangeable intelligent Heated Modules, used as adapters for the Flexi-Therm dry block heater and Ther-Mix heated laboratory mixer. Our Heated modules are a more efficient and accurate method of sample heating. They work in a similar way to PCR-style…

  • Minichiller Compact Chillers

    Huber USA

    The compact Minichillers are an economic and environmentally friendly cooling solution for many laboratory applications. A calculation of water and waste water costs shows that a Minichiller can save up to 48,000 litres of water in a working week and due to its low procurement price, return on…

  • U-Tube Aniline Point Apparatus


    Developed by Standard Inspection Laboratories Suitable for samples having 6.5 or lighter ASTM D 1500 color. Accessory Powertol Heater provides variable stepless control of heating rate and 6 V tap for lamp.

  • Porta Stream II & III Eyewash Stations


    …tampering. Porta Stream III is freeze protected by a special form fitted insulated cover and twin 600 watt, 110 V thermostatically controlled heaters for indoor or outdoor use. The fluid heating system makes it suitable for use between -32° and 72°F (-36° to 22°C). Portable…

  • MX Immersion Circulators


    heater coil protection, on-screen prompts and the large, universal icon and English display, are just some of the features that make the MX intuitive. Key Features Large, universal icon and English display On-screen prompts Single-point calibration capability For laboratory

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