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Corning Water Purification

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  • 60° angle Three Standard Taper 24/40 joints Approximate length 206 mm This tube is also a replacement for organic chemistry kits. Type I, Class A borosilicate conforming to federal specification DD-G-54 lb and ASTM E 438. Also meets the US Pharmacopoeia specs for Type I borosilicate glass.

  • A general purpose batch distillation assembly with the facility for addition via the Standard Taper PYREX® stopped neck Ideally suited for the batch production of high purity distilled water The flask bottom is flat with a slide delivery tube, terminating in a Standard Taper joint …

  • Tube 24/40


    These PYREX® connecting distilling tube adapters have full-length inner 24/40 Standard Taper joints of same size. The connecting arm is approximately at a 75° angle from vertical and is 200mm long.

  • This PYREX® cyanide distilling apparatus is used in testing for soluble and insoluble cyanides in water. Cyanide as hydrocyanic acid (HCN) is released from cyanide complexes by means of a reflux-distillation and absorbed in a scrubber containing a sodium hydroxide solution. Tygon® tubing…

  • This 250mL capacity PYREX® solvent still head is used for maintaining oxygen free solvents. Head has sufficient storage space to allow solvent removal by syringe or drainage through 2mm T-bore PTFE (Polytetrafluorethylene) stopcock. It has a 24/40 Standard Taper outer joint at top, 24/40 Standard…

  • Standard Taper 10/30 thermometer opening, distilling, three-way, Standard Taper joints Sidearm is at an angle approximately 75° from the lower part of the vertical tube The joint on the sidearm is at an angle approximately 105° from the sidearm The sidearm and lower tube…

  • Connecting 105° angle, two-way,  Standard Taper joints The arms are appraoximately 105° apart One end is equipped with an outer Standard Taper joint and the other end with an inner Standard Taper joint of the same size Used as a receiver adapter 3941S38 is a…

  • With outer Standard Taper joint at the top and an inner-sealed through drip-tip joint at the bottom Bent at 105° angle The serrated sidearm is 10 mm O.D. drip-tip at the bottom extends about 20 mm below the lower end of the joint

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