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  • This PYREX® large diameter medium wall tubing has an O.D. of 180-250mm and is 1500mm (approximately 59") long with cut and fire polished ends.

  • This PYREX® special wall tubing has an O.D. of 9mm and wall thickness of 2.0mm. It is 1219mm (48") long, ± approximately 6mm (¼") with ends cut and glazed or fire polished.

  • Made of a low expansion borosilicate composition with high chemical resistance Meets all U.S. pharmacopoeia specifications for Type 1A glass 4 to 32mm O.D. sizes are 1219mm long ± approximately 6mm. 4mm O.D. have ends cut, while 5 to 32mm sizes have ends fire polished. 35 to 178mm…

  • This PYREX® solvent recovery head allows for condensation and collection of solvents while performing concentrations with a Kuderna-Danish concentrator. 96-99% solvent recovery allows for concentrations to be done outside the hood. Unique, simple design allows use with existing condensers and flasks.

  • Tube 19/22


    These PYREX® 105° angle vacuum connecting adapters have a tubulation of 10mm O.D. for attaching to a vacuum pump and inner and outer 19/22 Standard Taper joints. Includes a drip-tip on the inner tube. These tubes are also replacement parts for organic chemistry kits (7177U65) and (0318V26)

  • These Capillary Gas Delivery Tubes are replacement parts for the 6949M series of PYREX® microchemistry kits.

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