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    Geneclean EZ-Glassmilk is a specially prepared aqueous suspension of proprietary silica matrix that has been treated so that it can be easily resuspended by hand. The slurry allows flexibility of reaction size and volume. Geneclean EZ-Glassmilk will bind up to radioactive isotope-labeled ssDNA or...

  • RNase-Off Kit
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    For use in the removal of RNase A Contains: 250ml RNase Off Solution RNase Off Spray Bottle

  • EZ1 Investigator kits (48 reactions)
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    For automated purification of DNA from 1–6 or 1–14 forensic and human identity samples per run More efficient yields from trace casework samples Higher signal-to-noise ratios “Tip dance” protocol for processing solid material Optional TE elution and use of carrier RNA The EZ1...

  • Matrix - Green (Bulk Matrix from FastRNA Green)
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    1.4 mm ceramic spheres

  • AxyPrep™ Mag Plasmid Kit
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    The AxyPrep Mag Plasmid purification kit utilizes a magnetic bead technology for high-throughput purification of plasmid DNA from E.coli cells. AxyPrep Mag Plasmid kit can also be used with fosmid and BAC vector-based constructs ranging from 5kb to 150kb. The system consists of steps of pelleting...

  • AccuGreen™ High Sensitivity dsDNA Quantitation Kit
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    The AccuGreen™ High Sensitivity dsDNA Quantitation Kit is designed for use with handheld fluorometers such as the Qubit® fluorometer from Thermo Fisher. The AccuGreen™ kit is specific for dsDNA, and can quantify DNA samples in the range of 0.01-10 ng/uL.

  • Plant Genomic DNA Extraction Kit, 50 Prep(s)
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    For isolation of high quality genomic DNA from plant leaf tissue. Isolated DNA quality compatible for restriction enzyme digestion and PCR. Suitable for isolation of DNA from sources rich in polysaccharides and polyphenolics. Kit content includes solutions and buffers as well as detailed protocol....

  • Plasmid DNA Isolation - Solutions I, II, III
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  • EZ Yeast Plasmid Isolation Kit, 100 Prep(s)
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    bioWORLD's EZ Yeast Plasmid Isolation Kit uses a spin column based easy protocol to purify yeast plasmid DNA. Eluted plasmid DNA can be used for E. coli trasformation, PCR, and Southern blot analysis. Possible to isolate high yield yeast plasmid without glass beads, phenol, or repeated vorterxing by...

  • FFPE RNA Kit
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    bioWORLD's FFPE RNA kit is designed to isolate RNA from typical FFPE mammalian tissue samples eg., breast, liver, kidney, spleen and colon. The purified RNA, is suitable for downstream application such as reverse transcription, RT-PCR and real-time quantitative reverse transcription PCR (rRT-PCR) to...

  • bioZOL™-B Blood RNA Isolation Kit
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    bioZOLTM-B blood isolation reagent is a ready-to-use mono-phasic of phenol and guanidine isothiocyanate, designed for the isolation of total RNA from total blood or any other liquid samples of animal, yeast, or viral origin. During sample lysis, bioZOLTM inhibits RNase activity and maintains the...

  • AxyPrep™ Mag Plant gDNA Kit
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    The AxyPrep Mag Plant gDNA kit is a magnetic beads based purification system that allows rapid and reliable isolation of high quality genomic DNA from a wide variety of plant sample. Up to 96 samples (50mg fresh tissue per sample, or 15mg of dried tissue per sample) can be processed in less than one...

  • AccuClear® Ultra High Sensitivity dsDNA Quantitation Kit
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    AccuClear® Ultra High Sensitivity dsDNA Quantitation Kit utilizes a novel, next-generation DNA binding dye for highly sensitive and accurate quantitation of purified dsDNA samples across a broad range of DNA concentrations. The assay is linear between 0.03 ng and 250 ng of dsDNA per assay in...

  • bioZOL™-A Animal Total RNA Isolation
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    bio-WORLD's bioZOLTM-A RNA Isolation Kit is a single phase solution designed specifically for the isolation of pure, intact RNA from animal tissue and cells in less than 90 minutes. Kit utilizes guanidine thiocyanate and ß-mercaptoethanol, two of the most potent inhibitors of RNase, to...

  • QBT Buffer
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    DNA purification buffer

  • Nuclear And Cytoplasmic Protein Extraction Kit, 250 Prep(s) - Placeholder Image
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    This kit and procedure will allow the the preparation of both a cytoplasmic fraction and a nuclear extract from mammalian cells or tissue. Contains reagents for 250 preps of 20uL packed cell pellets or 50 preparations of 100uL cell pellets (~10g cell paste total). Kit Contents 40mL Cytoplasmic...

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